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Nieuwstraat 4, Den Haag (Centrum)

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SMV (Diotima) - vor 1 Woche
Good weed, nice employees, cozy atmosphere. Fav. strain: skywalker og
Robert B - vor 2 Wochen
Very friendly shop assistant. Always giving good advices
R r - vor 3 Monaten
Unfortunately the space chocolate bar (20 euros) did absolutely nothing. Was advised to take 4 pieces, we ended up taking 8 in a period of 4 hours on an empty stomach and still nothing. Very dissapointed :/
LosCabos - vor 4 Monaten
Visited everything in den haag, best place 4sure
DanJ - vor 5 Monaten
Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Lots of choice and nice atmosphere.
Miechell ac - vor 6 Monaten
Best coffeeshop of the netherlands, hands down
Nicola R. - vor 7 Monaten
Good weed and very friendly staff
Fabian Smeraldy - vor 8 Monaten
Great amiance, friendly staff, awesome overall !
Irene Barlian - vor 9 Monaten
Very helpful and friendly staff, and had great edibles from this place.
max is trying - vor 9 Monaten
Service was amazing and the Lemon Haze is some good stuff! Definitely recommend
Spiros Somiras - vor 9 Monaten
Wonderful service, very helpful, I will definitely visit again..!
Faas Klaassen - vor 10 Monaten
Its a really good looking place with a nice looking design. There is a smoking room upstairs where you can sit quite comfortably. The assortiment of weed is incredible, the more pricey weed is definitely not cheap, but for sure worth the money. On top of that the staff is incredibly friendly and you can use their volcano vaporizer for free. If you want to go to a coffeeshop in Den Haag then this is the one you should visit!
Furrr “Furr” Triple - vor 10 Monaten
Superb branding, and nice people. Best hash I've smoked up untill now.
c k - vor 1 Jahr
Pretty good weed store with high quality. Some weed strains have decent prices but many are over priced. They do however sell different items like prerolled joints: Pure and mixed. They also sell different edibles which in my opinion taste better than most other weed stores, well the brownie does.
Danny Phillips - vor 1 Jahr
This place is awesome. I love the staff. The music is good. Everyone has a good sense of humor and are helpful as possible. They sell edibles too and a good variety of other delectables. I’m waiting for the gummies to come out soon. I like a good variety and they have it. The only gripe would be that since COVID their baked goods had changed a little, but they are working on it so I’m excited to see if they can get it. The place isn’t usually crowded so you can get what you need in an out. The location is perfect. It’s right off the 1 or 16 so it’s perfect to jump off the tram. Because it’s so center you can access it from Any trams.
Simba EN - vor 1 Jahr
The best coffee shop in The Hague
Annetta Xavier - vor 1 Jahr
Attractive place with designed beautifully. Top floor with comfortable place to hangout. Lovely flowers!!
Ap Stooker - vor 1 Jahr
Good shop with real classified staff. They know what they talk about.
Jessie Pinkman - vor 1 Jahr
Quality stuff and friendly staff. However they failed to warn us just how much THC these space cakes contained. It was extremely strong and calling the experience very challenging is an understatement. I'd kindly ask this fine establishment to provide more information on their merchandise including dosing suggestions.
Egijs Balodis - vor 1 Jahr
Outstanding quality and service, one of the best places I have been... definitely coming back and bringing my friends over...=)
Craig BTC - vor 1 Jahr
Really friendly staff, great weed, a nice place. I’d very much recommend this as one of the top places in the area.
Dan O'Brien - vor 2 Jahren
It's a beautiful coffeeshop. It's so very, very classy. All the products are on display under bell jars. Fairly priced and of very good quality. I'd you been to Amsterdam, this place is the complete opposite. Very well decorated and friendly staff. Will happily revisit. I only wish I took some photos
Calin Bajireanu - vor 2 Jahren
One of the best shops in The Hague. Great tot sit down for a coffee. Phenomenal service.
Jansi Jott - vor 2 Jahren
Nice Shop and friendly staff. Good pricing and quality. The stairs are a little challenge when you come back from upstairs.
D De Graaff - vor 2 Jahren
Great vibe, totally love the interior and the staff was really friendly and helpful too. I do think the prices are quite high, but it’s good stuff and I definitely feel more comfortable at this coffee shop since it seems more professional to me. Guess it’s up to you whether it’s worth it, but I’d say do give it a try!
O Kyrios Peeth - vor 2 Jahren
Good quality weed a little expensive prices (thats why 4 stars) but it is one of the best places to relax and smoke some weed while drinking some coffee. The place upstairs is really nice and the service very polite and helpful.
Rebecca M - vor 2 Jahren
Good place with very friendly staff. I'm very happy with my purchase....good quality and good value for money. I will be back!
Sonja - vor 3 Jahren
My favorite coffeeshop in The Hague. Smart and stylish decor + unbelievably friendly and helpful staff. There's also a large smoking area upstairs! And of course...the weed is top shelf quality, I've never had a bad experience with it before.
Marta Biancotto - vor 3 Jahren
The bud was great and the place itself is really cozy, shame one member of staff was extremely unfriendly and rude, not worth the experience
Kasperio Silverlaine - vor 3 Jahren
Perfect little place with A+ staff, quality and very cozy surroundings upstairs. Definitely recommended!
Brigette Fortuin - vor 3 Jahren
I love this place! My favourite spot when I go to Den Haag Central. Great variety of strains, and the quality is amazing! The girls, and sometimes guy, are always friendly and helpful. Have a sit-down and enjoy your weed
Alejandro Garcia Lemos - vor 3 Jahren
Super friendly service and really cozy space. Good vibes all over the place. Mostly locals! :-)
She Fabulous - vor 3 Jahren
Great selection of weed, contemporary and and clean decor, lovely seating area with plenty space. Yeah, you may have to buy an overpriced drink to sit in but you get what you pay for here. A lot of other coffeeshops aren't half as nice as.
Áron Tóth - vor 6 Jahren
Tiny place to be, but good vibe. Higher prices, but bigger the dose is. The stairs are difficult to go up.
Karel Doorman - vor 6 Jahren
Leuk als jij graag bier of wijn bij je joint drinkt. Anders: zie de Hut, dit is tenslotte het broertje van.
Danny Minocci - vor 6 Jahren
Ganja di merda
Ricardo Roeleveld - vor 9 Jahren
ik vind tot nu toe de best shopa waar ik geweest ben
Lukasz Skowronek - vor 9 Jahren
One of the best coffeeshops in Den Haag. 3/3.

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