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Oldenzaalsestraat 103, Enschede (Binnensingelgebied)

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Grzegorz Pietrzak - 1 month ago
Low quality weed without specific names. You can buy Haze, Bubble, but if you ask what kind of Haze/Bubble is it, they don't know. Woman which was selling there does not speak English. No 5g deals and prices are high. 2 starts because the weight was correct.
Tom Terek - 6 months ago
Paid 3g, received 2.6g, 20% missing! My last visit here, this shouldn't happen when buying from Dutch boys on the street, how this can happen in coffee? Stay away of this dishonest buisness.
Charlie Ben - 1 year ago
Cool and quiet! You can work with your laptop too!
Marcú lí - 1 year ago
Cool and quiet! You can work with your laptop too!
Naef Alsami - 1 year ago
Always enjoy there wit Radio station and relax lekker I wonder when thy have an DG
Victor Vasilita - 1 year ago
Best place, basically *Moara cu noroc* aka The mill with luck for our english folks. - Ioan Slavici 1881
Ksenia Boyko - 1 year ago
Atmosphere here is absolute fantasy
Vladbuta Vlad - 1 year ago
The best
Di Kesh - 1 year ago
Its chill to hangout here with friends . Inside its no so beautiful but you can smoke good.
A Google user - 2 years ago
Nice place to sit, play games, and just enjoy your "joint"
paulius latzelsberger - 2 years ago
Nice Shop
Karthikeyu Busa - 2 years ago
I prefer Amnesia Haze bud here !! Good environment and nice ambience! Pretty good taste of music also.
JANEEZY - 2 years ago
small, not so many flavours, no nice atmosphere
Azelam - 3 years ago
Good quality, cheaper drinks&snacks, music, wifi, arcade machine, 8pool what's you need more?

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