To limit the spread of the coronavirus, coffeeshops in the Netherlands only serve as a pick-up point for soft drugs. Consuming the soft drugs on site is not allowed.

Capricorn Coffee Shop
Open now

Honigmannstraat 49, Heerlen (Heerlen-Centrum)

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delex . - 2 weeks ago
I think it's a good and much better shop then what was there befor. Nice people working there, good amouth of weeds and hashies and good quality. Location for cycle is nice, hard to find a parkingspot, but there's lots of inside parking close. Prices are decent I think, hazes are like around 13-14 euro a gram, the "white" weeds are between 8 and 10 euro, after buying you'll get papers filter and a fighter.
Alexander Lehman - 6 months ago
Professional and cosy establishment. I will always visit it.
xPreZzOx . - 7 months ago
The worst coffe shop ever. Is 21.50 should be open till 10 oclock but they close me and my girfriend door. -.- start respect client. If not better start doing something diffrent than selling. !
GORAS \/ - 9 months ago
Loved the interior. Medieval/pagan sculptures. Theres tables, pretty spacious.
Eva S - 9 months ago
Horrible bud and always randomly closed. Not very friendly either.
Виталий Виталий - 1 year ago
I'm writing only with a big respect to dutch people! But what it is in this coffeeshop? Dutch people can sit to smoke inside and people from other countries no. Can someone give explaination?
TheNewBeginning Love - 1 year ago
Nice style. Bad quality produtcs. Staff unfriendly.
EYONPROJECT *YouTube* - 1 year ago
Nice style. Bad quality produtcs. Staff unfriendly.
Sacha Pierard - 1 year ago
Bought a pre-roll. rolled really badly and bad taste
Jop Mens - 1 year ago
Used to be much less reliable and the weed was often questionable in the past but they actually seem fine to me these days, fortunately! Not a choice shop like some but a nice average and they are friendly.
CJ Wilkinson - 1 year ago
Do not come here! We drove all way to this town just to visit them and before we even got to their door they were rude to us. We’re standing on a public sidewalk while waiting for our friend to get money from the ATM across the street. A guy came out and told us to go away and stand on the other side of the street in a very rude way. Please don’t tolerate this kind of behavior, please don’t patronize this business! That’s not how they should treat any people and that’s now how to treat customers! Do not come here!
grave420hardcore - 1 year ago
Was there early this year. Staff was very friendly, they let us come inside some minutes before they were opened and they let us sit on the vaporizer table and they offered us their weed to smoke. When it comes to weed, they almost seemed the same to me with different names to be honest, but for a border coffee shop its a good spot to chill. The aquarium is amazing. Going there tomorrow again
Wolfram Müller - 2 years ago
Unfriendly/arrogant staff, quality of the goods is bad, sometimes they just close the store at operational hours. One of the worst Coffeeshops in the Netherlands.
Adolf Hitler - 4 years ago
Wir danken unseren hollanderen, nur baumen. Amnesia haze.

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