To limit the spread of the coronavirus, coffeeshops in the Netherlands only serve as a pick-up point for soft drugs. Consuming the soft drugs on site is not allowed.

Coffeeshop Flamingo

Traaij 140, Driebergen-Rijsenburg

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Mark van heiningen - 8 months ago
Janus van Rijszen - 1 year ago
Top shop
Natan Weis - 2 years ago
this is a good place to relax.Great service, helpful, always advise.Very good weed, I recommend
Patrick Freeman Migliori - 2 years ago
The people working there are not so nice and one morning they offended us by words just for free.
Marek Tołysz - 3 years ago
5/5 the best weed!!! :-)
Josh Oosthuyzen - 4 years ago
I was a little put off by the last two comments, Tried it out anyway and will highly recommend this coffee shop! Super friendly staff, will definitely be back (Good weed!!)

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