Coffeeshop 1e Hulp

Marnixstraat 194, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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Ali Fazel - vor 1 Monat
Fair prices, fair selection and good service. Of course the moonrocks, Rizla the adorable cat (loves sleeping on jackets)and large seating area are a big plus. Good for adults just coming from Central station.
Saint Christopher - vor 1 Monat
Cool coffee shop that have bongs you can borrow, and soma grown haze is sold here , real nice friendly atmosphere inside with the smokers with plenty of neuks and crannies to sit in , the guy serving thou he couldn't even fill the bong with water and seemed very reluctant, usual Dutch service and anti tourist vibe
Roberto Amabile - vor 1 Monat
Favourite coffee shop! Friendly staff, comfy seating and great music! Also rizla is a g
Sam Roset - vor 1 Monat
One of the very best coffee shops in Amsterdam. Very relaxing vibe :)
Dale Graham - vor 2 Monaten
One of my favourite coffeeshops in Amsterdam. Nice place to sit in and smoke and they got a house cat down to chill. P.S Make sure you get the moonrock. Thank me later.
gary millar - vor 3 Monaten
It's a good dander away & has a good menu with variety of hash & weed to suit all budgets.
Arnav Sarkar - vor 4 Monaten
One of the few coffeeshops which open real early so if you got off an early morning bus this coffeeshop is perfect and it is actually one of the few places where they have a bong which you can ask to use which is a proper big piece, the cat will try to lick your coffee foam and sniff your purchase to approve
David JOBSON - vor 4 Monaten
Great place to sit an chill. Great coffee and amazing product. The iccolator is
RoBoTaLiEn MuSiC - vor 5 Monaten
Went there in Jan 2020 as heard good things but unfortunately ended up being the worst experience I've ever had in Amsterdam. Just very very rude and unaccommodating is all I will say. Glad it wasn't just me tho, after reading these reviews it seems they're just bad.
CiizaCz - vor 7 Monaten
I was there early in the morning and people were coming only for pick-ups so I had a place for myself. There is a very curious and very cute cat. Tasty edibles.
Ian Hastings Tillerias - vor 7 Monaten
Good experience, good quality options and good music.
Monica - vor 8 Monaten
Super chill ambience, cool music selection, and the staff is really friendly (especially the resident cat, who deeply enjoyed kneading and napping on my jacket ❤️). We visited during a weekday around lunch, so the place was mostly empty, which we enjoyed. The edibles were also delicious. We will certainly come back here :)
Olivia DeCarlo - vor 8 Monaten
Very good choice for a newbie to the Amsterdam Coffeeshop scene. It took me 4 days to work up the courage to go in, but once I did I was immediately at ease. The owner was friendly and knowledgeable, and the famous cat was extra cuddly! The owner even lended me his own lighter which was much appreciated. I'm glad I picked this as my first Coffeeshop. Olya1928 - vor 8 Monaten
The place is so cool. Very recommended to chill there.
Daniel - vor 9 Monaten
Really chill place away from the touristy coffeeshops. Very friendly staff and great music. Product was probably the best we had during our stay in Amsterdam. Drinks are a bit pricey for my taste 2.50€ for a 0.33L water isn't justifiable really.
Andy Remind World - vor 10 Monaten
Very unpolite guy served me, they didn't have coffee(it's called coffee shop). But the stuff to smoke is excellent
linkxleon - vor 11 Monaten
Bought three "muffins" here after some people recommend this shop. Each of my friends ate one muffin and we waited 5 hours for something to happen. At some point we just gave up and went to sleep. Don't buy their edibles it's a complete scam.
