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Coffeeshop Miami
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Noorderhagen 5, Enschede (Binnensingelgebied)

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  • Maandag 10:00 - 22:00
    Dinsdag 10:00 - 22:00
    Woensdag 10:00 - 22:00
    Donderdag 10:00 - 22:00
    Vrijdag 10:00 - 22:00
    Zaterdag 10:00 - 22:00
    Zondag 10:00 - 22:00
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Benjamin Krnić - 2 maanden geleden

There is no caffe, ball pool is not working and stuff is unpleasent, you have to be very quite in store so for me its not good place to have a fun and have normal conversation

mark lindner - 4 maanden geleden

Love this place great smoke and lovely staff at bar

Killian Kuyer - 6 maanden geleden

Asking them for the weakest weed for some green peeps I'm still satisfied

Ruy Lopez Berlin - 9 maanden geleden

Nice staff and the weed was awesome too. I'll be back soon!

Tomita Raul - 10 maanden geleden

The place to be if you need to take a break and relax, nice place

matej - 10 maanden geleden

Very good shop

moreloe 9 - 11 maanden geleden

Good weed but thats it if you are not local.

Jonas N - 1 jaar geleden

this was my 4€ joint, you can count the flocks. About 95% tabacco

Bujar Sac - 1 jaar geleden

The only one I trust with my herb.

Sorin Manea - 1 jaar geleden

This is the place to go if you live in Enschede

Hanna Goldenberg - 2 jaren geleden

Great Service and Great Staff

Three Smusketeers - 2 jaren geleden

They gave me 0.8 grams instead of 1...

Christian - 2 jaren geleden

Very kind and helpful staff, that you can't expect in every Coffeeshop these days. At the entrance was a friendly young lady, who asked for my ID. The salesman inside kindly showed me the weed and would even let me smell it, to make sure I was satisfied. The shops prices are acc. to standard and the range included 5+ strains. The Amn. Haze (which I chose) tastes very good and gives a clear high. 9/10 would visit again

tim - 2 jaren geleden

2 people inside at a time. During corona epidemic. Good weed, normal pricing.

Andrea Valeri - 2 jaren geleden

I was a regular costumer, after a few months and trying other coffeeshops both in enschede and Hengelo me and my friends realized that other than a nice smoking area (badly ventilated however) the weed and hash are terrible. For heavy smokers the weed won't get you high at all. Never going there again.

Nikos Stilidis - 3 jaren geleden

Nice place to chill. But ventilation not so good

Omly - 3 jaren geleden

Miami sells unprofessional weed for a professional price, this is theft and very few people write about this. People who give coffeeshops in Enschede a positive review must not know nothing about good quality weed. There is something sinister and very wrong going on with the coffeeshops in Enschede. If you want good quality weed I recommend you to go get it outside of Enschede. This is my honest opinion.

P.J.J G. - 3 jaren geleden

Miami is the best coffee shop I know. Great prices, chilly environment and very friendly staff. A plus with asterisks.

Rasta Empire - 3 jaren geleden

Nice people nice placer and good weed and hash

Lifestyle Tv - 4 jaren geleden

If are black or other color then white, he will ask for to provide ID. If you are white you have unlimited access. Miami = Racists

Ludwig König - 4 jaren geleden

One of the best Coffeeshops in Enschede!!! Renewed, best prices, fine atmosphere, nice clients. Good choice on menu card. Best located in the middle of the city... I will come again and again and again... And I will advice it to everybody else

Teymur Khanbutayev - 4 jaren geleden

One of the best Coffeeshops in Enschede!

A Google User - 4 jaren geleden

Not a huge selection but the place is cool and spacious. Also they have glass for rent i think

Yordan Yordanov - 4 jaren geleden

Not a huge selection but the place is cool and spacious. Also they have glass for rent i think

Hostadvantage ii - 4 jaren geleden

customer service needs to improve to get higher rating ;)

APU F - 5 jaren geleden

Best Amnesia in Enschede - service of staff is poor tho and i am not a fan of prepacked bags.

Victor Silva - 5 jaren geleden

I was very disappointed, the weed quality was very low. We didnt get high and we smoked a lot. Every bady was from face. - camiseta confortavel

Janeezy Music - 5 jaren geleden

One of the best in Town, nothing very special but enough Space to sit, Nice Music, Nice People and Cashiers, Many snacks and normal Prices

Satans Braten - 7 jaren geleden

Unfreundlich. Wurde nicht korrekt abgewogen. Beschiss. Definitiv keine Empfehlung.

Philip Curtis - 9 jaren geleden

Good Stuff the area to chill is a little dark 4 me but i heard those kinda people like it that way. Update 2014 They have build the place in a new style much nicer now, a little opener! Much more Light ! ... So i think they read there comments here and are changing. a good thing Thx guys !!! The Weed keeps the Standard of the years. But the Mixweed for 4 euro isnt the best but u get what u pay 4 euro is a cheap deal! other shops take 5 Euro for Mixweed but it is much better compared. I Like the Bubble gum for 8 Euro a very Compact Bud type! Also the Amnesia is always great but i still MISS A CHESSE OR KUSH TYPE in enschede ^^ You also get a Coffie or Coke on the House when u buy 5gramms, very very Friendly Women always is serving here.

Alexander Bla - 9 jaren geleden

More of a take-away coffeeshop than a real chill-out lounge, as it is too dark for my taste. The weed, on the other hand, is glorious. The Amnesia Haze is the best I've ever tasted and the extremely cheap Polm-hash is suitable for cooking and baking. The prices are good, but the staff is not very talkative and you feel more like you stand in queue at a supermarket than in a café. It's also a little narrow and the weed is pre-packed.

Kosta Walter - 12 jaren geleden

Was at the weekend there.. The weedkeeper isnt always nice.. but the Stuff is good!! they have several clean bongs there and the man behind the bar is always in "Action".. ;) I'll come Back :)


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