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Capricorn Coffee Shop
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Honigmannstraat 49, Heerlen (Heerlen-Centrum)

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  • Maandag 16:00 - 22:00
    Dinsdag 16:00 - 22:00
    Woensdag 16:00 - 22:00
    Donderdag 16:00 - 22:00
    Vrijdag 16:00 - 22:00
    Zaterdag 16:00 - 22:00
    Zondag 14:00 - 21:00
  • Deze coffeeshop zal in de toekomst gereguleerde, gecontroleerde staatswiet gaan verkopen. Voor meer informatie, bekijk de 'Staatswiet' pagina.
  • http://www.twinsheerlen.nl/
  • +31 45 303 0094



frank Milner - 3 weken geleden

The people are really rude and I really don’t know why you can’t sit and smoke in a coffee shop.

Ruben G. - 2 maanden geleden

Every time I visit Holland I pass by. Prices are around market, clean and staff is very friendly. 5 stars for this place. Always made my trip twice worth it.

SelectedGenetics IG - 5 maanden geleden

Fine selection of Cannabis, Hasheesh, Prerolled Joints, grinders, beverages, i think it even has seating upstairs, lovely staff, great service

modular systems - 6 maanden geleden

nice, clean place but only to buy and go

manuel van zuylen - 8 maanden geleden

top coffee, worker very good big smile. it's à pleasure To come here. amnésia is very strong

Gurren Lagann - 9 maanden geleden

Very good place. Exceptional service.only thing they can improve in the future is to have more options to choose from. Still nice assortment of cannabis.

Vitalij Kozlovskij - 9 maanden geleden

Nice personal, but maybe prices for weed are a little bit to high

Frederico Mariani - 9 maanden geleden

Happy with my purchase and their team was really nice and friendly.

Thomas Vlassis - 10 maanden geleden

Fast way in and out. Only to take, you r Not allowed to stay there. Good Weed

Janina S.P. - 10 maanden geleden

Very friendly staff and good variety of products

Vojtěch Maňák - 1 jaar geleden

All right, star minus for not seeing how much it weighs. But the weight fits. I made one purchase, I hope you will be as it was in the future. Peace.

remi maes - 1 jaar geleden

I love this Twins shop, nicely and simpel clean design from the inside. For the goods simply perfect how can weed be any bad ?

Matthias M (Retrogod) - 1 jaar geleden

Pretty good but prices seem very high.

Pat R - 1 jaar geleden

It happened too many times that the weed is in the worst shape. Specially when some white shit is added to the weed and sold. No idea what that white stuff is but all the weed went to the trash immediately. Don’t come here if you need weed. Go to Maastricht where I never have been disappointed. Never ever again Twins no no.

Jakab Gipsz - 1 jaar geleden

Amazing staff, little waiting, all around a good choice.

Montes Javic - 1 jaar geleden

Good staff, good price

Adas Gasperavicius - 1 jaar geleden

Great shop to visit if u like marihuana

Slick Fc - 1 jaar geleden

Power Trip bouncer turns away customers. Why would I go here when there’s so many other places around? Why do I have to put up with the jerks when I can go to completely nice establishments?

Jay-J Garrett - 1 jaar geleden

Their space cakes were pretty nice but they didn’t have any other edibles.

Ricardo Alves - 1 jaar geleden

Best ketama ever seen and very nice staff

tuszka_wka - 1 jaar geleden

I am disappointed with the behavior of the guy who served me. When I realized he was cheating with the amount I should pay, the guy suddenly ignored me as if nothing had happened. I strongly do not recommend this place! This is not the first time such a situation, foreigners don't get tricked! Service not very professional for such a place.

Alain - 1 jaar geleden

Perfect for flight ✈️

Arnoldas Jokubauskas - 1 jaar geleden

This place has amazing spacecakes (edibles)

dior chris - 1 jaar geleden

The homemade cakes choco and vanille are the best we tryd they are perfect Greetings from belgie

markizyy yy - 1 jaar geleden

Nice weed

Simon Green - 1 jaar geleden

The people in the coffeeshop seem to be trying to brighten up their working hours by providing poor quality service and also lying about what weed they are actually giving. I would aviod it as there are many other places.

