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Prinsengracht 15, Meppel

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Tomasz Michalek. - 1 maand geleden

Nothing specials every time the same weed, some time is work some time no.. You can some weed inside, they have loot of table with you can sit there.

mohammed sayani - 2 maanden geleden

A very bad coffee shop the owner is very Unrespectful and rude to forgeners even though he himself is a Moroccan he treated us very bad even though we were sitting and chilling and ordered drinks!! However I won't recommend it to people.

Łukasz Pikula - 3 maanden geleden

Good good

Kamil Ząber - 5 maanden geleden

Relaxed everytime. Good stuff, good staff. Keep up guys.

Glass and metal 1 - 6 maanden geleden


Mudar Farook Hajjar - 6 maanden geleden

The guy who is working there is disrespectful and unprofessional with very bad behavior and he doesn’t have a way to talk with his client, i don’t recommend anyone to go there because this kind of places should treat their clients in a nice way.

Maciej Krok - 9 maanden geleden

A wonderful atmosphere, a wonderful place

Watani Watani - 1 jaar geleden


Mario Jamnic - 1 jaar geleden

Love it

urla3333 - 1 jaar geleden

Good weed

Le Alvydas - 2 jaren geleden


BaL00n1 - 2 jaren geleden

Well . Weed is expensive and small choice only 4 versions of weed and hash as well ready joint 4 euro . There is no cheap weed like a haze mix or somethings.

max ten hoedt - 2 jaren geleden

Very welcome place, the worker was erg nice and I got very stoned tanks to my binnensteboesoe jonko. Only minpuntje is that de tipboekjes zo snel opgaan, want the picture er on is very good

Viva Energia - 3 jaren geleden

The "Papa" is the best there also the quantity,, a little friendly place .. With neighbours of pizza domino's with a Vegan pizza :)

Jelmer Oldersma - 4 jaren geleden

Only choice between 3 weeds. And not even proper strong ones. High price and not clear how and where to order.

Robert Maftei - 4 jaren geleden

Oh come on guys you know I love me some coffeeshops

Jonathan Borensztejn - 4 jaren geleden

They did not put their vacation dates on Google maps

Dariusz Połeć - 4 jaren geleden

Very ok

Mateusz Konefał - 5 jaren geleden

Nice place, good coffe and good weed but nothig more. Modest choice.

Thomas Buijs - 5 jaren geleden

This is a good weed shop. The owner is very chill. Most of the time he has very good weed. Love it

Franz deNapier - 5 jaren geleden

Super quality. Good price. Relaxed dealer.

Nadal Bruins - 6 jaren geleden

Arkadiusz Polak - 6 jaren geleden

Peter Pan - 7 jaren geleden

Kimberley De Jonge - 9 jaren geleden

Bart Van Loo - 9 jaren geleden

A Google User - 11 jaren geleden


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