Coffeeshop Boereschuurtje

Boerenstraat 89-A, Den Haag (Centrum)

Coffeeshop informatie



I know you - 1 maand geleden
good service and very good cheerful cigarettes
Денис Medjidov - 2 maanden geleden
good weed !! and nice people working there
irakli berulava - 2 maanden geleden
Friendly people working there And friendly securety And good stuf
Wilson Neto - 5 maanden geleden
It would be smart to put the right opening times here. I'm tired of coming all the way to this place for nothing.
Kieran Nouwen - 5 maanden geleden
Perfect coffee!
Павел Красиков - 6 maanden geleden
Nice weed
Anda Lazda - 6 maanden geleden
At last found my spot! Very friendly staff... Sexy boys
Айхан Ахмедов - 10 maanden geleden
Good service and nice weed on good price , many choises
peter golias - 1 jaar geleden
Sandra Piatczyc - 2 jaren geleden
Always close to house and good stuff ;)
Łukasz K. - 3 jaren geleden
Aidan Wilson - 3 jaren geleden
I thought they just sold coffee here...
Boss Big - 3 jaren geleden
Great shop, good stuff the guys inside are okey
A Google User - 3 jaren geleden
Great shop, good stuff the guys inside are okey
Tommy van Dyk - 4 jaren geleden
i giv for the service 10 for the weed 2 points very low qualiti amnesia haze small litle bit menthol
O Kyrios Peeth - 4 jaren geleden
Very good quality weed. Its kind of sad that they don't remove the stems while weighting and bagging the weed but its a small price to pay for a non chemic and proper high giving weed comparing with almost all coffeshops in den haag

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