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Boerenstraat 89-A, Den Haag (Centrum)

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Mel K - 2 maanden geleden
The stuff i’ve tried is really weak. Better off going to the city.
Gert Bathoorn - 2 maanden geleden
Very busy But Nice people
Yayo M - 6 maanden geleden
This coffeshop is really nice and the employee's are bolite they will give you the best advice if you ask them. And there weed will not disappoint you in price and quality. I recommend you to check ✔ it
Simon Mowi - 6 maanden geleden
New short girl curly hairs Stealing change or dont know how to count ^^^ shame for 5€
rene de kruijf - 9 maanden geleden
Thanks thats it ....
I know you - 1 jaar geleden
good service and very good cheerful cigarettes
Денис Medjidov - 1 jaar geleden
good weed !! and nice people working there
irakli berulava - 1 jaar geleden
Friendly people working there And friendly securety And good stuf
Wilson Neto - 1 jaar geleden
It would be smart to put the right opening times here. I'm tired of coming all the way to this place for nothing.
Kieran Nouwen - 1 jaar geleden
Perfect coffee!
Павел Красиков - 1 jaar geleden
Nice weed
Anda Lazda - 1 jaar geleden
At last found my spot! Very friendly staff... Sexy boys
Айхан Ахмедов - 1 jaar geleden
Good service and nice weed on good price , many choises
peter golias - 1 jaar geleden
Sandra Piatczyc - 3 jaren geleden
Always close to house and good stuff ;)
Łukasz K. - 4 jaren geleden
Aidan Wilson - 4 jaren geleden
I thought they just sold coffee here...
Boss Big - 4 jaren geleden
Great shop, good stuff the guys inside are okey
A Google User - 4 jaren geleden
Great shop, good stuff the guys inside are okey
Tommy van Dyk - 5 jaren geleden
i giv for the service 10 for the weed 2 points very low qualiti amnesia haze small litle bit menthol
O Kyrios Peeth - 5 jaren geleden
Very good quality weed. Its kind of sad that they don't remove the stems while weighting and bagging the weed but its a small price to pay for a non chemic and proper high giving weed comparing with almost all coffeshops in den haag

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