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Blue Tomato B.V.
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Neutronweg 11, Hoorn

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  • Maandag 10:00 - 21:00
    Dinsdag 10:00 - 21:00
    Woensdag 10:00 - 21:00
    Donderdag 10:00 - 21:00
    Vrijdag 10:00 - 22:00
    Zaterdag 10:00 - 22:00
    Zondag 10:00 - 21:00
  • Het is nog niet bekend of deze coffeeshop gereguleerde, gecontroleerde staatswiet gaat verkopen. Voor meer informatie, bekijk de 'Staatswiet' pagina.
  • http://www.bluetomatohoorn.nl/
  • +31 229 247 164



hujek hujek - 1 maand geleden

High quality and strong weed, very nice service, generally pleasant atmosphere, I highly recommend!

Miguel Torres - 2 maanden geleden

The best coffeeshop i visited

Alex Carvalho - 3 maanden geleden

Great place beautiful people...

Jimbo - 3 maanden geleden

Nice menu and people.

klaus klji - 4 maanden geleden

Tried amazing haze and it was really amazing. Also nice Security and my budtender was nice, too. Highly recommended! Even if it is a bit outside, it is worth it.

TuTu1141 - 7 maanden geleden

a bit more expensive but the smell and the looks of the cannabis are inpresive but i dont know why nut all the strains i tried isint that strong maby not mutch thc but the products are amazing saddly far from town center

MrKaseiko - 8 maanden geleden

Good quality, prices are okay, staff is friendly, foreigners are welcome

mxm mxm - 11 maanden geleden

Is good, but if you want something better go to Zuiderzee It's 1 or 2 km away, but it's worth it.

Kamil F. - 11 maanden geleden

Great coffee shop, wide selection and great quality RECOMMENDED !!!!

Ludvik Durana - 1 jaar geleden

Vending machine for papers eat my 2e. But weed is really good for fair price. Peace.

Paul Craven - 1 jaar geleden

Another excuse for doormen to become some kind of mask mafia and nazification of Holland *despite my exemption*. Racist, Unpleasant staff, unhelpful and ignorant to the products, quality has dropped hugely over the last 2 years. Avoid, and I hope amsterdam genetics cut this bad apple loose from their group of shops. Bad.

kamil9o - 1 jaar geleden

I pay twice for the same product. I give you screen shots, second pay is on the same time. I buy 3 grams on this day.. or what can I do ?

Arthur STPNKO - 1 jaar geleden

My favorite coffee shop in the Netherlands

Slavko Samec - 1 jaar geleden

Five stars, top one

Marcin Immortan - 1 jaar geleden

Good coffeshop good stuff and prices not too high

khaled boubakri - 1 jaar geleden

Good goods and services

Mateusz Nalepa - 1 jaar geleden

Strange coincidence that I can't buy space cookie anytime I'm here. Even when calling 30min before arrival to ask if still in stock. "Yes we have them" half hour later.... Magically dissapear!

Twan J. Ponte - 1 jaar geleden

Finally a place where they took their time to educate a first time buyer. I came during rush hour. However i didnt feel rushed by the salesman who explained everything in detail. He made sure i got what i came for. I would rather travel 40km to this shop then go to the shops in my neighberhood.

Martin Markus - 1 jaar geleden

Cool service, easy parking and of course good weed

Giacinto Gimma - 2 jaren geleden

Good weed, nice people

filip Derenowski - 2 jaren geleden

great place, helpful staff but the interior like a supermarket has no soul

Maciej Bryndza - 2 jaren geleden

Professional and stylish. Space cakes as name suggests out of this World. Unfortunately they get dry sometimes

Axel Heisterkamp - 2 jaren geleden

To be fair: in the old days you had really good quality! But today was the second time both breeds were really bad: optic, haptic and taste was not worth even one star. And the selection went down to only a very few. And three of them were sold out. The competence of the team was better too in the past. Two stars because of the past and the security guy at the door - always a nice guy

Tomas Banos - 2 jaren geleden

Very friendly staff working over there and the Guys at the door are great too .

Sören - 2 jaren geleden

Smart Seller, good products.