Vektor S - 2 jaren geleden

Best workers (the owner and the doorman) and best weed

Der Scheiß Ausländer - 2 jaren geleden

the prices are, as usual, quite high on the border. have been here 2 times in the last week. I let off steam every time. The Cali varieties that they feature were "Gelato 33", "Wedding Cake" and their own brand "Twins Happy Box". which are offered for 75 € each. NONE OF THESE VARIETIES ARE QUALITATIVE, THE CALI I KNOW EVEN !!! The taste is not Cali worthy! The THC information is not a bit correct! calculate with a minimum of 3-5% less. in the Gelatto33 there were nice buds and the aroma was quite weak compared to my experience. the buds are usually light in color. in general, they were usually good buds with no noticeable hue. When it burned down it smelled bad. the ashes weren't fine either. it didn't really taste good. But makes you high. Wedding Cake did better in comparison. Buds weren't quite like the Gelatto33. the ash was good. not convincing taste. admittedly makes you a little more high. the private label has the opposite of the other varieties. (Which in my opinion, of course, are also filled by themself.) At best cut off. IT'S REALLY GOOD WEED, BUT NO CALI !!! Now for the other varieties. in the range were among others -Golden haze -fruit haze -SS Haze - White Widow -Twisler hash the haze makes you high, but doesn't taste great. white widow wasn't the real thing either. The price-performance ratio for hashish is not given, not even remotely. Twisler is the most expensive and at the same time, after consultation, their best hash. if I remember correctly I paid 12 € for it. it's not worth 5 €. buy ne qualitatively much better plate for 4 €. the location is sterile. I found it good. you can't really chill out there. Drinks selection is meager. so based on my experience. but enough! the shop assistants were cute, the shop assistants were okay; but the doorman is the best! all in all, the shop is good compared to the other shops near the border. but no real comparison to the top shops!

Luis Alvarez - 2 jaren geleden

Weed was ok but the pre rolls were horrible. Got some of the "puur" ones and will never get those

Benjamin Gathen - 2 jaren geleden

Very good products, very well received. The shop is modern, clean place. I highly recommend it

rus filmy rusje - 2 jaren geleden

Great cali weed we gonna come back for shure

Henok Afewerki - 2 jaren geleden

Their puur joints, not so much puur. Its worse than their predecessor.

Idil Kaplangı - 2 jaren geleden

I purchased "strong" edibles that had absolutely no effect. Money wasted. Don't get edibles from them. Their other products seem to be okay

delex - 2 jaren geleden

I think it's a good and much better shop then what was there befor. Nice people working there, good amouth of weeds and hashies and good quality. Location for cycle is nice, hard to find a parkingspot, but there's lots of inside parking close. Prices are decent I think, hazes are like around 13-14 euro a gram, the "white" weeds are between 8 and 10 euro, after buying you'll get papers filter and a fighter.

delex . - 2 jaren geleden

I think it's a good and much better shop then what was there befor. Nice people working there, good amouth of weeds and hashies and good quality. Location for cycle is nice, hard to find a parkingspot, but there's lots of inside parking close. Prices are decent I think, hazes are like around 13-14 euro a gram, the "white" weeds are between 8 and 10 euro, after buying you'll get papers filter and a fighter.

Alexander Lehman - 3 jaren geleden

Professional and cosy establishment. I will always visit it.

xPreZzOx . - 3 jaren geleden

The worst coffe shop ever. Is 21.50 should be open till 10 oclock but they close me and my girfriend door. -.- start respect client. If not better start doing something diffrent than selling. !

GORAS \/ - 3 jaren geleden

Loved the interior. Medieval/pagan sculptures. Theres tables, pretty spacious.

Eva S - 3 jaren geleden

Horrible bud and always randomly closed. Not very friendly either.

Виталий Виталий - 3 jaren geleden

I'm writing only with a big respect to dutch people! But what it is in this coffeeshop? Dutch people can sit to smoke inside and people from other countries no. Can someone give explaination?

TheNewBeginning Love - 3 jaren geleden

Nice style. Bad quality produtcs. Staff unfriendly.

EYONPROJECT *YouTube* - 3 jaren geleden

Nice style. Bad quality produtcs. Staff unfriendly.

Sacha Pierard - 3 jaren geleden

Bought a pre-roll. rolled really badly and bad taste

Jop Mens - 4 jaren geleden

Used to be much less reliable and the weed was often questionable in the past but they actually seem fine to me these days, fortunately! Not a choice shop like some but a nice average and they are friendly.

CJ Wilkinson - 4 jaren geleden

Do not come here! We drove all way to this town just to visit them and before we even got to their door they were rude to us. We’re standing on a public sidewalk while waiting for our friend to get money from the ATM across the street. A guy came out and told us to go away and stand on the other side of the street in a very rude way. Please don’t tolerate this kind of behavior, please don’t patronize this business! That’s not how they should treat any people and that’s now how to treat customers! Do not come here!

grave420hardcore - 4 jaren geleden

Was there early this year. Staff was very friendly, they let us come inside some minutes before they were opened and they let us sit on the vaporizer table and they offered us their weed to smoke. When it comes to weed, they almost seemed the same to me with different names to be honest, but for a border coffee shop its a good spot to chill. The aquarium is amazing. Going there tomorrow again

Wolfram Müller - 5 jaren geleden

Unfriendly/arrogant staff, quality of the goods is bad, sometimes they just close the store at operational hours. One of the worst Coffeeshops in the Netherlands.

Adolf Hitler - 6 jaren geleden

Wir danken unseren hollanderen, nur baumen. Amnesia haze.


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