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Loungeshop Domino

Auf unbestimmte Zeit geschlossen
Grote Markt 23, Almere (Almere Stad)


Farid Lahyoen - vor 1 Jahr

Is it still for sale?

F. H. - vor 2 Jahren

Bags are obviously under weight. Overpriced, especially considering the weight and quality.

Alwin van den Broek - vor 2 Jahren

Complete ripoff. Most expensive weed in the province and hardly any choice.

Stan Petkov - vor 2 Jahren

Great place .

Infinit Imediat DA EXISTA - vor 3 Jahren

Of course weed makes you chill and wonder ! Of course it makes you rebel like an explorer

A. - vor 3 Jahren

If you're there for shopping, it has 5 stars. One less when compared to cozy places you can find, yet it's worth visiting for sure!

A Google user - vor 3 Jahren

Best place to Smoke & Chill in Almere. Clean, professional and the staff is amazing...

blakq fyah - vor 3 Jahren

They dont have to much strain.only 3 or 4 and is litel expensive.

jlo Turner - vor 3 Jahren

Great customer service from the man behind the counter but female was not welcoming & quite rude! Besides this it was nice space to just chill....

Kamil Borkowski - vor 4 Jahren

Small manu but good weed

the Shultz - vor 4 Jahren

Good place! A bit expensive weed but food selection though! Good one alltogether!

Ben Ferns - vor 4 Jahren

Pool table available. Small selection of produce but still very nice. Doesn't compare to Amsterdam, but for Almere it's fine.

kaip kam - vor 4 Jahren

Menu is pfff.. 3 different weed, and 5 different hash.. But they have nice atmosphere :)

TazMan DK - vor 4 Jahren

Spend 50 euros on the smallest bud ever. Scam shop

Riggy da Jiggy - vor 4 Jahren

bad quality, high prices

Natalia Wit - vor 4 Jahren

Nice place, good prices

Harley McDowell - vor 4 Jahren

Great wee coffeeshop, doesn't have a big selection of weed but they sell great strains.

Sebastiaan van den Berg - vor 4 Jahren

Great service and friendly people plus a nice selection of coffee.

Gioele Massi - vor 4 Jahren

A non tourist place, and one of the two coffee shops in Almere. Really nice weed.


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