Cannabis Shop Willie Wortel Indica

Koudenhorn 58, Haarlem (Oude Stad)

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Salina Talbot - 2 weeks ago
We came here the other night to pick up since they’re open late. It looked like a good selection so we thought why not give it a shot. The product we got was so dry you could crumble it between two fingers. I believe the worker sold us low quality product at a higher price because we aren’t from here. I wouldn’t come here again.
Cpt Benzo - 1 month ago
Very Good Coffee Shop! Nice Weed, Hash, Pollen, Edibels, all what u want! Customers are funny and very friendly, Weed price is good!
Oly Edwards - 1 month ago
Always a pleasure to visit Willie Wortel's Indica. I had to visit again to pay my respects to Nol Van Schaik, the owner, who unfortunately passed away recently (their shrine to his memory is shown in the photo). Top quality products and a nice relaxed atmosphere every time I go. The staff are always friendly too. Highly recommended..
Tyger Vinum - 2 months ago
Good weed selection. I also like the buy more and pay less discount.
MilesMaddock - 4 months ago
Visited last year. Really enjoyed this place; felt very relaxed, the prices were good and value for money okay. Sitting in the front window watching the canal with a coffee
Jim's Mind - 4 months ago
The best coffeeshop I visited! Well worth the trip out to the suburbs. Comfy seating, airy and bright. Rosin press and dab rig available. Also met Willie who's a super knowledgeable guy in the cannabis scene and a real character! This was my favourite coffeeshop during my visit. Edit: Oops Haarlem is a city of its own sorry Willie! Beautiful it is.❤️ I will be back someday. (I'm the tall guy with long hair who coughed after a dab!
Ant Shields - 4 months ago
Unfriendly and moldy weed. Seriously I found one decent strain and it was gone the next day.. The past few have been way too expensive for moldy weed to the point I'm actually feeling ill.. Ps In regards to the fact that you do have moldy weed... I advise people to get the microscope out.. The buds have been in Moisture lock and you can see this in the way the buds are discoloured and not only that when your ears go pop and you feel your face go hot. It's your bodys reaction to pathogens. Cannabis is not ment to make you feel like this.. It's not only you tho Willie it's the rest of the Netherlands.. Such a shame and disappointment.. In regards to complaining to your staff what's the point they will lie to your face. I've been smoking and growing weed for twenty years.
Shay Loughlin - 6 months ago
Who needs directions - peace brother
Tommy TheYid - 6 months ago
My favourite coffeeshop in Haarlem, it’s always a pleasure to stop of here, friendly helpful budtenders always great product. See you in August
Philip Walsh - 7 months ago
Great staff and location.. Will always return A1
The Insider - 10 months ago
The top weed shop in Haarlem. Buy 4g, get 1g free deals are a winner. Great location and comfy interior to match the high quality menu.
Adb Baynham - 11 months ago
Very helpful. Said I wanted something uplifting and to make me giggle. After one small joint. I left this cosy place and decided to test my coordination. Excellent, it worked
Balthazar Borgers - 1 year ago
Super chil atmosphere, they have a bong you can use and even a vaporiser for you dabbers out there! Although the weed isn't really good.
Glenn Rice - 1 year ago
Our "neighborhood" coffee shop when we stayed in Haarlem. Better prices than most A'Dam shops. Friendly service. A+
Samuel Tubbritt - 1 year ago
Great vibe, lovely location next to the canal and windmill. Don’t grab the ‘mixed’ bag if you’re a seasoned pro.. would definitely visit again.
Dean Hart - 1 year ago
Very relaxed atmosphere. Big space to chill. Not crowded. Friendly staff. Nice menu.
Sydney Johnson - 1 year ago
My boyfriend and I came in here because it happened to be the closest shop near the area we were walking. So glad we did, employees were amazing people very knowledgeable and they were happy to teach us how to roll a joint. Relaxed, clean atmosphere and classic funky music, perfect place to smoke. A must if you are in Haarlem I absolutely recommend.

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