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Huzur 33
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Sloterbeekstraat 33, Venlo

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  • Maandag 09:00 - 21:00
    Dinsdag 09:00 - 21:00
    Woensdag 09:00 - 21:00
    Donderdag 09:00 - 21:00
    Vrijdag 09:00 - 21:00
    Zaterdag 09:00 - 21:00
    Zondag 09:00 - 21:00
  • Het is nog niet bekend of deze coffeeshop gereguleerde, gecontroleerde staatswiet gaat verkopen. Voor meer informatie, bekijk de 'Staatswiet' pagina.
  • http://huzur33.nl/
  • +31 77 352 0832



N - 2 maanden geleden

Just gave them a call to ask some quick questions — I was literally treated like s*** for no reason. So rude and ignorant. NEVER going there in my life.

Ariana Lipoczi - 2 maanden geleden

Not a lot of options but compared to the coffee shop nearby, this one is free to enter and you don't have to interact with anyone, simple and nice

Kassim Andreas Auale - 3 maanden geleden

fast & easy, good quality gelato

tim - 4 maanden geleden

easy buying experience. bought gelato for 16€/g - sadly not worth it at all, had nothing to with a real gelato strain. didn’t taste the amnesia or hash. personnel was not wack though. i don’t think i’ll be coming back there soon but you figure it out yourself…;)

Kreciol 21 - 5 maanden geleden

will never comeback to this coffeshop, Bald guy from this shop said to me, you were in this coffeshop one hour ago and we can pay one time in the day, i was first time. Worst coffeshop ever

Mista J - 5 maanden geleden

Very antisocial people. The girl with the ugly, fake eyelashes has a serious attitude problem. I couldn't ask a question twice without a bad reaction. Also take this with a grain of salt, but they're Turkish. Expect things to not be as advertised and jipped quantities. I'm from the states, so I've had all you can get. This coffeshops best is Colorados weakest.

Pat R - 6 maanden geleden

Nice place, always packed so calculate few waiting times. Quantity and price is top.

TuTu1141 - 7 maanden geleden

Nice menu, beautiful cannabis, saddly u cant buy by 1 gram

Eloy Sánchez-Garrido Ramos - 8 maanden geleden

Very bad quality the last time, I bought Amnesia Haze and really bad, no smell and almost no effect

Karol Stawowy - 8 maanden geleden

Good coffeeshop but not a lot of positions to choose, very fast service, seriously very fast, I mean that you can buy your staff in 5 seconds and leave. They have some of sweets and fruits there for free to the clients. They have 3 or 4 positions of weed, 2 positions of hash and ready joints. The prices are normal, not cheaper and not more expensive then the other in Venlo. One of the minuses is that you can’t stay and smoke there. I recommend if you don’t have time.

spider rafixx - 10 maanden geleden

Nice very very very nice.

Steve B. - 11 maanden geleden

Good price, good quality, nice staff!

Tim Leurs - 11 maanden geleden

Friendly service No waiting (fast nie eine schlange) Open early (9am) 3 sorts of grass 3 sorts of piece ALWAYS good quality!!

Czarek Woźniak - 1 jaar geleden

I do not recommend. Fraudsters from Turkey. it is never weighed. recently I wanted 3 g of different grass. there was 0.80 in each bag. I warn you scammers !!!

Anna Brasil - 1 jaar geleden

Very rude staff you are going there to be relaxed and the seller was super unfriendly and rude to us. Also the quality wasn’t good. Won’t come again and wouldn’t recommend.

Dacjan Andrzejczak - 1 jaar geleden

Great weed but little expensive. Everyone can buy some stuff, no stupid questions.

Drago Miholic - 1 jaar geleden

The only shop in this part of the NL in which you can pay with Visa card. And really really good weed, and quality.

David Quirk - 1 jaar geleden

Great service, lovely people

The Mentalist - 1 jaar geleden

Nice we got some free food. A Banana and an apple

kacperman - 1 jaar geleden

Yeah, 1g is like 0.9, thiefs.

FARNE - 1 jaar geleden

Last time that i came two arabic guys were working. One was so rude in many occasion and i wanted to put 1 star, but the other one instead was nice and available. Today I came back and there was a girl very gentle that's why I m putting 4 stars. Prices a bit high and not much choice but nice opening hours and good weed and hash. Is also possible to pay by every card

Carl 44 - 2 jaren geleden

Streetquality Dumb sellers Go to nobodys Place nextdoor

Sylwia Sknadaj - 2 jaren geleden

I don't like that it always gets 0.9.

