To limit the spread of the coronavirus, coffeeshops in the Netherlands only serve as a pick-up point for soft drugs after 5:00 PM.

Coffeeshop Nobody’s Place
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Rodestraat 2, Venlo

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Nina - 2 months ago
My first coffee shop experience and I loved it! Was so nice and chill, no rush and the guy working the door was very accommodating and cool. Will definitely be back
HaysHaze HighFoodie - 3 months ago
Great place 5euro registration fee but it's great atmosphere crew is very nice and it's private which is all the better recommended for all who visits Venlo
FILIPE Miguel - 4 months ago
Very good weed i recomend jamaica or lemon haze
Tony Freeth - 4 months ago
There is another coffeeshop 1 minute away this coffeeshop trys to make u pay 5 euro for a membership so no piont going to this shop
Jonas M - 4 months ago
Good weed but on the slightly more expensive side. Everybody is super friendly and you can chill inside. Best coffeeshop in Venlo, the 5€ are worth it.
Mingaudas Kisevičius - 5 months ago
Nice personal. Fine weed and good people.
Skeaph De Vos - 6 months ago
Good store great selection of weed. They have over 40 different varieties. Nothing too special. They have you buy a year membership card or Pin so you can purchase product. Without it they won't let you purchase anything. It cost about €5.
Alexandru Corjos - 6 months ago
Awesome! Great people working here and they speak verry good english so its easy to understand yourself with them!
R G - 7 months ago
Verry good stuff and hospitallity personal.all the best
Ivan Badrov - 8 months ago
great selection,
Colin Ilott - 8 months ago
Great service, shop staff always willing to help you and give you advice
Таня Говенчук - 10 months ago
One of the best shop in Nitherlands. All time hight quality. Workers very driendly and recomended good staf) Thanks
Hans Orlich - 11 months ago
Most of the weed is good. Especially the new White Widow. Only some strange rules is why I don't like to go there. Prices are also at the Top level. And the Mac amount you can buy is 4,2 grams while in every other shop it's 5 grams. I wish I could check sometimes the weight of every bag. They sell prepacked (is a good thing), in €5, €10, €15 and €25. The difference is the amount inside. Some are €10 for a gram. Some are €10 for 0,6 gram (most Haze varieties). It's mostly clean, problem is very often the parking. Also are the lines by far to long. Especially, now during the covid-19 crisis, you need to wait outside. In rain and cold weather.
Tjarles Liu - 11 months ago
Nice staff with nice ambiance and they have so many selections of 'you know what I mean'
P B - 1 year ago
I would give five star for a service, five star for a quality one minus no smoking inside during covid-19 :( 100% recommended. Wife happy me happy...
Mathew Kowalewski - 1 year ago
I have been a regular customer for 5 years. Now they are cheating more often than usual. Poor quality, missing weight and not friendly new stuff arguing (lady) when you note that you have more wood then weed in a bag. (sic!) some time ago it was pleasure to go there. No point to waste time and money anymore.
Null HooD - 1 year ago
Most wonderful place where u can take rest and peace. High quality products, always happy and really awesome employees. I even receive a Christmas gift.
Jurij Savliuk - 2 years ago
Sellers cheating. Be careful, when u want to buy something good, for example: Mango Haze (15€/1gr.) , instead they give you Silver Haze ( 10€/1gr.). So people when they taking out of the box , always look from wich box they picking up you order. And you need to pay 5€, registration fee ((((
Kevin Wollny - 2 years ago
A place where yo can stay from 1 minute to 3 hours and feel comfortable every single minute.
Raghad Al-Hilal - 2 years ago
A good variety of choices, there are drinks, papers filters anything you would need. The workers were quite friendly. But the customers need to register in order to be able to enter the shop, its a very basic and fast process, ID and a signature, they take a picture of you and they give you a rules list and a number to use each time you come. Customers are also not allowed to use their phones inside the shop. Its probably 10-15 mins (by foot) from the central station. Would recommend!
Adrian Stafaniak - 2 years ago
the one who says that this work is good is bribed It is the worst herb I've ever smoked in my life, worse than the dishonest diller of the worst quality grass in the whole of the Netherlands. chemistry. I know what I'm talking about. I'm a marijuana connoisseur and I have experience throughout the Netherlands
Mateusz Jonek - 2 years ago
Nice, good one. Great vending machines. Well, you can burn bongo. Perfect.
Maxym Korzhuk - 2 years ago
Good place without mess. Sometimes hard to finding place in smoking room.
Péter Futó - 2 years ago
Nice people, good place. But! The pot is expensive and the quality is low. You need to have a membership, which is 5€ one time.
Rafał Adaszyński - 2 years ago
High prices, weird and uncomfortable rules. Highly recommended if you want to feel like a criminal in spite of being in country, where weed is legal.
Kokonek81 - 2 years ago
Perfect people and nice location , always frendly staff and qood choice of magiczny artefakt , polecam na stress to miejsce
Mr 123 - 3 years ago
Nice shop and quality but the house rules are ridiculous. It surely still feels like you are doing something bad and illegal due to restrictions in quantity and membership card. Plus I never got my gratis joint that was promised to me in the beginning. I
