Coffeeshop Coffee & Dreams

Festivalplein 19, Almere (Almere Stad)

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Dże lka - 4 months ago
The best service, good and cheap weed.
Viktor Bata - 6 months ago
I wery love thes place i wery like the RED name weed always wery nice always work wery well Cool weed from cool place
Rick Wolverin - 8 months ago
Absolutely the best place in Almere! always good stuff and friendly staff.
A Google user - 10 months ago
Best weed in town... and I love chillin' out in the boat
Callme Kuu - 11 months ago
Great place on the boat. Nice staff, could have more smoking rooms tho.
acid '87 - 1 year ago
Good prices, nice personel, I never seen shop on boat, if you too U got to go there, highly recomend, cheers!
Piotr Pastuszka - 1 year ago
Nice and chill place, regards :)
blakq fyah - 1 year ago
For me best coffeshop
Lukasz Swiatek - 1 year ago
Nice Place On The Ship Crew always friendly and positive.
A. - 1 year ago
1. Polite and helpful staff 2. Good prices compared to similar shops around 3. Gifts when buying over 25€ 4. Can smoke inside without having to buy a drink for cosmic prices like elsewhere
Alvar Fernández - 1 year ago
Nice store in a boat. The staff is very friendly and some even speak Spanish! However don't expect a nice area to smoke. The smoker's room is super small and has 3 stools. I also don't recommend you stay and smoke there unless you have no choice. The people that sometimes hog the seats are not the friendliest and I have seen people get heated unnecessarily.

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