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Lange Scheistraat 5, Leiden

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Elvis - 1 maand geleden

After a week in Leiden and tried almost every coffe there. I would say that this one is the best in terms of varieties of both weed and hash and also edibles. Also it is the most expensive in the city but the experience is worth it I would say

De3DPrintman - 2 maanden geleden

Best shop in town. What more can I say. They have a great selection and fair prices. I also like the people that work here a lot. Very friendly.

Alex Odin - 3 maanden geleden

Nice choice of weed and good stuff

Danny Crum - 6 maanden geleden

Ramiro was an amazing tender. Gave me great advice and we just talked away for most of the hour and half I was there this past evening. I stumbled back to my hotel where I arrived two hours later. Great shop, terrific service, and absolutely amazing product! Great place to chill while you smoke as I did as an out of towner. Highly recommended for tourists especially!!!!

Chris Kalkowski - 7 maanden geleden

Great priced grass and welcoming staff.

Rania Zuabi - 1 jaar geleden

Super not friendly boys at the cashier They just want to sell as fast as possible Not caring for your benefits as a client. So i ended up with a low quality product. Disappointed!

Zoltán Zillmann - 1 jaar geleden

Good vibe. Cool, helpful staff

Jim De Vries - 1 jaar geleden

Best shop in Leiden, knowledgeable staff, great product and a banger wall art. Get yourself some Mango Kush while you're there, it's a bit pricey for some (14/g) but it's worth it

Sergejs Piskunovs - 1 jaar geleden

Top shelf material. Prices for wallet of any size. Friendly employees

Vlad Tiger - 1 jaar geleden

Was closed.from outside look nice

S. Askar - 1 jaar geleden

The shop is elegant and the prices are suitable for everyone.

Notorious Nara - 1 jaar geleden

The brownie was great the only problem is that my friend and I asked for sativa joints but ended up getting indica because we couldnt stay awake after smoking them

G88 - 1 jaar geleden

Great shop. Good edibles and friendly staff

fasi fasi - 2 jaren geleden

Best service and quality over here :D

Andrea - 2 jaren geleden

Very bad quality of spanish weed with hight prize

Žan Jović - 2 jaren geleden

I think Google needs to add 5 more stars so I can accurately rate this Coffe shop. 10 out of 10 stars for service the gentlemen here are not only friendly and knowledgeable but also have a genuine approach to Customer service and it is always a friendly and positive experience. 10 out of 10 stars for quality, quantity and diversity of strains. Had some of the best ones recommended by the "boys" cannot complain.

Ante Perišin - 2 jaren geleden

Extremely friendly and funny guy working there. I visited two times today(15.12.2020) and this guy always gives the best advices and best deals. His suggestions are ON POINT. I would suggest visiting this coffe shop to anyone who enjoys good service and great product.

Michiel Tollig - 2 jaren geleden

An amazing organic weed coffeeshop. The employees are very kind, and always willing to give advice when necessary, even if it's about good music. And when they have it in store, their space cake is amazing. The only downside is that it's a bit more expensive than your average coffeeshop, but in return you get good quality weed.

Ante Pavić - 2 jaren geleden

I chosed power plant cause I smoke only 100% indica.. later on I come home and realize I cant fall a sleep because its sativa dominant plant... well done

Lucius Badreddine - 2 jaren geleden

Simply the best quality in Leiden. Lots of varieties of strains & very friendly staff. Price is not too high especially when you know you're getting Premium grade.

Jakub Ulčák - 2 jaren geleden

One of the best coffeeshops in town. They have many sorts of products to choose. Prices are acceptable and the quality will satisfy your needs also.

alex jef - 2 jaren geleden

Good place, many tips of W, but to high prices

Reese's Puffs - 3 jaren geleden

Great weed, and the budtenders are friendly and will help you out if you're a newbie

Jacques van der Hofstede - 3 jaren geleden

Nice coffee shop with friendly and helpful staff.

Brian Anderson - 3 jaren geleden

Best place to go me and wife did all 12 shops Casey Jones was the favourite of are

dao ist - 3 jaren geleden

this shop has best weed in leiden. the weed is expensive but it is worth it. because they have that californian super weed here, like gorilla glue, cookies etc... the shop is pretty dark though. would be nice to have some more light in there.

Hugo Caspers - 3 jaren geleden

Absolutely amazing coffeeshop with a wide range of strains and products. The staff can answer all your qeustions and point you into the right direction for a strain that suits you perfectly. Great quality products and service.

John McAllister - 4 jaren geleden

Good choices, and a stoned staff.

PHC D - 4 jaren geleden

I found this the best shop in town.Tried the Armageddon.Very nice.With a name like that you would expect a really blitzed feeling but its actually very uplifting.I had a pipe or two and got on with sightseeing etc etc.

james agar - 4 jaren geleden

Excellent all round. Great selection, good quality, helpful service, good prices. Total winner in Leiden!

Adam Bočev - 4 jaren geleden

It's a small cozy dispensary with great sortiment as well as personnel. Good vibes are all over the place.

Marc Sánchez - 4 jaren geleden

Nice Coffee, they have a lot of differents types of weed and hash. Also you can pay with credit card.

Asad Ullah - 4 jaren geleden

They have best quality joints but no seating is available. So you can just buy stuff and go but again the quality is good they also have edibles. Cheers

OI - 4 jaren geleden

First coffeeshop I tried in Leiden and never changed it since. High quality and plenty of diversity to choose from, best I've seen in the Netherlands. Guys are friendly and professional, respect all around. Keep it up !

Kevin L. - 4 jaren geleden

Has always been the most consistently high quality in Leiden (and pretty much top of the field for any shop, in any city). Definitely stocks more variety than almost any shop in Holland I've seen since 1985. Some of the prices are a Euro or two higher than expected. My feeling is, for something to be above €12 per gram it should be special. Most of these are indeed worth the extra geld. Great owner, relaxing stress-free venue. Anyone posting one-star ratings must have had a personal issue. The shop is hands-down a step above any other shop in town.

Dave Fox - 4 jaren geleden

Good menu and great quality... friendly staff too which is always a big plus in my book.

Niklas Kordes - 4 jaren geleden

Very Nice Service, genious Music and wonderful Menu With good quality. I ll definitely recommend this Shop, a must have if you Visit leiden.

Marilena Panagiotidou - 5 jaren geleden

Amazing place. The staff is excellent; friendly, helpful and ready to share their experiences. Best coffeeshop I've visited so far. PS: Forgot to mention how amazing the quality and variety of weed is. Figure it out yourselves though. It's definitely worth a visit.

Tommy Cockney - 5 jaren geleden

Top coffeeshop with the best/friendliest budtenders in Holland with some of the nicest weed in Leiden & Den Haag, I will definitely be back....

Tommy TheYid - 5 jaren geleden

Top coffeeshop with the best/friendliest budtenders in Holland with some of the nicest weed in Leiden & Den Haag, I will definitely be back....

Hannah C - 6 jaren geleden

I visited here on my trip to Amsterdam with my partner, this is one of the best coffeeshop​'s for a good time, a good smoke, with good people, and good weed!!!


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