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Coffeeshop The Buddha
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Achterom 19-A, Delft

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Dorian Adas - 2 weken geleden

Amazing weed and very nice service, always positive! Thanks

Actionless Loveless - 3 weken geleden

the right place to go: 1) easiest to get there from the drive road; 2) always the biggest choice of weed; 3) price is 3-5% lower than in other shops close-by; 4) the personnel always on the correct vibe.

T R - 1 maand geleden

Best spot in Delft. Tried a few places and The Buddha has the best pure no tobacco pre-rolls, just make sure you ask for that. Friendly to tourists too. Smoke rom was small but other than that I highly recommended it.

James Lawrence - 2 maanden geleden

Nice friendly coffeeshop with a limited but adequate selection and sensible prices. Smoking area a bonus.

SpiKerr - 2 maanden geleden

I just love Gorilla Glue. One of the best in Netherlands.

ding dong “PUTINREAL” so long - 3 maanden geleden

Sem - 4 maanden geleden

I wanted to have some devil's lettuce and security told me to remove my hat lol. I know the law but u don't ask that lmao. Anyway I went in and desk clerk wasn't helpful too. Didn't answer my questions about strains. 1/10

cojocaru vladimir - 4 maanden geleden

Good quality and not soo expensive. I love it! I recommend it. The have a variety of delicious things and the staff is always friendly.

Louai Suwaid - 6 maanden geleden

High quality buds and reasonable prices

Mary Noe - 7 maanden geleden

No edibles are sold in Delft but their prerolls are good

Party Rocker - 1 jaar geleden

Nice products and not too expensive! I recommend for sure!

Jakub “Kubek” Oglodzinski - 1 jaar geleden

Good :) They are better at den haag

F dH - 1 jaar geleden

Best Haze in the Netherlands! Price is nice, high quality! See you soon Peace and love from Germany

Marco Fanini - 1 jaar geleden

Very good vibez in Delft

Sasha Kiselev - 1 jaar geleden

Best coffee shop in Delft. Friendliest staff

Conny de waal - 1 jaar geleden

Hhmmmm goes shoppie

joe Gasinsky - 1 jaar geleden

Everything looks so delicious and tasty. Namaste

Juliusz Nizołęcki - 1 jaar geleden

Im giving this place 5of5, because the stuff is very nice and they pack every bag on the spot, without any wood or leaves. Just tasty nugs, and they change the menu very often. Best shop in delft for hemp lovers (i dont smoke hash so cannot tell a thing)

Tomasz / Nero - 1 jaar geleden

The worst coffee shop i have ever been to. bought here rolled on 2 different occasions. ALL 6(!) OF THEM WERE PURE TOBACCO OR NOT THERE By not there i mean the tube was empty. - had one of these and other 5... It was just tobacco. If they had any stuff in them it was old and in such small quantity and/or old you could not see it at all.

Sam Records 808 (BigSimo808) - 1 jaar geleden

1-Stay High! 2-Good quality from The Buddha!

Yasir Khan - 2 jaren geleden

The security guard racially abused me. He was of african descent. He was aggressive and screamed at me while I was trying to buy weed. He tried to mock my accent. I was shocked because there was no reason why he would behave like that. I stormed out of the shop without buying anything and would never come again nor would recommend to any of my friends.

Daniel Palmela - 2 jaren geleden

Good weed

Rene Janssen - 2 jaren geleden

Nice place if you want to smoke a joint, or buy good quality weed. Highly recommended

Tim de Graaf - 2 jaren geleden

High quality stuff! Me likey. Also, they have renovated the shop recently and it looks stunning! Only downside is the lack of sitting places. There are only one or two tables.

ilse - 3 jaren geleden

Good place, nice prices and good quality. Only thing that could be better is a place to park nearby and a list with goods. But overall a really nice place with friendly and good staff!

Louis Huppelschoten - 3 jaren geleden

Nice place to chill and buy some

Dave Fulton - 3 jaren geleden

Great quality and prices...the lounge area was a bit smaller than expected and not as comfortable as I thought it might be...

marcel holt - 3 jaren geleden

Went there pretty greatly influenced by alcohol, so excuse my bias. It was all good vibes and happy people, got my joints, got a lighter for free because my last one broke. Very chill and relaxed experience

Sasha - 3 jaren geleden

Nice and cozy place with comfortable sitting, good quality cannabis. There is television and nice music in background. Staff are kindest people I've met, thank you.

David Bot - 3 jaren geleden

Without a doubt the best coffeeshop in Delft. Super friendly staff, great prices (for great weed you pay 10/11 euros a gram, where at Vlouw you pay 13/14 for great weed) the go to place if you want weed in delft

Alexander Shulzycki - 4 jaren geleden

Fast service, helpful staff. Number of strains is decent. Definitely recommend.

Moiz Baig - 4 jaren geleden

don't waste € on pre-rolls here are cannabis diluted with tobacco but they don't warn you of that before selling you two joints and won't accept a refund of one because it left the store, although clearly still in its original package. smooth bud tho. bought half a gram fills a joint nicely

Arsel Hasan - 4 jaren geleden

The best coffeeshop in town (Delft). Relatively cheap weed, good music. The only problem is that it's small and now that two other coffeeshops have closed in Delft, it is very difficult to find a spot to sit and also the weed gets over quickly. Their closing times have also changed from 0000 to 2300.

Ebato Tenshi - 4 jaren geleden

It was pretty okay, had to wait quite some time for new hash but that was s0me good stuff. Worth the wait, defo.

Alexander Yordanov - 4 jaren geleden

The place has good weed and a chill smoking area. Nothing to big but it's comfortable and cosy. The music ain't too loud and the prices for drinks are slightly cheaper than I'm used to as well. The downsides are that you can't smoke cigarettes here. Card games are also banned. I don't know if that's the standard her in Delft, but it's still a big downgrade for me. The staff was cool and the toilet was clean though so I still left the place satisfied.

ehsan bagheri - 5 jaren geleden

the best coffe shop in delf N1

Kinga Kopka - 6 jaren geleden

Marcin Siepkowski - 6 jaren geleden

alles okee

romano lange - 6 jaren geleden

Slechtse wiet uit Delft krijg je hier

Richard.P. Weijens. - 6 jaren geleden

Daan W. - 11 jaren geleden


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