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Wilhelminalaan 16, Etten-Leur

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Adelard Jakotako - 3 maanden geleden
Very rude Staff! They are selling the same strains of weed with different names! Also very poor weed quality. I've been in many coffeshops in Netherlands, this one is by far the worst. Better go few more km to Breda, there are few good coffeshops there.
Patryk Wojtaszcztk - 3 maanden geleden
Very unpleasant service, they almost scream at the beginning for an ID card and report as I showed it again. They can offend and have a problem to people from other countries and different skin color. I suggest returning to Africa as you don't like whites
Denis Dorin - 3 maanden geleden
Great quality !
SirNutcase - 7 maanden geleden
Pretty decent shop, maybe not the best. But definitely not the worst.
Lukas Bilaisis - 7 maanden geleden
Don’t know why others don’t like it, but already spent whole week in Etten-Leur, every day good quality, nice service, you only need zorg (insurance) card to get in. And it’s not their decision it’s a law. Would recommend, nice moonrocks. If I ever will be around, will come back for sure.
Dawis Upmalis - 8 maanden geleden
Dont go ther. Qwality 3/10 staff performance 2/10
sickbump . - 8 maanden geleden
Lovely store, highly recommended.
J S - 1 jaar geleden
Great Green White strain and good service, you just need to have an ID and Zorg Insurance Card (NL)
Yo Man - 1 jaar geleden
Great Green White strain and good service, you just need to have an ID and Zorg Insurance Card (NL)
mr. Jast - 1 jaar geleden
Worst coffee shop in Netherlands. Thats it
Denis Žibek - 1 jaar geleden
It's nice byť only for local people
Rockaveler' Pastramo - 1 jaar geleden
now its ok, and its was bether on the second time, the lady is nice that i was
TravelWith DIZ - 1 jaar geleden
I come here every once in a while, the staff is friendly even thou my dutch is pretty bad. The quality of the weed is good, haven't tried the hash.
Jaroslava Barčáková - 1 jaar geleden
Sometimes very busy and missing some of the goods on list, so you have to choose other one. Understandable, because there is noone else so close.
clare gaffoor - 2 jaren geleden
Parking near by in various places, visited to find coffee and cannabis, but this place is for permit/ residents only. They will not allow tourists in. However, they did allow me to use the bathroom. Facilities are clean and tidy.
W man - 2 jaren geleden
Worst shop ever. I wish I had read this comments before I went there! The good reviews are probably made by the staff or people who have no idea about weed and hash quality.
Michał Czarny - 2 jaren geleden
Nice clean and quiet place. Very good for sunday evening :-)
Phil Müller - 2 jaren geleden
Good hash but the weed could be better. Still a good place to sit and smoke.
Tom Boswell - 3 jaren geleden
Won't serve foreigners, even when a local tried to help...asked for just a coffee and still not served. Bad karma...
michael van norden - 4 jaren geleden
Betere wiet als in Breda leuke mensen. En niet zoals hier onderstaat geschreven
Can - 4 jaren geleden
Nooit kopen daar!!! Ze zijn leugenaars en ze zijn heel asociaal!!! Ze verkopen rotzooi, zelfs een fransman zou dat niet kopen!
Jesse H - 5 jaren geleden
kneuzen daar
sebastien sebert - 5 jaren geleden
L'accueil du patron pour nous expliquer que les Pays Bas n'accepte plus les touristes aux frontières Sud du Brabant et que cela avait été décidé par le gouvernement mais ça ne change en rien à ces cosmopolites de toutes races et de tout âge.C'est un grand Pays d'exemple socio-économique et de Loin !
Peter Sol - 5 jaren geleden
Wat een kankerlijers zijn het in Etten-Leur krijg je troep. Zeg je er iets van kan je gelijk vertrekken onvriendelijke asociale lui die een volwassen gesprek niet aankunnen

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