Coffeeshop Coffee & Dreams

Festivalplein 19, Almere (Almere Stad)

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Alexandru Iosif - vor 2 Wochen
Cool, fast and friendly staff
Ivor Garcev - vor 1 Monat
bubble gum very nice weed 10/10
Animal Van Beest - vor 3 Monaten
Good stuff,good prices
Omid riiziii - vor 4 Monaten
Nice employees, nice weed , good price
Ulvis Ludvigs (TheLudvigs) - vor 5 Monaten
Nice place to get High
Paweł Biskup - vor 7 Monaten
Good prices, weed also good :)
Sonia Camelia Ioanas - vor 7 Monaten
Nice people, professional serving and highly secured ✔️
AllBarro Sk8 - vor 7 Monaten
A cozy and quiet place
jason drakoulis - vor 7 Monaten
My brother and I are customers for 2 years daily , the coffeshop made a mistake and gave me half the amount of weed that I paid for , then next day I went back to them to ask if I can get the amount that I paid for and didnt recieve... Not only they didnt refund me or gave me the amount of weed that was missing ( which is fine because it can happen , because of the reason that I had no proof ) , I was confronted with rudness and ironic comments on the back of the counter. Disgraceful to see that the customer treats the employees with more respect than the coffeshop towards the customer ..
Norbert Slw - vor 11 Monaten
Very good place,great people
karim hassan - vor 11 Monaten
My favorite place in Almere
Stan Petkov - vor 1 Jahr
Great customer service , the vibes are always positive in there.
Cinda Snodgrass - vor 1 Jahr
Great shopping experience Very knowledgeable staff
Paulina Radziejewska - vor 1 Jahr
My 5g bag of caramelo has like 18 seeds in it, wow. Horrible quality guys.
gregory jakowleff - vor 1 Jahr
I come back Super shop, more than reasonable value for money, the team and welcoming. I hope to work for them one day.
Martin McElheron - vor 1 Jahr
It's a boat! Nice staff and good weed. But it's a boat!!!
Dże lka - vor 2 Jahren
The best service, good and cheap weed.
Viktor Bata - vor 2 Jahren
I wery love thes place i wery like the RED name weed always wery nice always work wery well Cool weed from cool place
Rick Wolverin - vor 2 Jahren
Absolutely the best place in Almere! always good stuff and friendly staff.
A Google user - vor 2 Jahren
Best weed in town... and I love chillin' out in the boat
Callme Kuu - vor 2 Jahren
Great place on the boat. Nice staff, could have more smoking rooms tho.
acid '87 - vor 2 Jahren
Good prices, nice personel, I never seen shop on boat, if you too U got to go there, highly recomend, cheers!
Piotr Pastuszka - vor 2 Jahren
Nice and chill place, regards :)
blakq fyah - vor 2 Jahren
For me best coffeshop
Lukasz Swiatek - vor 2 Jahren
Nice Place On The Ship Crew always friendly and positive.
A. - vor 2 Jahren
1. Polite and helpful staff 2. Good prices compared to similar shops around 3. Gifts when buying over 25€ 4. Can smoke inside without having to buy a drink for cosmic prices like elsewhere
Alvar Fernández - vor 3 Jahren
Nice store in a boat. The staff is very friendly and some even speak Spanish! However don't expect a nice area to smoke. The smoker's room is super small and has 3 stools. I also don't recommend you stay and smoke there unless you have no choice. The people that sometimes hog the seats are not the friendliest and I have seen people get heated unnecessarily.

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