De Wietstok

Wittevrouwenstraat 21, Utrecht (Binnenstad)

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JAVIER ALVAREZ - 3 maanden geleden
Nice people's
Zigster Taylor - 6 maanden geleden
Gave me weed that has no effect at all after I smoked the whole two grams of it...
Dragos Mihai Huidumac - 7 maanden geleden
I really enjoyed all of the products
LJ van de Werken - 7 maanden geleden
... excellent choices and good quality ... especially 'wietstok' is very relaxing trustworthy crew ( CCD security ) *** CASH ! O N L Y *** opened untill 20:00hr pm #covid-19SecuredZone ©20201203NL
Gustavo Fadel - 1 jaar geleden
Staff is nice, but their weed has been horrible for the past couple of months. Bought some Amnesia Haze today that did not taste nor smell anything at all like the strain. Given that this is THE Dutch strain, with a very recognizable scent, I understand they have been selling something else unfer the same name. Sad to write this. Used to love their weed when batches were still decent.
Ryan Polmounter - 1 jaar geleden
Straight forward and easy to find. Helpful staff
Pablo Pinel - 1 jaar geleden
Welcoming and convenient with decent prices
Sjors De Haas - 3 jaren geleden
Decent quality weed, fair prices. Same owner as the shop 'Andersom' near the Domtower. This venue does not have a smoking area, although some seating is available to roll your joint. Drinks for takeaway also available (anything in a plastic bottle). There's a cozy small park right around the corner where you can smoke by the canals.
Frank Maduro - 3 jaren geleden
Good weed
Mark Henderickx - 4 jaren geleden
Too small for comfort + too many branches
Peter van Bragt - 5 jaren geleden
I've never seen this place crowded, in fact it always seems rather empty.
Flo B - 5 jaren geleden
You can pay with PIN. That's the only good thing about this place. Weed is overpriced.
A Google user - 5 jaren geleden
Tasty products.
thomas hamaker - 5 jaren geleden
Geweldig we kwamen daar omdat een kennis naar het toilet moest, en we konden gewoon helemaal naar boven in privé ruimte.
Buddah Lover - 7 jaren geleden
Lived in utrecht for 4 months, thought I would give it a try. The owner was almost offended to have me in his shop thats always empty and sold me probably the worst quality weed I have had while in Amsterdam. I feel mean but this place simply does bad business.

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