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Coffeeshop Mr.K

Tweede Laurierdwarsstraat 44, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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Jason Francis - vor 4 Monaten

Excellent customer service. Very friendly and very kind. Best phone shop in Amsterdam. Is also multi lingual

therealwerna - vor 5 Monaten

it’s a really nice place, we were here on a saturday afternoon, not too crowded, the “bud tender” was really friendly and helpful, we loved it here! 10/10 would recommend

Lez Lad - vor 11 Monaten

Excellent coffee shop

christophe saulnier - vor 1 Jahr

Best Coffee Shop in Amsterdam in my opinion. This was a very quiet and bright ! The view is nice too. The owner was very friendly ✌️✌️ see you soon

Signe Engstrand - vor 1 Jahr

Misogynistic comments, rude service would not come again. I went here with 4 friends and we sat down and were told we had to buy something - clearly. She then told us it was cash only. I was the only one with cash and only 2 people wanted to smoke the rest were going to have a coffee or tea. I went up to buy a gram and we were told there was a minimum of a half gram each and wouldn’t sell to us unless we bought that amount then her boyfriend or co worker started screaming at my boyfriend that he should have been the one to pay and I was ashamed of him? It turned into a screaming match, we left without buying anything.

##### Lennox - vor 1 Jahr

Really cool a Respectable gentleman that served us ..top coffee this was easily the best coffee shop we visted on our stay all round ..

Afshin Loni - vor 1 Jahr

Best local shop in town

Harrison James - vor 1 Jahr

Great shop with a local vibe and nice products. Zucotti was top 3 of the year so far for me. Just remember to bring cash and they don't take card.

Patricia Podhradska - vor 2 Jahren

The vibe of this coffeeshop is kinda edgy but I enjoyed it. The staff was so friendly! The weed (og kush) was great!

Rhys L - vor 3 Jahren

First time in Mr k and co since frequently going to Amsterdam. I really liked it, the decor is basic but comfy, they have board games available, great product and a good selection of rolling papers. The lady that served us was very friendly too, will definitely be returning.


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