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Henseniusstraat 7, Venray

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  • Maandag 09:00 - 12:00
    Dinsdag 14:00 - 21:00
    Woensdag 09:00 - 12:00
    Donderdag 14:00 - 21:00
    Vrijdag 09:00 - 12:00
    Zaterdag 14:00 - 21:00
    Zondag 09:00 - 22:00
  • Het is nog niet bekend of deze coffeeshop gereguleerde, gecontroleerde staatswiet gaat verkopen. Voor meer informatie, bekijk de 'Staatswiet' pagina.
  • http://www.coffeeshopvenray.nl/
  • +31 478 511 968



Jeremy Killian - 2 weken geleden

Very good cofik!

Przemysław Napora - 1 maand geleden

Perfect quality weed and good company

Todor Nacharov - 1 maand geleden

Not the weight its supposed to be paid 50 euro for 5g got 4 instead what a ripoff

Świat jest tylko Twoim wyobrażeniem - 2 maanden geleden

Polm was good, in this moment I sheeeet

Levi Point hu - 3 maanden geleden

Nice service. I can recommend it to all cannabis lovers

DakaTA NL032 - 4 maanden geleden

Good coffeshop . Cheap weed

maria I. - 5 maanden geleden

Very kind appliance and great prices:)

Cuba Libre - 5 maanden geleden

low quality hashish. One member of the staff is very rude and un polite to white people.

Better Shwerpy - 10 maanden geleden

Only good memories with this place, but weed quality was bad. There was also a hobo walking around begging for money for weed.

Joao G Ferreira - 1 jaar geleden

Not good quality, people behind til a bit rude,being the only shop in Boxmeer they rule as they will, not recommended. Get to Venlo or nearest town you will get better served.

Darren Collins - 1 jaar geleden

Terrible service from a rude old man who shouldn't be allowed to serve paying customers, he has no manners can't even say hello, barely gave me my change back. If this man owns this shop he should step back and let someone who has some service skills man the counter

Grzegorz Skwierawski - 1 jaar geleden

Really good service and very good prices

Zuzanna Franckiewicz - 1 jaar geleden

Pretty good weed, the weight is always correct. Fast and quick service. They have a lovely Chico parrot ♡

Jakub Korzeniewski - 1 jaar geleden

Not bad hash, but weed was not perfect.

Hrvoje Hrvoje - 1 jaar geleden

Great coffee shop, you can pay with any card.

Bartosz Chmiel - 1 jaar geleden

Cool hats inside. And rasta parrot

Chono Nanton-Rose - 1 jaar geleden

Very very good quality herb with a magical Amenisa Haze and lovely O.G., my only knock is the lack of variety however if I had the choose, it would be quality over quantity.

Fábio Inácio - 2 jaren geleden

I'am giving only 3 stars and Iam going to explain why. I went there sunday 21/03/2021 just to get 1g to try it out because I moved recently from Deurne to venray. I was really well received by a young guy who's name I don't know but still going to find out because that guy was really nice. Paid attention to you and provided a great service, unfortunately today 22/03/2021 I went there again in the morning around 11 o'clock or so and was another guy there this time older and he showed straight away he had no interest providing a proper service for someone who will spend money with his shop. I don't give 5 stars because of this guy who's name I don't know aswell. He was really rude, didn't show any interest giving a good service. Made a mistake in everything I asked. I was speaking with him asking my stuff he was always talking with someone else showing no care at all. Brother I spend more money in a coffeeshop than in a supermarket. You have to show some care for someone who drops 50 euros on your shop and is a usual costumer of coffeeshops. If I am speaking with him in english that means I still don't speak dutch. Well he speaked in dutch all the time. The Sunday guy was really nice but with this guy in a shop if I see it's him who is there I don't go inside. The shop is amazing. Good weed. Good vibe and then that cancer. He is going to make you lose a lot of costumers acting the way he does.

Cindy Hendriks - 2 jaren geleden

The place to be, for some good weed! :)

Annetta Xavier - 2 jaren geleden

Another club that is not bad... We had a great smile and smoke. Menu is interesting

Michal Kosorisnký - 2 jaren geleden

Very fine coffie shop, always nice service

Arnis Samārins - 2 jaren geleden

Got high there, so what to complain about?

Łukasz Krueger - 3 jaren geleden

Quiet, nice, with customer friendly atmosphere and good quality of both products and services.

Feitan - 3 jaren geleden

Good atmosphere weed 4/5

Geppard Geppard - 3 jaren geleden

Good stuff, good price and good stuff, little problem with parking but no other problem's, everything inside is nice and new over there you can resp and chill:D

Bruno Leite - 3 jaren geleden

Friendly people! Nice weed nice hash and nice coffee nice prices! Top

adek miller - 3 jaren geleden

respect for team and company and beauty parot like a boss :)

the Shultz - 4 jaren geleden

Decent prices, limited selection of weed, just: s5, bob marley, white widow, amnesia, orange bud( 7 eur. On sundays), and mix. The fact that you almost never get free papers and/or filter tips when buying for more than 50 eur at once guves you the feeling that you are not valued as a customer but more as a junkie! The attitude of the staff could be more friendly since they are "eating" thanks to the people that are buying their sh*t! Even though the weed menu never changes, there are times when the same strains look, smell and taste different. Anyway, it's a good place to re'up. Word!

Rafał Adaszyński - 4 jaren geleden

Good prices, fine quality, friendly staff.

Darius Gawronski - 4 jaren geleden

Good place nad nice Staff

Велислав Ванчов - 4 jaren geleden

The young whit the hat man was very rude to me not going there anymore when i asked info about the weed he showed that he is so bored and didn't tell me nothing and one customer was forced to explain me .....

Rush Thomas - 4 jaren geleden

Cheaper like venlo quality 3*of 5

Miro Tylka - 4 jaren geleden

my favourite place in town, where You can sit and smoke Amnesia for 12 euro or Bob Marley and B50 for 10 euro for example

Shisco - 4 jaren geleden

Good prices, good quality weed, nice environment, a range of accesories. They only ask you for ID card and they don't need anything else. If only they accepted MasterCard - classical Dutch problem - it would be the best place

Patryk Kałas - 5 jaren geleden

It's a nice place to buy and smoke weed. They have Amnesia, S5, Bob Marley, orange bud, polm and super polm. Also cakes are good

DabKitchenTV - 5 jaren geleden

watch out! they don't sell what you order. check the weed before buying. not recommended.

Mirco Neuhaus - 6 jaren geleden

Best Shop nice weed

Krzysztof Drymel - 7 jaren geleden

Dan Friel - 7 jaren geleden

Nice smoke here, but not much else no seating or drinks just a counter. Try the Bob Marley

Mahmut Emekli - 7 jaren geleden


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