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Sky High

Voor onbepaalde tijd gesloten
Fluwelen Burgwal 1-C, Den Haag (Centrum)


Joe s - 1 jaar geleden

This place is ni dizzy duck a far better bigger shop with more of option excellent smk very nice

Mark Wilson - 1 jaar geleden

Bought 3 Palm pre rolls. €12. Decent price. But, all packed so tightly, it was like sucking a golf ball through a house pipe. Stale flavor, impossible to smoke. Had to take them apart and reroll them. Then discovered awful tobacco, and bad shredding. Soz SH. First time experience, so will try again.

Kris Nenchev - 2 jaren geleden

The lady at the counter was rude and unprofessional. This is unacceptable and you lost me as a client.

Annetta Xavier - 2 jaren geleden

Variety of hash and weed in different colour and shapes. They are so happy to meet us. We love the cafe. Good service

Kaan - 2 jaren geleden

Extremely rude staff. There are much better and friendly coffeeshops around, just go for them

Jamie Lee - 3 jaren geleden

I dont think these guys are friendly towards tourists, dont recommend at all, go to Dizzy Duck or The Canna Club, they're 10x better staff and weed. I asked for only a coffee as it was my last day in Den Haag and I had to finish my weed, the guy wouldnt even serve me a coffee u lnless I bought weed. So you cant smoke outside, yet I cant smoke inside, so what do I do with the weed I have? People may say, well you should have bought some weed. They were selling Amnesia Haze 1.6 for €18, when I can go to any other place, get Amnesia haze 1.1 at €10, silly prices and weights. A good business owner would always look at the potential and not cut off any potential future profits, terrible. Well, I booked to stay another 5 days, instead of leaving, I'm actually staying local to this coffee shop, but because I was refused a coffee unless I bought weed, the other coffeeshops have gained my business and this one has lost it for life. This is also my 3rd time here in Den Haag in 3 months, if I find somewhere I enjoy smoking, I will continue to go back, buy weed and smoke, unfortunately, not this time. Tourism is an indispensable industry which keeps a country going, to refuse or not respect a tourist, who definitely respects you and your country, is crazy, and I feel sad for this guy that one day his business will fail, and he will wonder why, this is why.

Tomas Catelli - 3 jaren geleden

Nice coffeshop in the center of The Hague, lovely service and good product. I would just improve the pre-rolled.

Theodoros Kondakos - 4 jaren geleden

Sky high is my favorite place in Den Hague. Every time I visit the city, Sky High is pretty much a standard for me. Usually I do wait there till my friend can pick me up. About the staff, I've seen two ladies work there. Both are cheerful, one is always very warm and polite, the second one has some taperament, and might become a bit sour. About prices etc, I don't really have much experience, but the prices seem normal to me. Espresso coffee is better than average.

Yves Tjon A Fat - 4 jaren geleden

Lovely ladies run the place, good weed for a fair price and simple food. Makes me think of a old-school local coffeeshop.

Kārlis Ra - 4 jaren geleden

You can take the tea and weed and go up stairs to enjoy home feeling in public. Personally I love that wall painting what is there, you should go and see by your self. Only cash.

Anna K - 4 jaren geleden

Definitely NOT recommended! Average but very expensive weed. Most of all - very rude staff. The blonde lady by the counter was giving the impression of being annoyed and angry just by the fact of having a client! Then she mumbled something very impolite about paying by card and disappeared straight away, ignoring a question I posed. From what I see in the other comments here, that's not an unusual thing. If you don't want to feel offended out of nowhere, don't go there.

Ilona Miashkauskaite - 4 jaren geleden

High quality stuff and tasty drinks

Louise Mason - 4 jaren geleden

Nice quiet atmosphere, average smoke but one of the only coffee shop with indoor seating

MyhaBez Glava - 4 jaren geleden

The woman behind the counter was extremely rude and unprofessional. Almost left empty handed because of her attitude!

De3DPrintman Nederland - 4 jaren geleden

Nice shop in the centre of The Hague.

Gary Green - 5 jaren geleden

Idiots don't accept PINNEN, cash only, and staff has bad attitude. Don't go here.

PLAD - 5 jaren geleden

The room upstairs is bright and wide and music is nice. Good place to grab a coffee and a puff.

Robin - 5 jaren geleden

They don't have that much different kind of weed or hash, and everything also quite expensive. Good for a last-minute joint, for more... I go unfortunately somewhere else.

Dee George - 7 jaren geleden

Down to earth atmosphere - quiet and chilled with 2 old style arcade slot machines. Nice teas on offer and a good variety of smoke - came here a few times. Has a small seating area upstairs , plays good music.

Jay Bongs - 7 jaren geleden

The lady behind the counter was extremely rude and would not look at me when I was talking to her/asking her a simple question about the weed I was about to purchase, all I wanted to know was what strain was sativa, as the menu did not specify. She answered my questions " yes/no " while continuing to look at her friend, who was not even speaking to her at the time. It takes effort to avoid eye contact like that. When we finally got the weed it was average at best. Maybe just avoid this place if you aren't Dutch because they aren't interested in serving you, go to dizzy duck instead.


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