Ellie96kg - 3 years ago
Quite nice place, with cheap drinks and good weed. But you have to register, registration is 5e. I honestly didn't like that but all in all good place to smoke up and hang.
BronxXxNative - 3 years ago
nothing but a tourist rip off. not a single strain on the menu is what it seems to be.
Dontcallit Schnitzel - 3 years ago
A friend of my got banned nonsense. See so many people making trouble there and they only got a warning. My friend get suspended instantly. UNFRIENDLY!!
Jannis Von Elling - 3 years ago
Costumer since six years and invest much money into it. There are people that have an behavioral like an alkoholic, make stress and means he get an reserved chair. This situation was watching for years without any suspension. Than I have a mistake with the security, it's just he talked privat stuff to other people like me and I told him in german that he please talk somethings like that to me not to other people's and this should be my right I think. Than on the other day I just make an psss emotion myself but just smiling so it should be clear it was just a joke, but the security feels bordered and that he telling me and I apologize instantly that he is feeling it this way. And than I get suspended. Sorry I didn't make trouble or problems in other way and was a loyal and friendly costumer. So the only thing I wanna say, at this point I a have to say they don't handle they costumers fair. A warning is complete enough in this situation, but this isn't fair so I give my experience. Maybe the ruler just thinking about her decision and see what I mean this would be only fair and affect my experience and so my review.
Muhannad Qandah - 3 years ago
The best coffee shop in Venlo. Very high quality marijuana, but a tiny little but more expensive than the average, which is okay for what you're getting. Friendly staff. The atmosphere is nice and people are pretty open. Serves hot and soft drinks.
Daniel Beckmann - 5 years ago
Ich muss Mich den meisten leuten anschließen, quali mies preise zu hoch, Wenn ihr top weed wollt fahrt mach nijmegen da bekommt ihr was für euer geld!!geht und Jamaica und Holt euch strawberry kush mega brutal und auch von preis top...
seb - 5 years ago
Hallo liebe mitarbeiter, warum siebt ihr die Budds ab? 10€ für 1g Withe widow und es sind einfach keine THC kristalle drauf! Beim kuch für 12,50, waren noch welche drauf aber nicht sehr viel, mit normal weed nicht vergleichbar Schlecht!!!!! Leute schaut euch an was die euch andrehen wollen!!!!!!!!
Billy Willy - 5 years ago
je nach Laune der Damen, bekommst du mal was gutes oder was schlechtes, 15 bis 16 € für ein Gramm Mittelmäsiges Weed>(4/10) ist ein No Go!(abzocke), im Winter ist die Qualität wirklich beschissen. Leider ist die Nachfrage größer als das Angebot, desshalb kann der Glatzköpfige Millionär sich das auch weiter hin erlauben und die jungen läute abzocken. Huzur Weed wurde über die Jahre immer besser und besser und ist wirklich nicht mehr so schlecht(6/10) wie es der Ruf verspricht(preis/Leistung)(OK).
Maximilian Simon - 5 years ago
Ich war jez schon ein paar mal dort, würde aber gerne mehr Shops kennen lernen. An sich war es ganz in Ordnung, muss aber sagen das es ein wenig überteuert ist. Qualität war auch in Ordnung.
Gotzen Jojo - 5 years ago
Also hört nicht was die anderen schreiben bin seit 20 Jahre Stamm Kunde die Qualität sinkt und steigt es kommt halt auf die Ernte an mal ist das Jahr gut zum Anbau mal schlecht die können nur das verkaufen was sie selber bekommen meistens ist die Qualität gut die Leute sind freundlich Mann wird gut bedient nach dem Anstrich ist es auch wieder gemütlich geworden . den Leuten die die Qualität nicht gut finden euch zwingt keiner ins nopes zu gehen geht in andere Shops nur in Venlo ist nopes nun mal der beste laden
Kfreitag422 Hd - 5 years ago
Die Qualität sinkt, die Preise steigen, bin jahre lang Kunde im Noppes, aber so eine Quali wie die letzte zeit, ist nicht mehr feierlich. Ich hoffe das es nicht noch gestreckt ist, weil pech schwarze asche ist nicht normal! Und sowas in einen Coffeeshop, naja Huzur ist noch viel schlechter! Trotzdem finde ich es scheiße, die reise nach Venlos lohnt nicht mehr, selbst auf der Strasse bekommt ma die selbe Qualität, zu kleineren Preisen. Noppes bitte werdet wieder wie vor dem scheiß Wietpass!! Seit dem werdet ihr immer schlechter, und einen besuch überlege ich mir nächstes mal besser.
DeceptionFlavour - 5 years ago
Das Zeug übertrieben schlecht die Preise unverschämt. Für 50 Euro bekommt man 3,5 Gramm Haze. Ein bisschen mehr Streckmittel und man kann es gar nicht mehr rauchen. Asozial dort die Verhältnisse. Man darf es nicht riechen , öffnen verpflichtet zum Kauf. Erbärmlich das die es bereits abgepackt verkaufen. Das denen die Bude eingerannt wird unglaublich. Eine Unverschämtheit wie die Touristen hier ausgenommen werden. Die Parkplätze kosten 4 Euro die Stunde. Wer zu spät kommt , erhält ein 60 Euro knöllchen. Ich kann diesen Laden auf keinen Fall weiter empfehlen.
Nick Brown - 6 years ago
Die Qualität ist hier ganz gut, das Personal auch sehr freundlich und hilfsbereit, aber das System ist komplett scheiße. Man braucht eine sogenannte Member Card, die 5euro kostet. Ohne die kommt man gar nicht rein da man sie mit dem Ausweis zusammen schon beim Eingang in den Shop kontrolliert. Außerdem macht man auch ein Foto vom Geisicht und somit bleibt dein Gesicht im System. Ist ja alle schön und gut, aber ich persönlich möchte z.B nicht dass jemand in einem Coffeshop in Venlo mein Gesicht im System hätte. Ansonsten habe war da alles gut :)

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