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Koninginneweg 109, Hilversum

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Денис Ковриженко - 3 weeks ago
I had a very hard day and everyrhing I want is just to relax . I boght 5g and they bring me just 3.2 g…… , kind of a terrible story . Disrespect
Muflon Flon - 3 months ago
IT is one of the best. Silver is the best but have a another good stuuf Apple kush taste is very nice
Rik - 5 months ago
Top and Good quality
Daniel Taon - 8 months ago
strawberry haze mmm....
Adek Adosław - 9 months ago
Nice weed and nice prices
J J - 10 months ago
Thought I´d try a new shop so went here instead of my regular place. Cannot say I will comeback as I asked for a recommendation on indica and was sold something that has a very chemical apple taste to it. I have come across this before many years ago, the taste comes from added apple flavouring, not the strain itself. 1/10. The only reason this review gets a 2 star is that the S5 they sold me is pretty good. happy about that atleast.
Eugen Kieber - 1 year ago
The best weed and hash I have had in my entire life! Outstanding good quality, so smooth smoke - big nice cured buds. Everything absolutely fine. Thank you!
Joël - 1 year ago
The staff doesn't know anything about the products they are selling.
valdis kakste - 1 year ago
They have good and some interesting stuff
Remco Weerd - 1 year ago
They have a great assortment of weed strains. And they add every so often a special, less known weed strain to their assortment, which until now has never diasapointed!! They also have great service, very friendly employees a parking space and they are located at a central location of the town. I also really enjoy their assortment of pre rolled joints!
Stumbos4 . - 2 years ago
Good prices. Good quality. And most important in my opinion, consistentcy in the quality of flower. Also, a friendly staff and great hours for night owls.
Stumbos4 - 2 years ago
Good prices. Good quality. And most important in my opinion, consistentcy in the quality of flower. Also, a friendly staff and great hours for night owls.
Jane Doe - 2 years ago
Really good weed, reasonable prices and lots of parking! Will definitely come back on my next vacation. This one is Alien Trip, exclusive from California
Cassie Carlisle - 2 years ago
Really good weed, chill vibe, and the people who work there are super nice and cute too! I bought 3 grams of Champagne hasj and pre-rolled joints, all amazing!
Six7Six7 - 2 years ago
A fantastic local shop with a great selection. I am so glad I found my way here while I was on vacation. I'd give it more stars if I could.
Stan Leroco - 2 years ago
This place is great. Friendly staff, awesome selection, and all-around pleasant experience
Patricia Parker - 2 years ago
Great location that’s close to train station. Great selection of weed and they have parking! Very friendly staff :) will be back for more!
lopmb - 3 years ago
Good weed nice prices. Buy and fly joint.
Kaio Aiko - 3 years ago
Some times the weed is good..sometimes is very very bad... I wouldn't suggest this coffeeshop , cause u have to be lucky to find good weed there.last month I bought many times Mr Nice .it was good but yesterday I bought again Mr Nice and is tottaly different that the good mr nice !! Is a real dirty weed ,soft in touch,and smells very dirty with 13 euro per gram! No kikker!! Thanks but it was the last time I visited this dirty coffeeshop...
Alawi Sohone - 3 years ago
Strong weed, smoke good
Paul Moses - 3 years ago
Good quality. Slightly expensive. The staff are not friendly at all!
S Dullies - 4 years ago
Ik ben overal geweest maar dit is De beste Coffeeshop van Hilversum met top soorten, ruime keus en voor mij belangrijk een strakke prijs. En makkelijk voor de deur parkeren zonder overlast voor anderen.
sub way - 4 years ago
Vroeger een leuke en gezellige shop maar tegenwoordig zeer chemische wiet waar ik keelpijn van krijg jammer genoeg
Super Saiyan - 4 years ago
100 years War - 4 years ago
After saying it was my first time there, I asked for the best joint they had. The guy gave me a joint with 90% tobacco. Welcome to Amsterdam
konrad waszkiewicz - 4 years ago
So so
Olivier Sanchez Tocon - 9 years ago
Heerlijk gezellig een jointje roken in de beste koffieshop van hilversum.
A Google User - 11 years ago
Lekker ontspannen zitten

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