Noorderstationsstraat 15, Groningen (Korrewegwijk)

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Davy Montana - 2 weken geleden
The Gorilla was to g
Olaf Tempelman - 1 maand geleden
One of the best shops in town
Shrvn. - 9 maanden geleden
Always perfect weed.
Ajay - 9 maanden geleden
Always perfect weed.
Ajayh A - 9 maanden geleden
Always perfect weed.
abiha naderi - 2 jaren geleden
Looking for quality not quantity go there. Love them
Sam - 2 jaren geleden
No smoking area , expensive joints , also i lost bag of weed in cafe after buying it and when i ask for help the told me (wat jammer voor je ) there is cam in shop and its was just 2 minutes after lose the bag but the didn't even want to help so i lost 15 euro
Piotr Szeszko - 2 jaren geleden
Great pleace, fine people i'like.
Stefan Veselinov - 2 jaren geleden
My favorite coffee shop in Groningen. It is right next to the park which makes it very convenoent if you like to smoke outside. The shopkeepers are nice and friendly and they tend to remember your usual order when you get there a few times.
Radu Gheorghe - 2 jaren geleden
Great place but I can only rate it 4 stars due to the fact that it's missing a smoking area
Robert van Gulik - 3 jaren geleden
They don't sell the amounts they advertise, consistently get 10-20% less than I should and that's just ripping people off. I've gone through the effort of measuring multiple bags with multiple precision scales over the course of a year, and the average weight of a (supposedly) 2.1gr bag is really only 1.84gr, wich is way more than an accidental rounding error. Before writing this review I figured I'd mention this to the store to see what they have to say about it. They told me it has evaporated (in 10 minutes from a sealed bag, rediculous). Since the store doesn't seem to care about its customers the only thing I knew left to do was post this review to warn others. So if you like spending money without getting anything this is your stop, otherwise cannot recommend.
Kuba Kowalczyk - 5 jaren geleden
Kocht een 5je White Widdow, nou ik kon er geen eens één Jointje uit draaien tfoe wat een klere zaak.
marko matanovic - 6 jaren geleden
Very nice shop,nice weed ????
A Google User - 10 jaren geleden

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