Prinsestraat 84, Den Haag (Centrum)

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Félix Contreras - vor 2 Monaten
Amazing place. You first enter a small section to buy the stuff, then you can go into a more bar type section with food, beer and several sports on. Do remember to show your ticket before going in. It's just as nice to go on your own as with friends. Staff are friendly and know English.
Marta Huertas Garcia - vor 3 Monaten
The one and only! I used to come here a lot in my 20s and glad to say my recent visit confirms this is still THE place to be.
Maria Pires - vor 3 Monaten
Very nice space, friendly staff. Several sofas, televisions, game machine. Cozy coffee
Sam Sarphatie - vor 8 Monaten
Nice people, weed is not very consistent, one day i can be amazing the next meh.
Rollie Button - vor 10 Monaten
Originally I had a 5-star review here from 3 years ago. I used to recommend this as the best spot in the Hague to anyone, visiting or otherwise, whether for drinking or smoking or both. This is no longer true. For 6 years it was my one and only home in the city, my absolute favourite place; but now I would not suggest it to any person, especially new people or visitors. The welcoming atmosphere inside is gone and people are harassed by staff inside, and embarrassing comments made by employees about how badly they are (supposedly?) doing financially increases how awkward the encounters are. I love the budtenders and the weed still, and I have never known the owner to be bad in any way either (a friendly and cool guy), but sadly there is no justifying the new behaviour of bar staff/management by supporting the business anymore, even through buying weed. An extremely disappointing end of my time coming here, sometimes 5 times a week in the past. Better to go elsewhere, or even nowhere, than be treated in such a way.
digitalcoin crypto - vor 11 Monaten
Nice coffeeshop with a own bar. High quality weed and honest and well informed staff.
Alex Cagan - vor 11 Monaten
Best coffeshop / lounge in the netherlands. High quality products with affordable prices for everyone. Best edibles in Europe.
LostInMyMind - vor 11 Monaten
Nice shop, offers an above smoking area (only for pures thought no tabacco), good service and comprehensible pricing with all the products on display
Sativa Shiva - vor 1 Jahr
Bought two joints. One was only full of tabacco with no weed in it. Sad story.
Mindy van Rietschote - vor 1 Jahr
My second home :-) all the weed is organic and the owner is passionate about marijuana which is reflected in the extensive menu of weed and hash
Junayeth Shahriar (Provat) - vor 1 Jahr
Terrible bartender. Talks rudely to customers and instead of explaining their policy imposes the rules with disgust. She was acting like she was doing me a favor to get in and have a drink. Gave me the menu and never even bothered to ask what I would like to drink. I also work in hospitality and this was very unprofessional. Never returning to this again. Not welcoming at all.
justin smith - vor 1 Jahr
If that's what your looking for it's got it!
Renas Shaar - vor 1 Jahr
Nice stuff , friendly staff
Gordon A - vor 1 Jahr
How is it possible for this shop to go so bad ? All strains the last 2 years have went downhill and I will not be wasting any more money at this shop and will be staying well clear. Spent €70 on tasteless weed and wasn't offered papers or anything and had to wait in line again and pay for those too . Sad
Nina Novak - vor 1 Jahr
Cool shop. Smoking room a bit rigid
David Beckett - vor 1 Jahr
If your in the hauge this is defiantly 1 stop you have to make. Great staff and products.
abiha naderi - vor 1 Jahr
Best ever, highly recommended
Ron Waldkönig - vor 2 Jahren
Very helpful staff and good weed at a fair price. I can only recommend Cremers to everyone and would even say that it is one of the best Coffeshops in the Netherlands.
Sam Chilcott - vor 2 Jahren
One of the best Coffee shops in the Hague, good selection of Weed from budget options to premium strains. Staff is very nice and provide good service. Definitely worth a visit!
Yannick Schall - vor 2 Jahren
This is with my favorite coffeeshop in Den Haag. Very nice little store, but still well sorted. They offer weed from about 10€ to 16€ per gram and you‘ll most likely find something that fits your needs. Quick to help and fluent in English, the personal is a pleasant addition to the huge menu and I‘ll gladly recommend Cremers to everybody in the area.
lee scammell - vor 2 Jahren
Fantastic selection. Good clean buds.not scrappy bits like other places. Definitely recommend the isolator hash. The lady serving was brilliant. Without a doubt the best place to go for your needs. Will be back before I go back to the uk at the weekend!
Hans van Rietschote - vor 2 Jahren
Okay I’m biased because my daughter works there. I don’t know anything about their weed but their coffee is great.
Adam Hughes - vor 2 Jahren
Had a very brief but great experience at this shop. Thank you so much to the lovely lady on the front door she was a gem. And massive thank you to my man in the orange coat, long hair and a cool dog, thank you so much for the recommendation on the bud the Butter(OG?) Was awesome blew my mind beautiful and the ole faithful White Widow or Rhino can't remember but thank you so much brother. Best coffeeshop outside of the Dam in fact it's now my favourite place in Holland thanks to the awesome woman on the front door, thank you and the anonymous dude in the orange coat. Highly recommended.
Steven Beerens - vor 3 Jahren
Nicely organized little coffee shop just off the centre of town. The smoking area gets very busy, but the retail area is tidy and the staff are always friendly. A very generous selection available and very reliable quality.
Tristan Day - vor 3 Jahren
I am a loyal customer to the coffeeshop community; yet I stay away from crèmers. Not because the bud is poor but because i need my passport every SINGLE time i try to enter. I find this extremely inconvenient as i do not want to carry my passport with me. Its a shame that the employees are not allowed to recognize my face and let me in.
Sir Smokalot - vor 3 Jahren
Nice people, good ambiance, but overpriced
huba tohotom - vor 3 Jahren
Amazing menu, they have a smoking area where you can enjoy your cigarette with a tasty local beer
Karim Marquette - vor 3 Jahren
One of the absolutely best cannabis shops in Holland. High quality product, which can't be said of all cannabis shops. *Extremely* helpful and kind staff. The coffeeshop is located next door, and is also very nice. A lot of locals. Felt right at home.
mickael pohl - vor 3 Jahren
Very good reception sellers are fan, varieties of madness! The gelato 33 and the girl scout are amazing. I highly recommend this beautiful place, go there!
Allanius Leonis - vor 6 Jahren
One of the few places left where alcohol and soft drugs are allowed in the same premises. A special smoking area downstairs has been created, if you don't smoke you can just have some drinks upstairs. This place is almost always busy with a friendly crowd, consisting of a mix of young and older folks.
Rory Handley - vor 6 Jahren
Great product. Great atmosphere
Ross McCardle - vor 6 Jahren
Not very cosy downstairs, but a good selection. Dizzy Duck is a much nicer spot to spend a bit of time.
Nazarethjesus - vor 6 Jahren
Top Free wifi and possible to smoke + alcohol Weed and hash good
Dee George - vor 6 Jahren
Very busy and a good variety of smoke to choose from. Friendly service. Downstairs smoking area - good but a little dingy. We're a couple and wanted to play a game of cards but apparently it's not allowed. Overall - it's in a good location near loads of cafes , shops and nice sites around the canal.
Dimitrios Kanellopoulos - vor 6 Jahren
The best coffeeshop in the Hague. Great Variety of weed and a nice bar for beers to chill out. Friendly personeel.

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