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Coffeeshop Mr. Jansen
Nu open

Bilderdijkstraat 8-A, Den Haag (Centrum)

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Dennis Pont - 3 weken geleden
Frenky Navrátil - 10 maanden geleden
Another great coffeeshop great prices
Alexy Sad - 1 jaar geleden
Nice discounts for 5g's, menu
Rodrigo Pavarina - 1 jaar geleden
Bought three brownies. NONE of them worked. Huge waste of money. It's the second time something like this happens at Mr J's. I honestly wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Specially knowing that there are great coffee shops near by.
Anon Anon - 2 jaren geleden
After arriving today I am first greeted by nobody at the desk and instead someone in the back on their phone. The employee who I am later to believe is THE OWNER approached the glass in an annoyed manner and begins asking me “what I want”. This is the first indication that this place must not be friendly nor professional. This is a business, correct? Is there no rules of customer service at this establishment? I have seen McDonald’s employees with more courtesy and care to a customer. After explaining I have to preform two transactions (one cash and one pin), he says he understood and took my 50 euro note for the cannabis. The lemon haze is 10 euro per gram as according to every sign on their social media’s and in store. I had ordered two grams and was given back 15 euros as my change. This is theft number one. My second order was two of the “Space Candy” that the employee said were real and would work. These candies did not work and in fact we’re fake so I was lied to and sold a product under impression it was something else. Most would call this ‘false advertisement’ and consider this to be a crime in itself. The box they sat in even read 4 euros and 50 cents, but when he totaled up my charge and I paid with my card my phone gave a notification that I was charged instead 24.50. This was theft number two. I tried to discuss briefly with him about the price in a calm manner and he cared not to explain ANYTHING and instead repeated back to me what I had ordered (as if I was incorrect on basic math and didn’t read the sign above my head listing the prices) and seemed angry I even asked. I walked outside briefly for maybe a full two minutes just to collect my thoughts and proceeded to come back in and ask politely again how I thought maybe he gave me the wrong change back. He immediately stood up from his chair (and being on his phone) and approached the glass once more while I stated “Hey, I’m just still not understanding the price I was charged because...” then before I could even finish my sentence he was already yelling at me through the glass window how I was accusing him of being a liar and a thief and screaming at me in an aggressive manner. I had never once verbally called him any name, but he had no issue insulting me. He then began to scream more and demand that I enter the back room to look at the cameras because he has “so many cameras watching me” as if I had done something wrong? I once again ran through prices with him and both transactions, but then his story changed and claimed I had never handed him cash at all now. This is when I realize he is acting as if I had never handed him cash in the first place (a typical scam artist move). He continues to yell at me through the glass and standing distance away while he angrily flailed his arms in the air demanding I enter the back room to look at the cameras and he would “show me”. He continued to buzz the side door open into a dark room yelling more and more. I finally entered still in a calm manner to try and de-escalate him by still speaking at a moderate volume and remaining calm. After him demanding me to enter, he disappeared into the back room and didn’t appear back until I eventually just left the establishment. I wouldn’t be able to deal with myself either if I was stealing from people. I felt fearful for my life as he seemed very hostile and threatening to me as a customer, a local, and human. ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING EXPERIENCE, APPALLING ENVIRONMENT, AND ABOVE ALL A STAFF FULL OF SCAM ARTISTS TAKING ADVANTAGE OF NEW CUSTOMERS AND NEW FACES. And all this experience was with this employee who I am later to believe is even THE OWNER.
pad rick - 2 jaren geleden
Unfriendly and annoyed salesman scammed us. We wanted to buy a hash brownie, the seller assured that he had different varieties, but took them all out of the same box. At that time we didn't know that there were no hash brownies in Den Haag, and we can get them in Amsterdam only. So in the end we paid 7.50€ for an old and dusty brownie without any effect. I would recommend you to visit another shop.
Applaus Ik - 2 jaren geleden
Sorry 2 year's ago 5 star last year 4 but now it's disasters definitely not recommended in Den Haag you find much better stuff services and anything's 1g weed + glasspipe = 21€ only once
Craig MVP - 2 jaren geleden
Visited a few times, twice I have been given incorrect change- mistake or deliberately?, I'm not sure. Brought Honing hash from there and it was soft, brought more 2 days later and they gave me a completely different type- again, are they ripping people off or just don't know what they're doing? AVOID, far better places within a few minutes walk.
Ruben van der Wal - 2 jaren geleden
Great quality, friendly personnel and fast service. Nice music inside and many types of tea.
Troy McClure - 2 jaren geleden
EDIT - Been here multiple times, was only here 1 month ago and went back last week , asked for strawberry haze and the guy gives me weed which I know for a fact isn't Strawberry haze. Didn't look or smell anything like it, guy tells me to smoke it first, then I'll get the taste, that it's a new batch blah blah blah. Literally wasn't anything like strawberry haze. Got 2 other strains and I'm pretty sure they weren't the same as a few weeks before either. Don't know if it's because he could tell I wasn't a local and was trying to get rid of bad weed or what. Rated this place very highly, not so much now. Strawberry haze and a few other strains are some of the tastiest I've smoked ...nevermind the Cali stuff, this where the flavours at
John D - 3 jaren geleden
Great place, friendly polite great selection and prices.
Teresa Casquinha - 3 jaren geleden
Good service, prices and weed
Aaron Nandwani - 3 jaren geleden
Lekker Buddha cheese,And Ketama hash
Sonja Albrecht - 3 jaren geleden
Great selection, super friendly staff, convenient location and open till 2am!!
TokoRitch Dumpel - 3 jaren geleden
Best Quality HIA.sativa and Indica Buds.Good Service..easy to reach Tram 16 from Centraal Station Stops right in front..JAH Love !!
chris matos - 3 jaren geleden
My wife and I went back in March of 2017. Weed is harder then Amsterdam. Got us stoned. We are from NYC stayed in the hauge a couple days and this place held us down. Prices were super discounted compared to other places. That mint tea is on point and the staff were very hospitable and friendly. Going to see them again now in two weeks. Can't wait! They were apart if the experience that made us want to return.

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