Coffeeshop Space Ball

Wagenstraat 115-A, Den Haag (Centrum)

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Oliver Šlosár - vor 1 Monat
Mantas Matusevicius - vor 5 Monaten
Be careful they scammed me one time
Mega Filmy (weedcs com) - vor 1 Jahr
You can buy good tops here, but only if the boss sells behind glass
Melado Man - vor 2 Jahren
Bad stuff don’t lose your money
Sheroo Fares - vor 2 Jahren
Bad stuff I take yesterday from there some stuff is so as I smoked normal sigrat
lolo afonso - vor 2 Jahren
It was a bad experience what they sold me was all leafs and almost no buds and the amount was less than I paid for ,overall not good
Rezaa a - vor 2 Jahren
Great place
Ferenc Lippai - vor 2 Jahren
4 stars. Nothing amazing but not bad at all. A decent shop. Good weed. Feels a bit shady but isn't.
Sun Dok - vor 3 Jahren
Locals buy their herbs here. Just good, no fancy prices.
Chandan K B - vor 3 Jahren
Decent place for a quick stop
Kārlis Ra - vor 3 Jahren
They have some rare strains time by time. Location is in very nice city area.

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