Halicarnas Coffeeshop
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Henseniusstraat 47, Venray

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Таблет Мазен - 3 months ago
Still the best coffee shop in Venray. So much different and high quality strains!!
Hrvoje Hrvoje - 3 months ago
Best coffee shop in this area. You can pay by card as well.
Lucy - 7 months ago
Mihai Sergiu Sandor - 9 months ago
One off the best cofee shop's from Hooland, quality and seriosisnees.
Zuzanna Franckiewicz - 9 months ago
Good weed, but the weight is not always correct :/
Willy Mocny - 11 months ago
Nice cofeeshop, everything u need is there
Sebastian Korneluk - 11 months ago
The guys up there are nice. The weed they sell is really good. Super silver haze. One love.
Dawid Roezner - 11 months ago
Always supplies good. I recommend.
DdDd Dejwi - 1 year ago
Good quality, good price.
Prawilny Ziomuś - 1 year ago
Really great coffeeshop, I bought 4 types of weed and 1 type of hash. White Widow is okay, price of it wasn't big (11-12e/g) and quality was also at good value. Amnesia really wasn't in my type, this was one of the worst Amnesias I smoked. S5 Haze was a little bit more expensive (12-13e/g) but you can feel it in taste. Also the tops looks way better. I also bought some Indica weed, didn't remember the name, but it was really tasty weed. Tops were soft and sticky, the smell also was great. Definitivly my favorite from Halicarnas. I don't remember the name of hash but it was okay, medium quality but the price also isn't big.
FARNE - 1 year ago
Very nice place, good staff and is allow to pay by card!
Viktors Gendels - 1 year ago
Nice atmosphere, hope soon smoking lounge will be open
Unknown King - 1 year ago
Ok, best from a delar
Vlad Andrei - 1 year ago
Nice staff, nice weed, nice prices. What more can be said? Is a good experience, so sad about these times that require security measures, would've been great to check out the smoking vibe there as well
Gorki - 1 year ago
I bought super silver, it was so beautiful
Dan P - 1 year ago
Slightly better than Coffeeshop Switch making it Venrays best... Friendly staff but overpriced, below average product. Same again, you maybe get lucky with one modern, slightly overpriced strain in general you're just getting white widow, Super Silver, Amnesia, etc. Poor standard for 2020. My advice in Venray for proper smokers would be to find a grower or go to Eindhoven or Tilburg and get better value and quality.
The weed Traveller - 2 years ago
Good place, nice atmosphere and a lot of choice of CBS.
Johnny.T Quiles - 2 years ago
Happy with price and quality. Hard to understand people there due to dialects and bad english. But works just fine if you need some
Feitan - 2 years ago
cool atmosphere is where to sit and smoke :D
Roszi - 2 years ago
cool atmosphere is where to sit and smoke :D
Miodzio Klemens - 2 years ago
Fine place , nice employees , good stuff . I recomend this place
Dragos Andreescu - 2 years ago
Fresh air over there all the time.
Artur Waszkiewicz - 2 years ago
Not so much stuff. But very good quality.
Geppard Geppard - 2 years ago
Easy chilling, nice service and good price for weed and hash :D
Gydo Kleven - 2 years ago
Enjoyed my time there, bought 5 grams white widow for 50.- euro and im very satisfied with the quality! I don't check weight but im sure its on point :) very chill smoke area and a nice atmosphere! Highly recommended!
Salvador Zynov - 3 years ago
Best coffeeshop in a radius of 50 kilometers. Not the cheapest one but the quality of the stuff is always the same and kept at the top level. Friendly staff, clean smoking area, cold and hot drinks + some food also available. Free drive-out card for those who parked underground is available at the counter.
Jacek Heldt - 3 years ago
Great place!! Open even on Monday around 10 am!.. and sweet Haze mix ..and im fixed ... : )
Tomasz Ko - 3 years ago
Nice place to sit drink coffee and take a joint ;)
Michael K - 3 years ago
Fast and uncomplicated service. Very tourist friendly
Audiogek Holland - 3 years ago
I have mixed feelings about this coffeeshop. Quality is okay, but prices are high. Of course with only two coffeeshops in the city you can imagine it's always very busy. Often there's not enough room to sit and smoke one. The people behind the counter should start smiling, if that's even possible, always looking at you like you've done something wrong.
Pan Gentasoo - 3 years ago
Good place (*_*)___,~•°white widow is very tasty this week
Miro Tylka - 3 years ago
I like silver haze here, but I got too much stems in a bag
Gordon A - 4 years ago
Beautiful weed and great strains , reasonable prices and nice to sit in and have a smoke .
Martin Sýkora - 4 years ago
Great place , good coffe and beutiful skuunk ;)
Stewart Boyd - 4 years ago
Cool place '...quality when I was there was very good....with friendly staff...grab yourself a smoke... Enjoy'
Jan Janski - 4 years ago
Definitely the best weed south from Nijmegen and east from Eindhoven. Well recommended!
Patrick Schledz - 6 years ago
Richtig gutes Weed :-)
Dan Friel - 6 years ago
Seemed like a decent place, there were renovations underway when I visited so I didn't stay long. Nice smoke, average pricing.
Eugen Ganswin - 6 years ago
Die wissen wie man es macht. Bin sehr gerne dort.
nmnm 9999 - 6 years ago
Sehr gutes Weed !
Stephen Tiernan - 7 years ago
Best spacecakes ever!

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