Coffeeshop "Risky Business"
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Bos en Lommerweg 163-A, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-West)

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Eric Rios - 4 weken geleden
Very convenient for me, since it is down the street. They don't have a place to lounge, but they got alright weed. Haven't tried the hash or oil.
almond nirvana - 1 maand geleden
My first coffee shop to try in Amsterdam so it will have a special place in my memories
Irakli Chumburidze - 6 maanden geleden
So good
Xavier van Halen - 7 maanden geleden
Friendly and good stuff always. Lovely to have as local shop!
Giulia Marta Corti - 8 maanden geleden
One time bought white widow, was given haze instead. Another time, ordered white widow and did not feel high at all (my tolerance was low at the time).
Davy Rooze - 10 maanden geleden
Good shop!
IVAN MONCADA - 1 jaar geleden
Top experience! Menu in better shape!
Péter Hegedűs - 1 jaar geleden
Ultra Wrong quality.
Simba Pingha - 1 jaar geleden
Nice green, friendly staff, customers and atmosphere. Prices are pretty good with discount if you buy 5g
oi kenner - 1 jaar geleden
Nice green, friendly staff, customers and atmosphere. Prices are pretty good with discount if you buy 5g
Jessé Vermeulen - 1 jaar geleden
They have stepped up their game so much in the last few months. They stock a really good selection of strains, and now have a selection of Amsterdam Genetics edibles (the best). Staff are really helpful and friendly, we always take away since we live nearby.
Veselin Trifonov - 2 jaren geleden
I was silly to ask for some coffee but they offered me cannabis cigarettes here, what a surprise!
Andy Ellis - 2 jaren geleden
Very helpful. First joint of blueberry indica got me wanting more
Ruben Fale - 2 jaren geleden
Im sorry for saying this, but this was the worst smoke I had im a while, the staff is friendly, but let's be honest, if I want to make friends, I make friends, but in a coffee shop you wanna be baked to the bone, and this was definitely not the casa
Axel - 2 jaren geleden
Simple but very good coffeeshop!
Sultan Jurdi - 2 jaren geleden
If you are away from the city Central its the best place to drop by and get some good somke prices gd
Tommy McIntyre - 2 jaren geleden
Basically a dispensary, no seating and very small. The vibe is very plain, almost feels like you're in a pharmacy. Theres not a great selection of strains, however you can pick up a pre-roll for 3 euro which isnt too bad. It wouldnt be my first choice, but if youre near by and looking to get some weed cant really go wrong.
Alessandro Ferro - 2 jaren geleden
Less of a hangout and more of a dispensary, but the prices are good and the quality is great
Larpie Amsterdam - 2 jaren geleden
Good coffeeshop for locals and tourist! Price and service are good You get the typisch Amsterdam experience once you enter the Shop! I Highly recommend this shop if you’re in Amsterdam!

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