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Vijhestraat 3, Harderwijk

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damia trzo - 1 maand geleden
the second time I buy 5 grams and at home it turns out that I got 4 grams i bot recommend !!!!!!
Junior Lenzo - 2 maanden geleden
They have one of the best Haze ✌️
Paul Martinez - 2 maanden geleden
Good shop. Menu is not to big but good. Amnesia Haze strong one.
G T - 4 maanden geleden
Nice shop but the quality of the weed is poor, they do not weigh the goods when you buy, prices too high compared to low quality.
miroslaw drzewinski - 5 maanden geleden
Service - amazing, Lady at the counter very helpfull , weed - a good choice of commonly known types, would be nice to see some different strains in the future ;) Overall : 5/5 " This is the way "
Álvaro Franqueira Varela - 6 maanden geleden
Good service. Cool people. Free gift if its your first time going there. I'll be back
Szalai Csaba - 8 maanden geleden
A very good place. The blonde girl is beautiful, I'm going to marry her.
RandomGamesNL - 8 maanden geleden
Good store lot of good options And good quality
Paweł Chudzinski - 8 maanden geleden
Its a great place
Sebastian Wahl - 10 maanden geleden
Nice shop, See u next year
Csaba Marton - 11 maanden geleden
wen you want a good wied go der
Pyzio - 11 maanden geleden
Very, very nice place.
Luis Bernar - 11 maanden geleden
Good weet and werry Nice personel
Martin Gruchala - 1 jaar geleden
Not bad... Need a card for shoping...
Džony Bouchač - 1 jaar geleden
Nice coffee, nice people
Marcin Gajewski - 1 jaar geleden
Nice place with good weed and good service
P. R.Silver - 1 jaar geleden
Good weed, Good personel, free gifts with 1st buy
holl cube - 1 jaar geleden
good smoking, cool people and a nice place. I recommend;)
MaxPlays - 1 jaar geleden
They are so nice , security medewerkers all of em , the hash is not that good but other stuff ?
Max Meera - 1 jaar geleden
They are so nice , security medewerkers all of em , the hash is not that good but other stuff ?
Jarosław ARTSi (Jajek) - 1 jaar geleden
Sweet lady, very helpfull, 10 € per gram amnezja, white w
Mario Dolev - 1 jaar geleden
Worst coffeeshop every weed is bad and verry bad behaviour
Biff - 1 jaar geleden
Awesome coffee shop, stylisch building ..great hash✌️
Annetta Xavier - 1 jaar geleden
First class rich and delicious
Zygmund Kowalski - 1 jaar geleden
Not to much choose and not really good stuff and price from cosmos....
Thijs Riezebeek - 1 jaar geleden
Some really nice people work here and they sell some great sativa I must say! Haven't tried the indica, but I did try the pre rolled hybrid which was pretty good too!
Martyna Janowska - 1 jaar geleden
Workers are very nice, also the prices are okay.
Saana mirzaie - 2 jaren geleden
Really nice staff and also nicely decorated inside!
desley stakenburg - 2 jaren geleden
Fair prices and good service.
Weedawest G's - 2 jaren geleden
Good weed quality but not a big choose
FighterForGoodHearted Anonymiss77 - 2 jaren geleden
Good shop
Peter Griffin - 2 jaren geleden
Nice people and good stuff. Also good price
Miro Tylka - 3 jaren geleden
Lovely place, with good stuffs, situated in nice area. I can recommended
Roby Théobald - 3 jaren geleden
Cool place very clean Nice & friendly owners let you feel welcome
Talkless TrapBoi - 3 jaren geleden
It's one the best and know coffee shop in the city of Hardwijk...
Barry Child - 3 jaren geleden
Wonderful place. Nice friendly staff
Oliver Bübl - 3 jaren geleden
Everything as you would imagine from a Dutch coffeeshop. Friendly staff, clean premise and good Cannabis. After showing your ID and being over 18 you get access. You choose a maximum amount of 5g (combined per day) of the 13 or so weed and hash produces... and away you smoke. Doesn't get any easier....
Oham Raad - 3 jaren geleden
Here is the only cofeshop in harderwijk place to smoke weed , chill out and have fun Go with your friends and try amnesia haze
Lisette Steenhorst - 3 jaren geleden
Vergeleken die oplichters coffeeshop die hier eerst zat '' Liberty'' is dit echt tien x beter! Ga zo door zou ik zeggen!
Jamil Nadour - 4 jaren geleden
It’s the only coffeeshop in Harderwijk, yet everything about it tells you to come back to it, awesome staff, brilliant weed comparing to all of Holland, better than 70% of other coffeeshops Hash-wise, but all in all awesome place
Naseer Ahmed - 4 jaren geleden
it's so good enjoying and entertaining place
Michal Jagnesak - 4 jaren geleden
One of places with high quality weed
Łukasz Więcław - 4 jaren geleden
Finally ;)

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