Om de verspreiding van het coronavirus te beperken, dienen coffeeshops in Nederland alleen als afhaalpunt voor softdrugs na 17.00 uur.

Coffeeshop American
Nu open

Noordvliet 13, Leeuwarden

Coffeeshop informatie



Mort Garson - 2 maanden geleden
A chill place with a great selection and decent prices!
Razvan Ghitiu - 3 maanden geleden
Nice staff and great selection of goods
Client X - 6 maanden geleden
They had moonrocks, but these were fake.. They made them not with Skuff.. With grinded Stuff..
trijntje venema - 6 maanden geleden
Nice :)
Edward Kooistra Bahnerth - 7 maanden geleden
The place to be smart
Iosif Madear - 1 jaar geleden
Garbage,very dry stuff,smells like basic hemp,even not getting any high
058 Adventurer - 1 jaar geleden
Huge menu as you can see. The coffeeshop weights both weed and hash so any smoker with any budget can get a smoke here. Accompanied by the long opening hours it's a great business. I haven't seen the smoking area yet, but the customer area looks very modern with a huge TV so the smoking area probably looks nice too. The shop reminds me of the old CS: 058 I have heard some people speculate already this CS originates from 058 merely under a different name... Is this true? I can't say, but old visitors of 058 will especially love this shop. This CS has potential to be one of the greatest, or it may already be...
selim elminabbawi - 2 jaren geleden
Beautiful, would recommend the fruity strains.
DJ 4D - 2 jaren geleden
One of the best in the town
Stephan Dekkers - 2 jaren geleden
KunT GamerT - 3 jaren geleden
Good weed
A Google User - 4 jaren geleden
Very bad weed, 100% scam from preroled joints , 95% tobaco 5% bad weed !
Mr Duba Duba - 4 jaren geleden
Very bad weed, 100% scam from preroled joints , 95% tobaco 5% bad weed !
Quinten Wiersma - 4 jaren geleden
Good stuff Good Quality Low prices and Very nice people
Lupicki Company - 5 jaren geleden
I just got surprised how good this place is
Tihilefi - 5 jaren geleden
Very nice stuff, very nice prices! I'll come back soon! Bye:)

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