De Os
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Korfmakersstraat 2, Leeuwarden

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Basil Jou - 2 weken geleden
The price is just right, and the quality is good
Reka Zsofia Starosta - 3 maanden geleden
These cookies are underrated, why is noone talking about them. Great tea.
Luis Enrique Ovalle - 9 maanden geleden
Best price a good quality
Josef Saiedi - 11 maanden geleden
Great coffee shop for medical mj or space cakes to combat pain or fatigue post injury or during hard labor!
Jelmer Kok - 1 jaar geleden
Top shop
Ray K - 1 jaar geleden
Beautiful, extremely clean hash and amazing Bio weed. If you care about not smoking chemicals im weed and having a clean high, this place is a must. The best coffeeshop in the north. Awesome staff, nice selection of bio weed and smaller selection of hash but the real great stuff: clean and floral smelling burn, clean high, you don't feel messed up in a bad way from neither the bio weed nor the hash. Would love to come back when I'm in holland again. Great job guys
mo leeuwarden - 1 jaar geleden
L3uke memsen
Hailey Haze - 1 jaar geleden
Excellent quality cannabis. Sometimes they have famous strains like Wedding Cake, Gelato, Gorilla Glue or diverse haze strains. Smoking/buying here guarentees you a stoned or high feeling. However, the spacecakes are a bit disappointing.
058 Adventurer - 1 jaar geleden
Maybe its just me but i have tried various strains here over the time and most are decent but just plain boring. It gets you a lil high but 9/10 times the flavor has been lacking as did the smell and the high, smokes arent really pleasant. The only reason i would go here is the relative cheap price on weed, but i would much much rather go to another coffeeshop
Casy Unsung - 1 jaar geleden
overall good, come there for 14 years and only sometimes have complaints. Pretty woman, nice people. For a coffeeshop that doesn't aim higher it's ok plus there is room to sit. Music is nice and the vibe good and they have the best cannabis around in Leeuwarden.
Yamaka 2000 - 1 jaar geleden
overall good, come there for 14 years and only sometimes have complaints. Pretty woman, nice people. For a coffeeshop that doesn't aim higher it's ok plus there is room to sit. Music is nice and the vibe good and they have the best cannabis around in Leeuwarden.
DJ 4D - 2 jaren geleden
Great selection.
Inigo - 2 jaren geleden
Nice for going with friends. Lots of boardgames
Jelle den Heijer - 2 jaren geleden
Most cozy coffeeshop in the city. Love to smoke my weed there and enjoy the vibe.
Georgi Ivanov - 2 jaren geleden
A cozy, specious coffee shop with good outdoor products
Mart Nijmeijer - 2 jaren geleden
Really nice peopel who work there!!!
Tony 07 Hyv - 3 jaren geleden
Wet weed not good
H Woning - 3 jaren geleden
The place to be. Nicest shop i’ve ever been. Fine coffee and fresh tea, 1 euro. Very good list, lots of variety and well priced. When i am in Leeuwarden i always go there, 2 truffels, a special maroc joint, gram of kashmir of Nepal and a gram of haze and a coffee, around 30 euro’s , really, yes its possible. The people who work there know there business, friendly and diverse like their customers. The music they play is a reflection of that. Thats what ik like about De Os the most, the atmosphere, the people who work and go there love their place, the locals tend to think it’s their place, love that. Its well designed and spacious and because of the large tables easy to get in contact if you want to. The quality newspapers and magazines, lots of games, never a dull moment. No wonder they are the biggest by far in town, so i’m told. Happily there are not in Amsterdam they would need ten floors instead of two. One of the best kept secrets as far as i’m concerned. Last thing, Whats about koffieshops and music? Lounge music, no thanks. Hiphop and RnB allday, no way. A music computer, please no. Take an example, De Os plays music. One point of critism, they should make a display what music is on so you dont have to ask.
KunT GamerT - 3 jaren geleden
The workers speak english so its nice for tourists. Its a coffeeshop aka legal dealers have fun boii
Robin Gurung - 3 jaren geleden
Cool place with lots of choices for hard and also light smokers and cool prize too . Friendly staff , smiling and helpful . Was there just this weekend too with a friend visiting from Amsterdam ... Was cool for him too . Brother smokes strong and got stronger
Rafael Milani Medeiros - 3 jaren geleden
Great staff! Good koffie ;-)!
Sasha de Graaff - 5 jaren geleden
Nice relaxed coffeeshop
Ari El - 5 jaren geleden
Reasonable prices with $1 you get tea and a biscuit as well as free internet close by all pricey downtown shopping, reccomend you have a look. Bathrooms are upstairs. Every member of staff has been helpful and friendly. Always have 2 or more people there to serve patrons. One person register and beverage. I do not really smoke but they have more than one product various. Should stop in and see.
Joop Agema - 8 jaren geleden
Een fijne plaats om te zijn, de mensen zijn vriendelijk, het interieur is leuk gedaan en ze werken met een klantvriendelijk systeem. Ze werken namelijk met een weegschaal zodat je niet gelimiteerd bent tot voorgewogen zakjes, daarnaast kost een kopje thee 1 euro en je kunt altijd een bong of grinder lenen. Iemand vroeg naar de openingstijden Ik geloof dan ze van 11:00 tot 23:00 open zijn, elke dag per week. De volgende keer maak ik een foto en plak ik die bij de foto's,
oeti rofr - 9 jaren geleden
Kom al een mooi tijdje bij de Os en de wiet is er prima.. Het gemakkelijke van de Os is dat je er gewoon kunt pinnen. Scheelt weer als je eens geen contanten bij je hebt. De bediening is goed en je kunt er een heerlijke bak koffie drinken onder het genot van een joint. Iets wat i haast nooit doe, wel de koffie, niet de joint. Ik rook alleen thuis en rijden onder invloed van wiet is niet aan te raden. Greetz, Oeds
A Google User - 10 jaren geleden
Good afternoon, I want to make a comment (negative) on de Os. We went there with 2 American people who wanted to try the spacecake for once. I went already to de Os before, only half a year before, and I took a piece of cake, which was very good. We ordered 3 muffins from the Os this time, because the man over there told us that this would be lighter than the cake. 2 days later we took it. At first we didn't feel anything (only me, but I took a whole muffin, the other 3 people only a half). After a couple of hours we all got a very bad trip; I got hallucinations, catatonic movements and I was very sick of it. After me, the 2 American people got the same; we almost had to trow up. But one thing was even worse: 1 of the American people was a woman of 62 and she almost died; she collapsed, so we had to call an ambulance. It was our last day with our American friends and it turned out to be like hell, instead of a nice, funny day. Now, 2 days later, I still feel a bit sick of the stuff. Luckily, the rest feels better now, but we were very shocked about the stuff; we think there was something wrong with it. Maybe too much THC? We can't complain anywhere of course, because nobody wants to know about drugs. 3 of us had drugs before, but never such a bad experience as this time. We will never do it again. It spoiled our last holiday with the Americans...

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