Coffeeshop Smoky
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Maaspromenade 13A01, Maastricht (Maastricht-Centrum)

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alessandro capano - 3 maanden geleden
Best 420 place in Maastricht, the bros makes you comfortable giving you always the best ✌
Cameron Frost - 4 maanden geleden
Open latest out of all. Automatic cool points.
Au DikRs - 9 maanden geleden
I can feel the chemistry. In addition, the employee robs on weight.
salman salman - 1 jaar geleden
Try AMG weed
Dennis Steijvers - 1 jaar geleden
Amazing bud and good service for reasonable prices
Graeme (Gra) - 2 jaren geleden
Was looking for a smoke was told had to be girlfriend to buy for me....bad times
mook tookie - 2 jaren geleden
Lame , unable to even go inside without a local living certificate. Just helping the black market get stronger and less safe.
OlafeusZ . - 2 jaren geleden
Nice place, really recomending! :)
The Omozing Spoderman - 2 jaren geleden
Good weed, better people!
Ricardo Guerreiro - 2 jaren geleden
The star's says everything
cromo 101 - 2 jaren geleden
The star's says everything
Javier Rubio Gallardo - 3 jaren geleden
Amazing boat great price and quality weed.. Weird kinds for flicht
Emma Best - 3 jaren geleden
Creepy men staring at me, very unfriendly. Women don't go here
Manof Wood - 3 jaren geleden
Coffee shop on a boat on the Maas! Open late, good product at good prices.
Sam van Rhijn - 3 jaren geleden
Nice boat nice owner what you need more!
Sophia Jungenberg - 3 jaren geleden
My favorite coffeeshop in Maastricht. The staff is incredibly welcoming and friendly and are always happy to help you find the best weed to fit what you're looking for. They have pre-rolled joints, the cheapest being 3.50 euros and the most expensive being 5 euros (all really good!). A gram of weed ranges from 8 - 10 euros. The coffeeshop is a boat you can sit on and play FIFA, order snacks and smoke, or head downstairs and play pool. It's pretty massive and you can spend a good few hours there just listening to the amazing playlists they create. Definitely go here!
CoolDegree Nonchalant - 4 jaren geleden
Walk in and just do your thing at Smoky!
Pussyslayer900 - 4 jaren geleden
They gave me too less, I checked it at home and never went back there. Never happened to me in Maastricht. Unprofessional and ugly boat
A Miller - 4 jaren geleden
Nice place, nice stuff. Was there in 2003-2005. Thanks guys)
Melissa Peterson - 6 jaren geleden
It was a chill place, very laid back, nice staff, cool ambience. Outdoor seating would have been awesome, but the interior was cool too. I would go back
maurice julien - 6 jaren geleden
Zen er België ook welkom in de chop????
Tripple P Photography - 6 jaren geleden
Zeer nette shop, goede keuze uit diverse soorten, zeer chill (Y)
wesley deneke - 6 jaren geleden
altijd gezellig
Andy Mtown - 7 jaren geleden
Relaxe sfeer, hoge kwaliteit lage prijzen en goede bediening.
True Smoker - 7 jaren geleden
When I came there yesterday, the place was full of people (upstairs & on the terras)... they had so Many variety's of weed I Almost couldn't choose, after I choose the Cheese Haze, I played Some darts downstairs where they also have a really cosy and big area to hangout, really going back there soon !

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