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Rijksweg Zuid 88, Geleen

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Erika Murdzakova - 3 maanden geleden
I do not recommend, staff unpleasant, reluctant, they will send you away , I live in Holland i have BNS BRS and Still they send you away ...about 50m is better coffeshop, friendly staff and they dont have problém with selling.
Katarzyna Tatarczak - 10 maanden geleden
1/2 of the staff was neutral and professional. The other person was very arrogant, treated me like a trash, because I'm a foreigner, even that I've lived in Geleen from couple of years. When you speak English - you will be discriminate since you enter the store. Instead of a nice experience - stress. Sorry, but I don't have my paper documents from Belasting or Gemeente every time when I'm going out on Friday night. Not recommended!
Julita Łbik - 11 maanden geleden
Very nice place run by very nice people
Ibra - 11 maanden geleden
Best Hash in town! Number 1 by far!
Jay-J Garrett - 1 jaar geleden
Friendly staff, nice atmosphere inside. Good prices and quality. Would recommend.
Jessie caine Ubachski - 1 jaar geleden
Nice weed and relaxed atmosphere
niels van der meij - 2 jaren geleden
For good quality weed
jean-claude Dantine - 2 jaren geleden
Denny O'Halloran - 3 jaren geleden
Only for Dutch people or expats
Axel Sandi - 3 jaren geleden
Not open to German citizens
Stephen Giorgio - 3 jaren geleden
Frank Maduro - 4 jaren geleden
Nice place to chill and puff
PRO LIVE - 4 jaren geleden
Good One.
Marco Matteucci - 4 jaren geleden
Missing it... But is a lot of street for me. Very nice.
Steven Beijens - 6 jaren geleden
Soms top soms flop
Damian Sękowski - 6 jaren geleden
Dannysann Hermans - 6 jaren geleden
Tamás Desch - 6 jaren geleden
Peterr Stoop - 6 jaren geleden

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