Mateusz xd - 2 jaren geleden

Good place

Abce Dex - 2 jaren geleden

The are cheating. We have checked it. If you're looking like a weed noob and ask for lemon haze (their best weed) you will get some crushed leaf that smells like dried grass... we have a video and will try to report them

abraham lincoln - 2 jaren geleden

So ive bought lemon for 14 eu and got.. 0.9 gram. The atmosphere also leaves a lot to wish for, the guy served me like it was punishnent for him. Go to dutch shops and be respected

yellowgdynia - 2 jaren geleden

After recent changes it's the best coffeeshop around. Keep it up

Jürgen haas - 2 jaren geleden

Unfriendly vendor. Bad weed, contaminated with chemicals and fertilizer.

Lobo Hez - 2 jaren geleden

Ask yourself a question, why you never saw a big que in front of this CS unlike nobody's place:)

R. Wilkins - 3 jaren geleden

They've got what you're after. Never had issues when stopping by here. Service is good and everything checks out as expected.

Ю Захариев - 3 jaren geleden

Very unpolite staff, the young man inside the bar, wanted to fight beacuse we asked him if they serve beer. NEVER GO THERE!

christian Ahlheid - 3 jaren geleden

Price, quality and service is not good. If u want to have an smaller shop without so much tourists go better to klijn maar fijn

Yaro - 3 jaren geleden

Nice place. Good quality stuff. Clean. I found this best place compare to other 2 coffe shops in Venlo

Miguel Estiga - 3 jaren geleden

I liked .. I just dont like the fact i must to have a card from cofee so i can smoke inside many times as i want

Alexander Donnermann - 3 jaren geleden

The baddest weed I've ever had expensive and old weed don't no smelly weed go to another better than here and the man was really unfriendly never ever

Patryk Biliński - 4 jaren geleden

Good coffeeshop

Kkk Kkk - 4 jaren geleden

Good weed and not too much peoples

Satanisław Świderski - 4 jaren geleden

My most visited koff in Venlo, they are nice, have not bad asortyment, good prices

Edwin Tworowski - 4 jaren geleden

Best in town, no stress, not much people, great atmosphere and very good koffie!!!

Mateusz manista - 4 jaren geleden

Najlepszy coffie shop w venlo!! The best of the best in venlo!

Raw Boarder - 5 jaren geleden

The prices here are very friendly, thats big advantage. Also you mostly time you will get what you pay for. Bartenders (cashiers) are also normal, the young guy will help you if you need some answers. As a weakness, I think the biggest is SMOKING AREA inside the shop, only for club members. Once happens to me, that I was asked to leave if I am not club member. So, in total: Very Good

seb - 6 jaren geleden

Die preise gehen so ab 12,50€ los, dafür müsst ihr mindestend 2g kaufen! Dann wollte der verkäfer mir Haze als indica andrehen wo fast keine Thc kristalle drauf waren dann bekommt ihr nicht mal eine schöne knolle sondernen mehrmal kleine mini knollen mit noch mehr klein scheiß! Nix für mich!

420 - 6 jaren geleden

zeer onvriendelijk en chaotisch.

Piotr Wawrzynkowski - 7 jaren geleden

Verkäufer klaut Material. Ich hab 50 € bezahlen und ich hab nur 3.8 g bekommen. Dieb!!

Kfreitag422 Hd - 7 jaren geleden

BITTE LEUTE SCHAUT EUCH DAS ZEUG RICHTIG AN!!! DAS KANN NICHT NORMAL SEIN!!! WENN DAS ZEUG WIE EINE ZÜNDSCHNUR ABBRENNT!!! Und sowas in einen (Coffeeshop) den laden sollte man schliessen!! Er vergiftet die leute!!! Wenn ich vergiftestes Weed kaufen will, muss ich nicht mein arsch riskieren und über die grenze schmuggeln!! Da kauf ich einfach in Deutschland auf der straße!!! Wenn ihr das liest HUZUR!!! ICH HOFFE IHR KÖNNT NOCH IN DEN SPIEGEL SCHAUEN! Gift verkaufen und dann noch zu preisen die sind lachhaft. Ich selbst werde dem Bürger meister von Venlo schreiben, sowas geht zuweit!

Stephane Sch - 7 jaren geleden

S'est des gros fdp jai du suplier le vendeur pour qu'il me vende 2 pauvre gramme pck je suis francais, le gars tel quelle les allemand et les hollandai on le droit, pas toi !

Viktor Ciziok - 7 jaren geleden

Drecks Laden drecks weed

Peter Lustig - 7 jaren geleden

Freundliche Bedienung, gute Qualität! (Hasj: "Extra" 10€/g, "Honing" 12€/g)


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