Mathieu meheut - vor 1 Jahr
Really nice coffee shop, high quality products
Ahmed Aljlwi - vor 1 Jahr
One of the best coffee shop I ever went
Brick Stone - vor 1 Jahr
Chilled Music, chilled atmosphere, and a chilled cat. Would visit again :)
Tijn Vaandrager - vor 1 Jahr
Go here for a premier class lounge This is a very nice shop, especially their weed is good. Their hash is very expensive for the quality in my opinion (I recommend the royal cream deluxe). 1e hulp has a splendid lounge and a nice community
Rafael - vor 1 Jahr
Loved seeing the cat :)
John Grant - vor 1 Jahr
Friendly staff and great strains to try out. My favorite shop in town
Sorouche Azadeh - vor 1 Jahr
1 of my best places in Amsterdam. Amazing weed and very friendly staff and yeah the beloved cat was there still. That cat is a legend
Chloe Cairns - vor 1 Jahr
Loved it x
Bérénice Pequegnot - vor 1 Jahr
Hope you’ll see my comment, I have a problem about the payement and I’m now back to France do you have an email or something ? Because I pay almost 100€ instead 46,50€ and I’m not happy with it.
Robert Šaravanja - vor 1 Jahr
One of the best of not the best Coffeshop in my experience. Stuff is good, worth a buy.. not expensive at all Place is clean, friendly staff, good coffee.. Bonus feature: there is a cat... no explanation necessary. All in all.. worth 5 stars
Cal McAuley - vor 1 Jahr
Favourite coffeeshop in Dam, friendly, welcoming and great selection of buds.... cute cat and cool wall art too
khin tran - vor 1 Jahr
One off the best coffeeshop in amsterdam
John Spurling - vor 2 Jahren
Good vibes to chill i found it the best to sit and chill and smoke good quality weed and good prices
Alexandru Nicolae Dobre - vor 2 Jahren
Best coffeeshop in Adam, top quality weed
Mister GoaGoa - vor 2 Jahren
Friendly staff , sufficient selection, big chill-area And a cat !
Kristian Wilde - vor 2 Jahren
Lovely little coffeeshop just out of town Friendly staff and owner. Cheap drinks and quality smoke. A must stop off if you in the area. ✌
Andrew Graham - vor 2 Jahren
Nice chilled atmosphere, great choice and plenty seating, and also they have a cat(rizla) cool place, had somas amnesia was very good
Dario Albers - vor 2 Jahren
Staff is great, location is decent. Has some good stuff on the menu and isn't too expensive. My biggest issue with them is that they are cash only. In my top 10 for sure
George Howe - vor 2 Jahren
Really nice place with a cat. Good prices. Friendly staff.
Chris Ogilvie - vor 2 Jahren
Great menu, good prices, well worth the 10 mins by tram. Very chill vibe, great staff. Impressed!!
King - vor 2 Jahren
One of the best coffee shops in Amsterdam!!! Everything from the staff the atmosphere and the menu. Top service.will definitely be returning
Lion - vor 2 Jahren
One of the best coffee shops in Amsterdam!!! Everything from the staff the atmosphere and the menu. Top service.will definitely be returning
Mik Plc2l - vor 2 Jahren
Bought 5 grams of white widow for 35€ twice. First time the weed was good. The second time, no high perceived whatsoever and the weed burns too fast, not happy. When I smoke it I get frustrated instead of relaxed.
J J - vor 2 Jahren
Excellent choice of weed and keen prices. Further put but worth the trip. Nice staff too. Also a cat.
scott bartlett - vor 2 Jahren
Probably my favourite coffee shop from my visit to amsterdam! Got lovely range of smoke for decent prices. Relaxed atmosphere mainly rap playing and nice staff, the cats cool too.
Rimovanax zmije - vor 2 Jahren
It's a very nice coffe shop with a lot off room to smoke inside. you can get warm & cold drinks with a good selection of hash & weed. it's a place recommended also for tourists
Jonathan Piro - vor 3 Jahren
Really good Coffeshop of Amsterdam! Great choices for good prices and also a really helpfull staff! I will come back here for sure!
Cristina - vor 3 Jahren
Fantastic prices and comfy lounge area. Only thing is that they're cash only.
Michael Uhr - vor 3 Jahren
top shop
Nick Name - vor 3 Jahren
Chill able ! At 12:30
Gustav Fourtwenty - vor 3 Jahren
Bridie Moran - vor 3 Jahren
Our favourite coffee shop was the first we landed at and we made sure we went back before we got the taxi back to the airport! Only place we found moonrock , very friendly and they have a cat

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