Alberto Procia - 2 jaren geleden

i always use to love blue tomato i spend a lot of money on it high quality and ecc ecc ......this time but only because a Man that works inside....no education do what he want ...no professional acting like a boss ....but only because you are clean good dressed and maybe always nice ...Anyways Blue tomato looks so professional and sure....this kind of workers make u feel like u don't want to go anymore..

Zbigniew Gaciag - 3 jaren geleden

Very good is weed hasj cookie filters Mascote Pure smoke

lukasz Lukasz - 3 jaren geleden

Perfect place for all smokers

Awny El Horany - 3 jaren geleden

Not too expensive good weed.

Sam Kreeke - 3 jaren geleden

One of the best coffeeshops ever, but it's only a takeaway

Daniel Zarzycki - 3 jaren geleden

Awesome! :) Greate vendors, Hi quality, nice place .. no smoke inside

Mateusz Laskowski - 3 jaren geleden

Need too see on your own...God damn good coffeshop

Elisa Goytia - 3 jaren geleden

Very clean and sterile. Excellent source for quality CBD oil. Very friendly employees and awesome customer service.

Robert Alexa - 3 jaren geleden

5 stars: The employees are wonderful friendly, the bodyguards are so friendly "the medication is very good"

Sorin Manea - 4 jaren geleden

Really professional treatment and very nice weed. 10/10 recommended

Mateusz Prawucki - 4 jaren geleden

Blue Tomato is awesome and professional shop with best staff !!! I love it and I'll back for sure

sunset catcha - 4 jaren geleden

One of the best coffeeshops I've ever been. A lot of strains and nice people, who will always help you to make a choice. Just say to dem what kind of high you wanna get - they gonna recommend something good for sure.

wtk rbl - 4 jaren geleden

One of the best coffeeshops I've ever been. A lot of strains and nice people, who will always help you to make a choice. Just say to dem what kind of high you wanna get - they gonna recommend something good for sure.

Max Piechocki - 4 jaren geleden

A lot of good kinds of weed and not so expensive

Mörö Kölli - 4 jaren geleden

Excellent personnel and the best prices that I have come across.

A Google user - 4 jaren geleden

Best shop in Noord-Holland. Prices, service, quality of

acid '87 - 4 jaren geleden

Im my opinion the best coffie-shop on Nord-Holland, keep up the good work, peace!

Wiktor Okrzos - 4 jaren geleden

One of the best coffeeshop I ever seen, everyone who smok's should know that place 1st quality weed and staff

Robbert Ruiter - 4 jaren geleden

Nice and clean coffeeshop with helpful personal

Laszlo Fekete - 4 jaren geleden

the absulute mix of professionizum and friendlinesd

Michael Radnan - 4 jaren geleden

Wish you could smoke and stay. Great products and service. Clean and professional.

J Shelfwood - 5 jaren geleden

Been here a few times with friends, we now go here every saturday to stash up for the week. Good weed, good prices and great service. You won’t get this kind of weed/hash in Alkmaar

enigmaticVibrations - 6 jaren geleden

These guys are profesionals. Love coming back everytime :]

Robert Rotwein - 6 jaren geleden

Coole Leute, super Weed, cooler Shop !

Eryk Wilk - 7 jaren geleden

Elegancki coffik

john gennissen - 7 jaren geleden

Prettige cofeeshop je bent snel aan de beurt vriendelijk personeel en lekkere wietjes!!!

Roman R - 7 jaren geleden

Meest extravagante coffieshop van nederland. Niet goedkoop maar extreem kwalitatief en kennisvol. Nog nooit iemand over wiet horen spreken alsof het dure wijn is. Sommige van Hun sterkere soorten on par sterke hallusinogenen sterk. Ken je doseringen.

Grass Fighter - 7 jaren geleden

Polecam miła atmosfera, wysoka jakość, rozsądne ceny. Jedyny minus brak możliwości palenia w środku.

Davey Leeuw - 8 jaren geleden

het was me standaard shop toen ik hoorde dat ie kwam, enorm vriendelijk, kwam zo vaak langs dat de bewaker me naam automatisch wist, goede soortjes lekker sterk en enorm mooi van binnen als ik weer naar t noorde verhuis ben ik er weer elke dag te vinden :D


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