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Happy Smile
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Verheeskade 30, Den Haag (Laak)

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    Dinsdag 07:00 - 00:00
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  • Het is nog niet bekend of deze coffeeshop gereguleerde, gecontroleerde staatswiet gaat verkopen. Voor meer informatie, bekijk de 'Staatswiet' pagina.
  • http://www.coffeeshophappysmile.nl/
  • +31 70 389 2973


Robin Schulz - 1 maand geleden

Nice weed, not too pricey, and friendly staff. Loved it!

Lewy i Prawy - 2 maanden geleden

I've had a nice conversation with two guys behind the counter. I wanted to buy some strong edibles as I have a high tolerance. Bought two cookies, and was recommended to eat half at first. I ate 1.5 and it feels pretty amazing. I'm 1.5h in, wish me luck:) Update: I ate the rest, pretty nice, but don't take much if you are not ,,experienced" Coffeeshop overall pretty nice, because of its location-on the water. Prices are also nice:)

supergrotentankhenk75 - 2 maanden geleden

They sold us nasty brown weed, we didn't feel anything and it smoked like tobacco. Don't buy here.

Talha Malik - 4 maanden geleden

Quality was great super friendly staff/service the guy that served me recommended the premium cookies, super polm and lemon haze all were 10/10 but the customer service was 12/10

L Pavičić - 6 maanden geleden

Very nasty coffeeshop! It seems cool and all but the problem is you do not get how much you pay for. Multiple times now have i taken a gram and gotten under 0,95. Before i just thought it is a mistake and ill let it pass but now i can understand it is with full intent. Today i took over a gram and have gotten 0,93 grams. This is really low from people who act as somebody who cares about their customers

Xenia sbt - 6 maanden geleden

The best coffee shop in The Hague quality wise only

Ahmad Alanezi - 8 maanden geleden

Their prices are higher compared to other coffee shops and the place is not that good dirty and I didn’t feel safe since there’re too many people keep starring

Hamz Izza - 9 maanden geleden

You can't smoke inside which is a massive shame. Just pick up and go. So what's the point of having a coffeeshop boat when u can't smoke there.

SMV (Diotima) - 1 jaar geleden

A nice coffeeshop on a boat with good/average weed. Helpful staff and clean indoors. Fav. Strain: Enemy of the state

Tangled Up In Blue - 1 jaar geleden

Not polite, bad weed, poor service, do not use

Krzysztof Gruby - 1 jaar geleden

Poor quality marijuana. The staff does not know what is happening. In the morning a big siege because it is one of the fastest opening coffeeshops in The Hague

Izuselo elo123 - 1 jaar geleden

Good Mary Jane for buy good free tips and rollingpaper

archive - 1 jaar geleden

really the best coffeeshop in the zone, they don't have pre weighted which is great and also the prices are really good i would recommend this over fly high or smokey

Raphael Osazuwa - 1 jaar geleden

Great stuff and awesome service from the staffs

Adam Tarutin - 1 jaar geleden

The guy always show how much he puts on scale :) Very nice atmosphere.

Sandiss Tv - 1 jaar geleden

Fast and a lot of choices to pick

Dawid Kłykow - 1 jaar geleden

I love this place

Maggie Chau - 1 jaar geleden

Friendly staff with happy smiles! A nice menu and price with good (pure weed) pre-rolled/weed. On a canal in a peaceful street

Kolas - 1 jaar geleden

this atmosphere is amazing

RajAda - 1 jaar geleden

I just hate this place and the thing that they sell

Сергей Булгаков - 1 jaar geleden

Very nice atmosphere, really Happy

Billy Geisel - 1 jaar geleden

It was my first time in a coffee shop and the workers were extremely helpful and nice! 5/5 experience and the prices seemed very reasonable with a very large selection.

theo hos - 2 jaren geleden

You can find better place, I live this place but unfortunately last couple months I don't know but something change and you can't smoke joint

Andrew Dillon - 2 jaren geleden

The best. No doubt!

Özer Çakıcı - 2 jaren geleden

One working friend really looks like turkish rap singer Ben Fero.

Viktor Ryazantsev - 2 jaren geleden

Friendly staff. Good service. Amazing weed. .

ruudmar martes - 2 jaren geleden

Friendly service, decent quality and selection of cannabis. Also having multiple vending machines with necessary items like rolling papers, grinders etc. Worth a visit if your are in the area.

Diederik Hills - 2 jaren geleden

Central Coffee Shop! The best and most affordable place to purchase marijuana in Amsterdam. Note this is a dispensery, so no place to chill and smoke.

c k - 2 jaren geleden

Cool people and weed is pretty good. The prices are well set as well.

how did i get here ? ;-; - 3 jaren geleden

Great selection of weed and the staff is super friendly.

Daria Simonova - 3 jaren geleden

Great location and working hours! Place that you actually leave with a happy smile!

Mateusz Stobiński - 3 jaren geleden

Best Workers,good stuff for me Great!!

Brian Ngugi - 3 jaren geleden

Great ambience good customer oriented personal the pricing is also fair on there products. I definitely recommend this joint.

babyrobot . - 3 jaren geleden

Most welcoming experience I've had in a coffeeshop, looking forward to going back for a sit down some time

Steven Beerens - 3 jaren geleden

Great location and smoking area. The bud is a bit expensive compared to other outlets in the same area but the environment is comfortable and the staff are friendly. A sound place to pick up and smoke there instead of buying a bag to smoke at home. Also one of the most generous selections of pre-rolled joints I've ever come across!


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