Coffeeshop Bebop

Diefsteeg 3, Leiden

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G88 - 1 week ago
One of the better shops in Leiden
Oldzi Kusz - 3 weeks ago
Sometimes u can get there bad vibe from person which is working there, but mostly atmosphere is great. Maybe that's only this old grandpa, grumpy and racist...
De3DPrintman - 5 months ago
Best shop in town. They have a great selection on the menu and friendly personnel behind the counter.
Aboood Emad - 7 months ago
They have good service
James Baglin - 10 months ago
Great little shop with lots of light and good vibes. Flowers, Hash & Edibles available. Id recommend the Fruit Cake from the flower menu.
Blessing Mandima - 11 months ago
Wonderful service. Quality high
Lasse Storm - 1 year ago
Nice cozy and central place. Would you happen to have an email to contact you directly?
Dan O'Brien - 1 year ago
Really nice shop, if a little on the pricey side
Covaleski H - 1 year ago
Really chill place. Great polm(?)
Vitez Koja - 1 year ago
Exelent, small and top...
TJ vdWesthuizen - 2 years ago
Excellent service, great quality product as well as a basic accessory range dlto choose from(lighters, grinders, papers etc) a must visit
nikolas stefanoudakis - 2 years ago
Dr Bass - 2 years ago
Nice place with goodies.
Thomas Anguita - 2 years ago
Good weed, mafks workin there ain friendly tho, sitting inside is also not nice, overpriced drinks.
Brigette Fortuin - 2 years ago
The guys are always friendly and the range is amazing! Their joints seems to have less tobacco than most places. Only thing, you have to buy a drink to smoke there, so if you're looking for a spot to chill after, bring some extra cash. Other than that, loving their vibes
THFLYER 2 - 3 years ago
Awesome place but it would be nice to get some 5g offers. :) I really appreciate the free papers tho. ;)
Yannick Franzl - 4 years ago
denis maelfait - 4 years ago
Botte bediening, stond zeker een halve minuut te prutsen om toch zeker niet die 0,01 gram teveel mee te geven.

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