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Mon Camarade
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1e Middellandstraat 10-A, Rotterdam (Centrum)

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Catalin Tonita - 1 month ago

Best services from the guys and most important.. goood types of weed

Jakub Krupa - 2 months ago

Really nice, good quality, you can find different price range 10/20 and up for a gram so it's nice. They have everything.

Filip - 6 months ago

One of the best if not the best shop in the city. Very nice strains for a decent price! They also have cali packs. Totally recommended for everyone

Iris Homer - 6 months ago

It's ok. Smaller menu but had a few interesting strains. Pre-rolls are awful though

Iovici Radu - 7 months ago

Best weed in Rotterdam at very good price! I recommend purple cookies, they are the best!

Cezar Comorasu - 8 months ago

Very nice place with good quality of products and excellent customer service. Congratulations

Joshua Hamby - 10 months ago

Best coffee shop in Rotterdam. Been a customer for years. Has one of the best weed selections around. The haze is top class and reasonably priced. I wouldn’t buy my weed from anyone else. Also it’s centrally located with either train, bus, tram or metro available.

Mark Gagat - 11 months ago

Junkie place, security guy is so impertinent. Terrible experience! Stay away!

Elias Mahdavi - 11 months ago

Super rude service. Employees so stoned they dont even know where they are

Yuni Oil - 1 year ago

scammers… be careful with the weight guys

Jan van Zyl - 1 year ago

Don’t be pre rolled mix joint- it’s 99% tobacco! Learnt the hard way to spend €3 for an absolute SCAM

fuck the ops - 1 year ago

this is pretty much the only coffeeshop i go to when im in rotterdam, great service, great product.

logvoid - 1 year ago

Good shop and high quality but a bit expensive

Parvati Patil - 1 year ago

I recently went there and among others they had White Bubblegum as well as Yellow Bubblegum in their menu. As far as my research goes, White Bubblegum is known better as "Big League Chew". I am wondering why they are using a breed name that is less known. Also, for the two g I ordered, I got a lot of leftovers and twigs :( For the Yellow Bubblegum though, the buds were juicy and big. BUT: There is nothing to be found on "YELLOW Bubblegum". So I am wondering what they actually got there. Any idea?

Jonathan Schuller - 1 year ago

Best coffeeshop NL, great weed and friendly service

Areeb Jawed - 1 year ago

A diverse selection of make people happy, especially strawberry

Classic 90s - 1 year ago

Good weed nice people

Desirée Crafton - 1 year ago

Dragon haze is my fav strain!

Cameron Goss - 2 years ago

Best coffeeshop in Rotterdam. Very good selection of Sativa and good prices

Tom Achton - 2 years ago

Best Coffeeshop for tourist, gave me amazing weed and nice people

Radek Okrasinski - 2 years ago

Beste coffeshop in the city top quality altijd!! big five for a bassss

hakan apaydin - 2 years ago

Nice and cozy atmoshpere. Looking forward to sitting there once the lockdown is removwd.

Italian 92 - 2 years ago

Good quality weed, a lot of choice too. I personally prefer the Show White

Italian 92 Type Beats - 2 years ago

Good quality weed, a lot of choice too. I personally prefer the Show White

Paul2k - 2 years ago

Good weed , gelato especially

GoogleUser Alex - 2 years ago

Pick up only. No seating or refreshments.

Careline Hermelijn - 2 years ago

Good price, quality products and great service

Stiwar Gomez - 3 years ago

Good place but they steal some of your grams.

Marco Bergen - 3 years ago

Very Nice service the weed is exclusive Good for tourist we be back soon!!

Florin Dragos - 3 years ago

Its good stuff they have, but if you’re tourist they will hide the one you choose under the counter and give the same stuff from a big box they already have it under the desk, so be carefull

Jason Camardella - 3 years ago

You want to stay in line on the left hand side or the other guy gives you nothing but popcorn nugs and shake. Other nearby coffeeshops have fresher products and give you more for your money. This shop is a hit or miss experience at best.

Elliot Halpenny - 3 years ago

Very friendly staff. Spoke perfect English. Decent prices

Michael - 3 years ago

Seems like a decent coffeeshop. Small place with no seating area, just buy and go. Very busy, good merchandise, okay staff.

David Griffiths - 4 years ago

Read lot of negative reviews but I have to speak as I find. Totally happy with the service and the excellent quality. The Girl Scout Cookies was a revelation...outstanding. Thanks

Max xxx - 4 years ago

good prices and good shop

hansen00 - 4 years ago

Not very good tbh, there's much better shops.

Rob Lacey - 4 years ago

OG really is something.. good service.. nice

Aleksei Lorov - 4 years ago

The place is just a store. One room, 3 windows and a menu of the goods. The menu is easy to read. I was buying 70 euros worth of goods and got a 5 euro discount which is always nice.

martinn o margaritha - 6 years ago

Good stuff

Glen vervloet - 7 years ago

Rotte shop purple kush vragen en kelderwiet inde plek gekrege.. Never again!!! Bad shop rip off!

tru- lordy - 7 years ago

De beste ........ (maar nu gierig

Firma Chevallier - 7 years ago

cheap prices, big menu and only to-go shop. I buyed 3 strains from the menu and the Weed was middle quality. No big nugs, mostly small crush. Edelweiß was definitely not Edelweiß. Except to that, the Shop was all in all: O.K.

John Smith - 10 years ago

quite expensive hash

A Google User - 11 years ago

Good people and good WEED!


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