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Coffeeshop Mediterrané
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Spuistraat 80, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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Pedro Francisco - 3 weken geleden

one of the staff was rude and he seemed like he was on a little more than mary j if u know what i mean the other staff guy was super nice anyways

Harry - 1 maand geleden

Awesome place. I went here daily when I was in Amsterdam! Great offer on the menu and friendly people

alican erciyas - 2 maanden geleden

Very good coffeeshop, best products. Friendly environment and perfect location.

Flavia Lo Tempio - 3 maanden geleden

It was my first visit to Amsterdam, and this was my first coffee shop. I couldn't have chosen better! They made me feel quite at home. The staff is extremely pleasant and helpful, and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming. I'll surely come back here the next time I visit Amsterdam.

Teodor Cirneci - 3 maanden geleden

You feel like home! Good music, very good weed and friendly staff. Thanks Jessie and Marco for being the right host

Kieran - 4 maanden geleden

Not the greatest selection on the menu but the weed they do have makes up for it, reasonably priced as well as being clean smokes. Nice space, clean and plenty of seating. Good music choices (mainly hip-hop) with a nice vibe. Directly down form centraal station so worth a visit.

Jesse De Jong - 6 maanden geleden

Realy strong and nice pre rolls, cali is real cali nice budtenders that know about what they selling

Tomos Roscoe-Hudson - 6 maanden geleden

Great atmosphere. Verify of flower and beverages. Bathrooms are updated, spacious, and clean.

Leon Morgan - 8 maanden geleden

Friendly service, good value products, nice seating area.

john doe - 8 maanden geleden

Bigger on the inside easy to miss but worth a try. Nice menu chilled and never to busy.

Stephen Anderson - 10 maanden geleden

Great chill vibe, the honey prerolled is nice.

Lushi Lushido - 10 maanden geleden

From now on , this is one of my favorite shops , very close to my fav skate spot

andriy honcharyk - 11 maanden geleden

Nice quiet place with a good staff!

Godstar - 1 jaar geleden

Chilled coffeeshop with comfortable seats, great music and wild TV.

Ahmad Khalifa - 1 jaar geleden

Very friendly staff, cozy place to relax with tea and a joint

Don Conry - 1 jaar geleden

Shiny bright shop with incredible cali flowers. Nice friendly knowledgeable budtender

Haris Khan - 1 jaar geleden

Our fav coffeeshop in Amsterdam. Great vibe, good prices!!

Filip - 1 jaar geleden

Very good stuff, a little bad seating arrangement. Pit bull works here lol

Public Enemigor - 1 jaar geleden

Comfy, you can use the stuff you bought elsewhere,

Sorouche Azadeh - 2 jaren geleden

nice place

Issan CSC - 2 jaren geleden

Coffee and cookez

Max Green - 2 jaren geleden

The best. Great weed, great service, great music. See you there :)

david johnson - 2 jaren geleden

I went in March 2029 bought 2 gram of blue cheese it was sound enough. Him who served me as very polite went to bed at 4pm woke up at 6 went out at 7 and it was shut down. Had to get my thing wet behind an old building for 25 euros best 40 minutes of my life

Federico Mei - 2 jaren geleden

Nice coffee shop but no too many seats .

Colin D. - 3 jaren geleden

Friendly staff and nice selection

Fatullah Rizal Roslan - 3 jaren geleden

Awesome 'coffee shop'. Very friendly. Recommended.

Luke Bland - 3 jaren geleden

We found this coffee shop by accident but this was our favourite shop that we visited during our time in Amsterdam. Staff were friendly and helpful and recommended products. The atmosphere was very chill and it wasn't that busy too which was nice. Toilets was very clean. Overall I would recommend this coffee shop

Danny Kalsi - 3 jaren geleden

This shop sells the good quality flowers

Michel Stausberg - 3 jaren geleden

Always the first place to visit in Amsterdam...Best Amnezia in town! Always nice and friendly staff...and mostly you can find a free table :)

Cal Forbes - 3 jaren geleden

Real nice atmosphere cool light displays under all seats friendly funny staff

Bjorn Van Dooren - 3 jaren geleden

Bought 5 gr of lemon haze. But it seems they forgot to put the THC in the bag. Smoked 2 gr in my bong and nothing happened. Very disappointing. The only positive thing I can say about this shop is that the staff is friendly.

