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Leeuwenstraat 34, Hilversum

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James Sterlings - 3 months ago
very nice shop and quality always high.
Lethal DreameR - 1 year ago
Very great place to buy some quality weed. Ask for Amnesia, you will like it for sure!
Martins Zvidra - 2 years ago
Nice WiteWidow 1.5g for 12.5 €
Noa Iacono - 2 years ago
Really nice coffeeshop. You can choose a lot of variety of weed or hash and you can also bring only 5 Euro for kind if you prefer! There's also a really nice "enjoying-room" :)
Wouter Kamphuis - 2 years ago
Not too expensive and good weed! Friendly people
Lucky Live - 3 years ago
Good weeds and nice place for you smoke
vosvuur bijdehand - 3 years ago
Changed my rating ... After regular visits am amazed by the constant quality. Good prices constant quality raises Rif to my goto place for weed.
Daffy Duck - 3 years ago
The best gruis
Kevin Groen - 3 years ago
Meh. Chagerijnig mannetje. Geen pin. Alleen als het moet
Nikita Zacharov - 3 years ago
Worst pre-roled, never again...
KnMg MgKn - 4 years ago
Adrian Ak - 4 years ago
40€ 5g is good deal
deja Fu - 4 years ago
Good weed
Sezai Pilavci - 4 years ago
Crysis hc4l - 6 years ago
goede prijs,kwaliteit
Adam Hadi - 6 years ago
goede prijs,kwaliteit
ali eduard - 6 years ago
Goeie coffeeshop midden in het centrum van hilversum goeie wiet voor een mooie prijs en beste hashsoort van het gooi (Stica)
Diyar Altun - 6 years ago
Goeie deals alleen veel blaadjes. De rookruimte is groot genoeg voor 10 tot 15 mensen.
Rezo Holland - 7 years ago
A Google User - 10 years ago

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