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Wilhelminastraat 3, Enschede (Binnensingelgebied)

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Shisui Uchiha - 1 month ago
Bad Service and rude employees
Cakez - 1 month ago
big weed good price
Xyx Yyx - 8 months ago
Best Shop ever!
Arnaud Cabirou - 1 year ago
Without a doubt the best coffee shop in Enschede if you want quality stuff, the prices are a little bit higher but amateurs will find their pleasure there for sure
Tobias Schumacher - 1 year ago
Best shop in town
Mantvydas Juršys - 1 year ago
Best in Town.
Monika Główka - 1 year ago
Quality of weed is good, but not good enough. Sometimes when I’m buying Amnesia(5g), I have strange feeling, that someone sold me 2 other types of weed. Anyways, tried every single one Coffeshop in Enschede - and Thunder has the most decent weed. (:
serhat dogan - 1 year ago
Best !
Shane C - 1 year ago
Compact coffeeshop doing pickup only with a pretty good selection, has some on display but it's difficult to judge on that, probably one of the best coffeeshops this far east
Mohammed Ali - 1 year ago
people are good
Dávid Juhász - 2 years ago
Best weed in Enschede is here ;)
D Z - 2 years ago
Best Strains in the City
RooR Clipper - 2 years ago
Best Strains in the City
Taras Yatsiv - 2 years ago
Simple marijuana shopin NL. Quality - good!!!
Harleen Quinzel - 3 years ago
Great weed, decent prices, you can choose from a menu, smell or looks. Very fresh and fluffy, as it should be! Friendly staff too. There's no smoking lounge, but definitely my favourite shop in Enschede!
Artist Jaime Monroe - 3 years ago
Mr.Lemon Haze ....... best of..
Ton Nieuwpoort - 4 years ago
This is the best shop in town! Believe me, good weed is hard to find these days, but this shop has good weed, some nice strains at decent prices. It also is one of the few shops that have a display made from a pill box with holes in it for you to smell the examples of all the strains they sell. The buds on display are classified as Indica or sativa and have the percentage of one or the other. So: 60% sativa, or 100% Indica. They vary their strains every now and then, but they seem to always make sure that they have a good range of hybrid and both spectra of the strains. The only other thing you need to know is that you have to ring the bell, before you can go in. It's their way of complying with the law (no underaged and no more than 5 grams pppd) I guess. Check it out!

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