Fabri Barrios - 3 jaren geleden

If you are looking for a quiet coffee shop thats the place. Great prizes and chill atmosphere

Amanda Neely - 3 jaren geleden

Alex & Marcos are the best bud tenders I've been coming to the dam for 20yrs now. They always remember me & even better what I like the orange bud & super polm is my favourite & I like to start my trip with the first stop in mediterrane`. Such a great chill out also I like tobacco in my bifters & being the great coffee shop which you can enjoy a puff, this little ☕ place has it all 100%. See you guy's in November as usual I love my black Friday 5 day shopping trip

A msterrr - 3 jaren geleden

Autistic friendly coffeeshop, they took very good care of my friends qwhich has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. He didn't have such a good time in months.

sTrax - 3 jaren geleden

Never got to smoke in this place, I walked in, asked for two drinks and was advised I had to purchase weed to consume my drinks and sit in the coffeeshop. I immediately declined. Very disappointing as I heard good things. I refuse to provide my custom to a shop trying to maximise profits by forcing customers to purchase even MORE weed. I was already at the legal maximum of 5 grams anyway. Very disappointing but the coffeeshop looked very nice, the staff were friendly, no rudeness they just advised of the "rules". 3/5 to be fair but be aware it seems you must buy weed/hash to sit in, at least on weekends when I tried.

Andrew Halsey - 3 jaren geleden

Great coffee shop! Good menu, friendly staff & an all round good vibe!

Cole B - 4 jaren geleden

Nice coffeeshop with a decent menu. It might be worth noting that tobacco smoking is permitted in this coffeeshop depending on if you like that or not.

Shannon Murphy - 4 jaren geleden

Spacecakes are so good from here good weed and friendly staff

C M - 4 jaren geleden

Place was never too crowded so could always rely on it to just chill. Good smoke and nice place

Hayden Parker - 4 jaren geleden

Best coffee shop I’ve been to, had the best weed I smoke there ( Cali orange cookie), nice drinks and I could always get a good seat not feeling squashed up like in most cafes

Crenshaw - 4 jaren geleden

Great coffee shop. Worth a visit

265lbs - 5 jaren geleden

The best coffee shop in my opinion. Cheap prices for marijuana and has 2 sections for seating, the first isn't very good as the seats are long stools and the table is quite small but there is about 7 tables and there are lots of stools so you can have a few friends around. The second seating area is immaculate. Inside the coffee shop is the other seating are. There are 3 tables and around 6 chairs. There's also a tv there, a jukebox so you can play your own music for around 20 cents a song (selection from Bob Marley, ja rule and 2 other artists) and a heating system. Very friendly atmosphere and not near any big places so it's normally quite empty. As well as all that there is also about 5 computers there but I'm not sure if they cost to use or if you can smoke near them as I didn't use them but all in all it's one of the best coffee shops.

Jon Anderson - 6 jaren geleden

Great little shop, Friendly staff, Comfortable seating, Great weed, Relatively quiet area so not always a busy shop, Football on tv every time I've been. ????????

mitik lartmada - 6 jaren geleden

The more bad coffeshop of Amsterdam

david kiernan - 6 jaren geleden

Brilliant coffeeshop. Best staff. Best prices. Go there. Smoke there.

Adrian Chase - 6 jaren geleden

Not very polite. I misheard the cashier and he said "you hear what you want to hear"

Sarah Sellars - 6 jaren geleden

Avoid this coffee shop! The staff is rude and unhelpful, starting an argument with me when I asked if I could purchase a tiny bit less than 2 grams because I was missing a coin. I have been living in the neighborhood for a year and am shocked at how I was treated as a paying customer. No sense of respect or customer service. Weed is mediocre and the bag seems on the light side.


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