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Coffeeshop The Black Sea
Nu open

Stadsgravenstraat 8, Enschede (Binnensingelgebied)

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Alex Ward - 2 weken geleden
Good vibes, good choice, great quality. Very friendly and great for English speakers. I look forward to sitting in and enjoying some dutch delights ;) Thanks guys !
Peter Hristov - 1 maand geleden
Personal favorite in Enschede. Friendly staff, good weed, big joints and a nice cup of tee upstairs
Alexander Sandvoss - 2 maanden geleden
Great Coffeeshop. Very comfy and nice music. Had a great time here.
agata.ziutek - 2 maanden geleden
I am a happy customer of The Black Sea! Every time I go there, I have a nice experience. Quality stuff, friendly atmosphere and professional service.
Alger Keci - 3 maanden geleden
The best Coffeshop in Enschede. Top quality weed. Very friendly stuff.
Патриция Брилинска - 3 maanden geleden
The best coffeeshop in Enschede! It is my first time here and it is already my favourite in the city. All the people are very nice, the weed is the best I have tried yet and it also has a second floor inside if you don’t want to sit outside. Definitely my favourite place from now on and recommend it to everyone.☺️
Joel Roggenbuck - 4 maanden geleden
Great atmosphere and super nice owners. One of the best coffeeshops in the city! Be sure to check it out.
Cytokine Sens - 4 maanden geleden
This shop is incredibly nice, the people are so friendly and they have a beautiful spot outside and inside where you can chill and smoke. The weed is pretty good and the pre-rolled joints are super chill too. Good quality weed. Just love it! They gained a loyal costumer :)
M C - 4 maanden geleden
Had a nice time in the location and the staff is very friendly ! All in all it‘s a very nice place to enjoy and to take a flight to the moon
Valentina Henao Lozano - 4 maanden geleden
My go to place since I moved to the netherlands. GOOD QUALITY, VERY KIND STAFF AND GOOD AMBIENCE.☺
Pedro Arias - 4 maanden geleden
Been going here since college, pretty sweet spot always have nice spaces and haven’t seen them mess with their pricing. Super chill!
António Oliveira - 5 maanden geleden
Really nice vibe
Alvaro Delgado - 5 maanden geleden
Amazing crew and weed. Top 3 most friendly coffeshops I've been visiting. Keep it up guys!
Benjamin James Morrison - 6 maanden geleden
Prices are really great and the quality is really perfect
Fabian Ripplinger - 7 maanden geleden
Good ganja good vibe
TheStannetje - 7 maanden geleden
Great spot in the shade.
Mantas Fomkinas - 7 maanden geleden
Love it
Huawei Toniem - 7 maanden geleden
Nice atmosphere ✌
Connor O'Hara - 8 maanden geleden
Friendly service, good prices and good quality
Kamel Firas - 10 maanden geleden
Coffee shop, un the centre of town, with a nice staff
Alexandra Nicoleta - 1 jaar geleden
Very nice, cozy atmosphere and good weed
Demacia Players - 1 jaar geleden
The worst place in town! Agressive staff poor weed quality.
Timo Stephan Boensel - 1 jaar geleden
Nice Choice
Stefano Grosso - 2 jaren geleden
Great location amd raggae music, if you're looking for that consider stopping by
Mort Garson - 2 jaren geleden
Great classic rap music, good weed but the could be more ventilated. Anyway, recommended place to go!
Justin Frujine - 2 jaren geleden
Great classic rap music, good weed but the could be more ventilated. Anyway, recommended place to go!
Peter Arus - 3 jaren geleden
It’s on the side street, kind of hidden. Good prices and selection
Élvio Olim - 3 jaren geleden
Excelent Coffe shop!!! Nice Haze and amazing white widow!!! Recommended!!! One of the bests coffee shop in Enschede!!
Umer Iftikhar - 3 jaren geleden
One of the best the city has to offer.
Hugo Teixeira - 3 jaren geleden
Nice weed, they weigh it in front of you. Inside they have some tables and couches. It's not the most fancy place, but it's young and relaxed :D
Jon Flynne - 4 jaren geleden
Dim place. Reasonable music and they have a small selection of herbs and a serve yourself drinks dispenser inside.
sylvia reissner - 6 jaren geleden
War früher besser ...aber das ice o lator ist der hammer mit 12€ ok mehr brauch man auch nicht.. aber die weed sorten sind nicht so stark sehen gut aus das wars aber auch ..allein der geruch ist nicht sehr stark finde das es eher sauer richt und schmecken tuts mehr nach Dünger leicht uberseuert ...aber wenn man nich die komischen sorten nimmt wie haze top oder sowas hat man gutes so wie silver haze oder k2
Oleg Shatrov - 7 jaren geleden
Couldn't get in without id so my friend bought palm for €7
Dean Winters - 8 jaren geleden
Three of my best friends and me check up this Shop on yesterday. Its a very nice small shop with perfect weed. Very friendly service, nice chill musik. No.1. We got very strong weed and clean Bongs. Next time in Enschede i'll come back :-)
A Google User - 10 jaren geleden
Best Shop in Enschede. Super Weed, Haze and Haagse Top, the best i' ve ever seen there.
Kosta Walter - 11 jaren geleden
Really nice little Shop where you can get really yummy Weed.. Was there last Weekend.. I LIKE and WILL COME BACK!! :)

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