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Coffeeshop Columbus Cannabisstore

Vijhestraat 3, Harderwijk

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  • Montag 12:00 - 20:00
    Dienstag 12:00 - 20:00
    Mittwoch 12:00 - 20:00
    Donnerstag 12:00 - 20:00
    Freitag 12:00 - 20:00
    Samstag 12:00 - 20:00
    Sonntag 12:00 - 20:00
  • Es ist nicht bekannt, ob und wann dieser Coffeeshop kontrolliertes, staatlich reguliertes Cannabis verkaufen wird. Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf der Seite 'staatlich reguliertes Cannabis'.
  • https://columbuscannabisstore.nl/
  • +31 341 701 103



S G - vor 3 Monaten

Lovely place , good service and I think fair price. ✌️

JB Huggarn - vor 4 Monaten

Decent coffee, good location and very nice staff. Weed: *Nice selection of well described stuff *Family dominance separated on the list *Indicas: **White widow **Orange Bud **Blue cookies All above very tasty, nicely done ✅

Gregor Notorious - vor 5 Monaten

I love The twins what working in The coffe shoop

damia trzo - vor 6 Monaten

the second time I buy 5 grams and at home it turns out that I got 4 grams i bot recommend !!!!!!

Junior Lenzo - vor 7 Monaten

They have one of the best Haze ✌️

Paul Martinez - vor 7 Monaten

Good shop. Menu is not to big but good. Amnesia Haze strong one.

G T - vor 9 Monaten

Nice shop but the quality of the weed is poor, they do not weigh the goods when you buy, prices too high compared to low quality.

miroslaw drzewinski - vor 10 Monaten

Service - amazing, Lady at the counter very helpfull , weed - a good choice of commonly known types, would be nice to see some different strains in the future ;) Overall : 5/5 " This is the way "

Álvaro Franqueira Varela - vor 11 Monaten

Good service. Cool people. Free gift if its your first time going there. I'll be back

Szalai Csaba - vor 1 Jahr

A very good place. The blonde girl is beautiful, I'm going to marry her.

RandomGamesNL - vor 1 Jahr

Good store lot of good options And good quality

Paweł Chudzinski - vor 1 Jahr

Its a great place

Sebastian Wahl - vor 1 Jahr

Nice shop, See u next year

Csaba Marton - vor 1 Jahr

wen you want a good wied go der

Pyzio - vor 1 Jahr

Very, very nice place.

Luis Bernar - vor 1 Jahr

Good weet and werry Nice personel

Martin Gruchala - vor 1 Jahr

Not bad... Need a card for shoping...

Džony Bouchač - vor 1 Jahr

Nice coffee, nice people

Marcin Gajewski - vor 1 Jahr

Nice place with good weed and good service

P. R.Silver - vor 1 Jahr

Good weed, Good personel, free gifts with 1st buy

holl cube - vor 1 Jahr

good smoking, cool people and a nice place. I recommend;)

MaxPlays - vor 1 Jahr

They are so nice , security medewerkers all of em , the hash is not that good but other stuff ?

Max Meera - vor 1 Jahr

They are so nice , security medewerkers all of em , the hash is not that good but other stuff ?

Jarosław ARTSi (Jajek) - vor 1 Jahr

Sweet lady, very helpfull, 10 € per gram amnezja, white w

Mario Dolev - vor 1 Jahr

Worst coffeeshop every weed is bad and verry bad behaviour

Biff - vor 2 Jahren

Awesome coffee shop, stylisch building ..great hash✌️

Annetta Xavier - vor 2 Jahren

First class rich and delicious

Zygmund Kowalski - vor 2 Jahren

Not to much choose and not really good stuff and price from cosmos....

Thijs Riezebeek - vor 2 Jahren

Some really nice people work here and they sell some great sativa I must say! Haven't tried the indica, but I did try the pre rolled hybrid which was pretty good too!

Martyna Janowska - vor 2 Jahren

Workers are very nice, also the prices are okay.

Saana mirzaie - vor 2 Jahren

Really nice staff and also nicely decorated inside!

desley stakenburg - vor 2 Jahren

Fair prices and good service.

Weedawest G's - vor 3 Jahren

Good weed quality but not a big choose

FighterForGoodHearted Anonymiss77 - vor 3 Jahren

Good shop

Peter Griffin - vor 3 Jahren

Nice people and good stuff. Also good price

Miro Tylka - vor 3 Jahren

Lovely place, with good stuffs, situated in nice area. I can recommended

Roby Théobald - vor 3 Jahren

Cool place very clean Nice & friendly owners let you feel welcome

Talkless TrapBoi - vor 3 Jahren

It's one the best and know coffee shop in the city of Hardwijk...

Barry Child - vor 3 Jahren

Wonderful place. Nice friendly staff

Oliver Bübl - vor 4 Jahren

Everything as you would imagine from a Dutch coffeeshop. Friendly staff, clean premise and good Cannabis. After showing your ID and being over 18 you get access. You choose a maximum amount of 5g (combined per day) of the 13 or so weed and hash produces... and away you smoke. Doesn't get any easier....

Oham Raad - vor 4 Jahren

Here is the only cofeshop in harderwijk place to smoke weed , chill out and have fun Go with your friends and try amnesia haze

Lisette Steenhorst - vor 4 Jahren

Vergeleken die oplichters coffeeshop die hier eerst zat '' Liberty'' is dit echt tien x beter! Ga zo door zou ik zeggen!

Jamil Nadour - vor 4 Jahren

It’s the only coffeeshop in Harderwijk, yet everything about it tells you to come back to it, awesome staff, brilliant weed comparing to all of Holland, better than 70% of other coffeeshops Hash-wise, but all in all awesome place

Naseer Ahmed - vor 4 Jahren

it's so good enjoying and entertaining place

Michal Jagnesak - vor 4 Jahren

One of places with high quality weed

Łukasz Więcław - vor 4 Jahren

Finally ;)


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