Om de verspreiding van het coronavirus te beperken, dienen coffeeshops in Nederland alleen als afhaalpunt voor softdrugs na 17.00 uur.

Coffeeshop Hollywood
Nu open

Fruitweg 1, Den Haag (Centrum)

Coffeeshop informatie



Pixel Pixel - 1 maand geleden
I love this place!
Not Me - 5 maanden geleden
Best atmosphere man
Spdy Jacobthe4ce - 6 maanden geleden
it's only to go at all coffeeshops. prepare for a long waiting outside specially against 8 am closing time. quality of Hollywood is excellent. are more cheaper shops in the center. Hollywood is easy going by tram
max mustermann - 8 maanden geleden
Good weed but the hash was not from marokko
excalibur - 1 jaar geleden
Are you looking for the best amnesia that shines like diamonds? go right here.
Warhol - 1 jaar geleden
Are you looking for the best amnesia that shines like diamonds? go right here.
Bader ouled - 1 jaar geleden
Good quality weed friendly staff, quick in and out....
Krzysztof Duda - 1 jaar geleden
Best amnesia in town. I will go back there often. Great service and people. I recommend.
Patryk Reżka - 1 jaar geleden
I think that i try every coffyshop in Den Haag and Hollywood is No1
SL0NIK 01 - 1 jaar geleden
Really nice place but dont buy palm joint it is only with tobacco i recommend haze joint
Nicola Rocchetti - 1 jaar geleden
The Best Amnesia in Den Haag !!
Katarina Krivonosova - 1 jaar geleden
Not so fancy like the name,but they have their own atmosphere...
Beatern Plays - 1 jaar geleden
Very good hash and weed, I wish the king kong kush didn't run out as fast though it's a great product and even grater personnel. Must visit.
Gediminas Mackevicius - 2 jaren geleden
Always welcoming and warm personal, very good quality products
Tomas - 2 jaren geleden
Good kush, good prices, good place to drink coffee and relax.
Sonja - 2 jaren geleden
Lovely staff, super fast service, but most of all: incredible weed at very reasonable prices. It may not be the fanciest coffeeshop in The Hague, but does that really matter when the bud is stellar?
Daniel Rozmuš - 2 jaren geleden
Smaller, but one of the best coffeshops in Den Haag.
Rafał Bogacz - 2 jaren geleden
Very nice shop. Good weed :)
Robert Piotr Zubek - 2 jaren geleden
Super weed
Shappo00 - 2 jaren geleden
Very good lemon haze
Michał Piekarski - 2 jaren geleden
Very Good!
STAN OTTO - 3 jaren geleden
Good Coffee shop
Applaus Ik - 3 jaren geleden
Nice place
Artur C - 3 jaren geleden
Always good!
synchrotgrd - 4 jaren geleden
Very solid coffieshop. Fresh good quality weed.
Zion Onuwa Agboma - 4 jaren geleden
It remainds me of where i have gone to,it helps to know some area codes
Levente Rethelyi - 4 jaren geleden
May not be the fanciest looking shop but they offer good weed at reasonable prices

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