Om de verspreiding van het coronavirus te beperken, dienen coffeeshops in Nederland alleen als afhaalpunt voor softdrugs na 17.00 uur.

Coffeeshop Freak
Nu open

Breedstraat 55, Utrecht (Binnenstad)

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WB B - 4 weken geleden
Nice Super Silver Haze Bomb ! 5 Grams for € 40 euro’s is not much. Gonna Enjoy this ! Nice pretty lady who helped me she’s always smiling !
James Southworth - 4 maanden geleden
Mother nature’s medicine
Francesco Zappalà - 1 jaar geleden
Two days ago my friends and I purchased 2 different kinds of weed that turned out to be the same. Do you really think one wouldn't notice just because he is a tourist (which wasn't even the case a I live here) or because they don't ask to see the weed there? I'm sorry but that is very sad. To you as to all other places that threat and trick people like this i would give 0 stars if possible, and never reccomend you to anyone. In any case you certainly lost some customers. Don't visit this place.
Marcin Gdowski - 1 jaar geleden
Got myself pre rolled joint, which turn out to be pure tabacoo joint.. dont reccomend
Michael Todd - 2 jaren geleden
It's a no frills kinda place, but the flipside of the coin is that there's no room to hide on the product end. Don't go here expecting the whole smoothie / fresh herbal or fresh mint tea kind of beverage selection that is quite customary in 75% of the Netherlands, but do go expecting some quality sativa. 5€ and you got yourself hooked up. Also, there seems to be a kind of rasta vibe. Good news for all of you stars who can't get enough of the Buffalo Soldier feel.
Jeet Biswas - 2 jaren geleden
You cannot smoke inside the shop. Also the stock is small.
Panagiotis Oikonomopoulos - 2 jaren geleden
Very tiny but very relaxed and cute coffee shop in the center of Utrecht. Friendly stuff and quite fair prices. English speaking service. Will visit again when in Utrecht-Netherlands.
Luigi Patella - 3 jaren geleden
Good weed, good team!
Mohit Shetty - 3 jaren geleden
Pretty good service! Friendly staff, good location!
Andrei Gabriel Lupsan - 3 jaren geleden
Good quality
Pietro Breviglieri - 3 jaren geleden
Massimiliano Piacquadio - 4 jaren geleden
Placed near the centre.
Tor the Tame Badger and his adventures - 4 jaren geleden
Does what you think they do
Remko Duursma - 4 jaren geleden
Ze verkopen wiet. Wat wil je nog meer?
Bernie Huiskes - 4 jaren geleden
Kwaliteit en goed prijs .
Wael Al Khalili - 4 jaren geleden
Daniel Karver - 4 jaren geleden
Good weed
ondieper Utrecht - 4 jaren geleden
De beste Silver haze is hier te koop, altijd goeie en de zelfde kwaliteit.. Goede koffie en sfeer.
Jay Theulen - 6 jaren geleden
Arnoud - 6 jaren geleden
De beste prijs in utrecht en de meest potente wiet. Super lemon haze is hier te koop.
Jim Reitsma - 8 jaren geleden
Rare mense achter de bar
A Google User - 10 jaren geleden
Uitvals basis van pooiers en ander louche gespuis hardebollen zit om de hoek
A Google User - 10 jaren geleden

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