Om de verspreiding van het coronavirus te beperken, dienen ​​de coffeeshops in Nederland enkel nog als afhaalpunt van softdrugs en zijn de coffeeshops na 20:00 gesloten, vanaf 14 oktober 2020 22:00. Het consumeren van de softdrugs ter plekke is niet toegestaan.

Yanks Coffee Shop

Dorpsplein 2, Zandvoort

Coffeeshop informatie



Štěpán Ordelt - 2 maanden geleden
Too expensive,unpleasant staff,if you ask for something good,or something strong,they offer you the most expensive strain on menu of course,hunters bar is better
Cory Hays - 3 maanden geleden
Best Shop In Zandvoort 6 for 12.5 Deal Can't Beat It
Dave Crowther - 3 maanden geleden
Cool place. The staff are friendly and the atmosphere is good. My only criticism is the limited choice of soft drinks, but that's neither here nor there. Thumbs up from me.
frenky 420 - 5 maanden geleden
The last half year I work in NL living in ZANDVOORT and YANKS is for me only coffieshop.. With love from CROATIA and I coming tomorow for some good stuff
Adrian Kosiba - 6 maanden geleden
Very nice, thanks for t-shirt ;D
Lukas Bottesch - 8 maanden geleden
A Realy Big shop with an Relaxed Atmosphere and lot of things to Offer like Cannabis, Drinks, Bongs and a lot of other Stuff. Good times there enjoyed it.
Papa's Vape - 9 maanden geleden
Best coffeshop in netherlands I love it.
Arik Abeer - 9 maanden geleden
Very good place to hangout. The place is not very noisy or over crowded. So you can relax properly.
Csaba Sári - 9 maanden geleden
Oh Yanks... The best spot to spend some good time in Zandvoort. My favorite location and the staff is great
Dave Haro - 10 maanden geleden
Always a great crowd, fun and informative staff and wonderful decor. Pop next door for a beer? Don't mind if I do! I wish there were more places like this in the world, but alas there aren't, so you'll have to get yourself down to Zandvoort and experience Yanks for yourself!
Martin Bausenwein - 1 jaar geleden
My new favourite spot. Super cool Location. Great Ambiente for a "Hang Out". Take your time and leave the trouble outside. Great vibes.
Jonathan Flaschberger - 1 jaar geleden
Better than any Coffeeshop i visited in Amsterdam. The shop is pretty large and is fair priced. Hope to get there again!
DangerDan Odinson - 1 jaar geleden
Best Cannashop NE. Good dank, free shirts, nice atmosphere, Good memories. People should just be more loving to each other. I'd be very happy and thankful to live and work here. So be happy and thankful. Live with Life, don't live in your mind.
Maciej Krawczyk - 1 jaar geleden
A great place - quality weed, great atmosphere and location. I love it and I have been to quite a lot of different coffee shops but this may be the best one :), I will definitely make my return here!
Sanel Thomas - 1 jaar geleden
We had a great time here during our visit in Zandavoot. My friend who lost his phone here was able to come back and find few hours later.
Chris Gee - 1 jaar geleden
Best place ever. Went there early June the staff were super friendly and the atmosphere was beautiful. Truly an iconic place to chill out if you're looking for something different outside the dam
Wolfgang Heimberger - 1 jaar geleden
Bad Shop. No choice and unfriendly personal
Florian Eftimie - 1 jaar geleden
Relaxin coffee shop with very good weed.
Pea nut - 1 jaar geleden
Relaxed atmosphere and nice style. Prices are fair and good quality products.
Marie-Sophie Pauly - 1 jaar geleden
Awesome shop. Staff is really friendly so it feels like home after a few days. Quality is good as well. If you are unsure just go and ask. English and German is usually not a problem.
Andrea Lugrini - 2 jaren geleden
Very nice place with an extremely good range of flowers! Is not cheap but here you pay for very high quality, if you go in Amsterdam you can find easily higher prices with a lot lower quality. Like a lot the place inside and the staff is very qualified and super friendly! I'll absolutely come back! Thank you so much
Moe Hos - 2 jaren geleden
Top quality and touristy place,the staff were so nice and outside area is the best for summer,the beach is 10 minutes away
Allen Hoggatt - 2 jaren geleden
Great staff, lots of flavors, pool table and large terrace. Great vibes, and a bar next door with darts. Good times!
Michael Engels - 2 jaren geleden
Very nice Shop and Location. Very spacious place and nice people. Recommended if you are nearby.
Paula Granate - 2 jaren geleden
Love the game part, I will always remember as the place I learned how to play Backgammon
Paul Maddocks - 2 jaren geleden
Absolute Quality place..must go and see when your here....staff are so friendly and helpful...
Karen Arnold - 2 jaren geleden
I absolutely love this place. Great products, lovely staff and relaxed atmosphere. We left some luggage at the bar by accident and the staff were kind enough to hold it for us. Highly recommended.
A Google User - 2 jaren geleden
I absolutely love this place. Great products, lovely staff and relaxed atmosphere. We left some luggage at the bar by accident and the staff were kind enough to hold it for us. Highly recommended.
Djeeh - 3 jaren geleden
Best place to smoke!
claire paulic-garnier - 3 jaren geleden
Best Coffeeshop ever! The style inside is beautiful, the paintings, the music, really good products and most of all the team there Can give you the best advices!!! Definetly a must see in Zandvoort ????
Jay Eff - 3 jaren geleden
Best coffeeshop in Holland. The end.
mr Boston - 4 jaren geleden
Good people great times any questions.The jewel of Sandvoort.
Daniel Cascarino - 4 jaren geleden
They got weed i never heard of. Got hammer stoned. Very nice staff and very cool location... a must see and visit when you travel to zandvoort and smoke weed... ????????????
Jason Bradley - 4 jaren geleden
To chill . And unwind beach 5 mins away. 2 mins to paradse weg. Gym sanddunes and apartment.
DJ Mekk - 4 jaren geleden
Just a good place to chill. :)
Joseph Wyeth - 4 jaren geleden
Great :)
jerry spronk - 5 jaren geleden
Top shop! Great atmosphere and friendly people with fresh stuff!
Julien Herbulot - 6 jaren geleden
Nice place to be ! good people ! nice mood and music !

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