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Stefanos Bou-ya - 3 weeks ago
Nice weed and real gram..some people say it's expensive and better go to sloterdijk..but hey you go for free there?you have to pay what's the point when you lose money amd time..I prefer this one..
Ruben B - 3 weeks ago
Top shop
Stary Włóczykij - 8 months ago
Good atmosphere . Nice staff. Product is a ok.
Vasil Nedelchev - 8 months ago
Best coffeshop in Zaandam
Heinz Rühmann - 11 months ago
I've just been there. Extremely nice stuff.great place
Brendan Power - 1 year ago
Very nice premises, take away only. Good selection of products, good prices.
Alina De waard - 1 year ago
Way to small, no place to sit.. good quality of some weeds
человек паук - 1 year ago
Amazing weed, accepts MasterCard.
Marcin Kobus - 1 year ago
Awesome quality, weed is very tasty
kimberley beaumont - 1 year ago
Excellent Cali collection, wonderfully stocked every time, prices to dream about! Definitely a must visit ❤️ #BlueCheese and #SuperLemonHaze were out of this world!!! X
Mudasser Ahmed - 1 year ago
Decent menu with pre packed bags, no choice for 10, 20 or 30 euro loads. In grams only. No seats nor smoking. Buzz to get in. Only go if need be.
Majki Pegiewuchant - 4 years ago
One of the most overestimated coffeshops. There is good quality weed but prices are unreasonable (i.e. OG Cheese is very good but costs around 13 euros, it's sick). Also I have objections about their treatment of clients. I don't recommend this coffeshop.
Marek Juchniewicz - 4 years ago
Best quality in zaandam! Lemon haze is awesome????
Dingle Berry - 4 years ago
Greetings Earthlings, I have come to this place many time when I visited Zaandam and I have come to the conclusion that all the pre-rolled joints are pretty bad overall, sometimes you get lucky but most of the times its just an expensive sigaret, their opening times are really bad and their weeds are really expensive, they have a lot of choice though so I give them credit for that and the personnel is really kind, always, I give it a 3 out of 5..
hasan akyuz - 4 years ago
Simply the best koffie and stuf
Cannabis Around Nations - non profit - 7 years ago
Although the quality is reasonable to good the prices are also. It was a nice cafe but in the past years they closed the biggest part, and now you can only buy at a window. No sitting area available, not even to roll a quick stick. They dont seem to care about a cozy atmosphere for guest, and even real patients get screwed here. They let me come for what they 'said' was medi weed several times, and than it was not there. They told me to go. why ? they promised ME several times to sell some medical cannabis...

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