Om de verspreiding van het coronavirus te beperken, dienen coffeeshops in Nederland alleen als afhaalpunt voor softdrugs na 17.00 uur.

The Crow

Hooikade 7, Den Haag (Centrum)

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Neyen Bonansea - 1 maand geleden
Always open. Love it
Anna Calcagno - 1 maand geleden
What a pleasant surprise, I was expecting the usual roadside kiosk, as it was at the beginning of this year.. Instead it was like a Heavenly Christmas surprise to enter a large and very tastefully arranged OASIS for the weary shopper/tourist. I am looking forward to sitting outside enjoying a cup of coffee, away from the crowd but just round the corner from the beautiful city centre - as soon as spring rolls along. Hopefully this magical Crow is going to spread its wings right up to midnight by February/ March 2022.
RONNEY - 2 maanden geleden
a nice coffeeshop were you can find something nice for a got price
Ali Asanov - 7 maanden geleden
Darek K - 10 maanden geleden
Best one!
LADIC PIJAN - 1 jaar geleden
Vincenzo - 1 jaar geleden
Selling pre-rolled in normal and big (1g size).
how did i get here ? ;-; - 2 jaren geleden
Good weed, nice personel and great music
Jallal B - 2 jaren geleden
Good weed but we can't smell ! Why ? I don't buy chimical weed so i always want to smell.
Gon Lovenstein - 2 jaren geleden
Good weed but we can't smell ! Why ? I don't buy chimical weed so i always want to smell.
Marco Ziman - 2 jaren geleden
Very good deals as well as different offers.
Rafael Colmanetti - 2 jaren geleden
Good range of weed + good quality! Also, it is one of the few coffeeshops in haag that you actually have space to sit. You can also play fifa for free!
Ewoud Vissers - 2 jaren geleden
Nice staff behind the counter, decent prices
Harrison Broun - 3 jaren geleden
Nice wonderful people for tourist or anyone who wants to have a good first experience at a coffee shop
Col CPD - 5 jaren geleden
Most of the smoke is grown very well, and trimmed down perfect. Nice full buds on most strains. At most of the menu on 10 euros per gram, I find this one of the more reasonably priced shops. A true underrated gem.

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