Coffeeshop 'Flower Power'

Rozengracht 139, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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Matteo Siliberti - vor 5 Monaten
Top bio product...
Carolina Aben - vor 7 Monaten
my lovely coffeshop in Amsterdam!
Joanne Pammant - vor 1 Jahr
Lovely cosy not to busy coffee shop
Raphael briganti - vor 1 Jahr
Great coffeeshop, has beent here for as long as I can remember and has never failed me
Jody Simpson - vor 2 Jahren
First shop we went to after an online recommendation. We were totally new and the guy was super helpful and nice. can't recommend enough :)
Elley Jodie Mann - vor 2 Jahren
First coffee shop we went into after a show at Boom Chicago, the lady was so fun and made our time enjoyable! She guided us through everything and told us what to do if we started feeling unwell. She gave us a book to doodle in which is full of other customers art/doodles which is super fun! Great price, ended up going back the next day and more lovely staff :)
Sneha Mittal Sachdeva - vor 2 Jahren
One of the worst coffeeshop we have ever visited. The service was bad , the staff was very rude and charged us extra to pay by card. The lighter didn't work and even after requesting her she didn't change it. Instead she decided to throw taunts to us. The stuff was below average and would not recommend this coffeeshop to anyone. There are many better coffeeshop in that area.
Juliette B - vor 2 Jahren
Such a good coffee shop! I love the mood of the place, possibly to play chess! The seller was so nice.
Kimmie Coca-Cola - vor 2 Jahren
Good Music
Rusty Ince - vor 3 Jahren
Staff is great, cool vibes. No gluten free edibles as others mentioned they might have. But still worth coming!
No NI DUTCH - vor 3 Jahren
#FlowerPower A good shop opposite of the old Mazzo.; #new #Letsguide #smokerroom !! And yes you can play CHESS ! I alway s LOVe this ! Wurlitzer proves with there new machine to be more then an old piece of history SEE the power of Meganicall #MOVEMENT. #WHITEWIDOW is good So enjoy a peace of OLd beginning time of THE CULT FLOWER POWER and Look at THE DONKEY more info about APELAND = the Netherlands will follow @BEST_Vape UNTill it stops
Ahmed al-refai - vor 4 Jahren
Good place ! Morning ????
a Rous - vor 4 Jahren
what a find the lady in there was mental but lovely weed was good coffee amazing defo check it out we will be back next year !!!
Sashkia Myers - vor 5 Jahren
First off I went with a friend, it was a random find and thought it would express the spirit of Amsterdam. While we where there we tried to play on the game g machine and was told after we put money in that it didn't work. Then there where a group of guys were trying out the products, I don't think they smoked much, anyway a member of there party fainted. The lady pretty much kicked them out to the road and told one of the group members to get him some sugar. The group member panicked and asked for help. So I did. I put 4 euro into the vending machine to get a sugar; the machine didn't work, the dealer only came to help after me and the group members had put money in then she reseted the machine. Not only that but the pre rolled was breaking apart when I smoked it and after all that she had no cannabis. Bad customer service, and attitude. Unworthy of the dam experience.
Phillip Charles Ashwood - vor 5 Jahren
Good music.. Not overbearing.. Manners appreciated. An art aware place. Yet not yet directly arty.
Cynthia Watson - vor 5 Jahren
Great staff! They are nice and helpful. The green is great too. Great atmosphere, nice break stop. Good prices
Randy Stroker - vor 5 Jahren
Great atmosphere this quickly became our coffee shop of choice, bless up to the fupa lord.
Josh Brady - vor 5 Jahren
Very friendly owner and great bud! Space cakes are also a must. We just played chess while we enjoyed the vibe
ahmed albazi - vor 6 Jahren
One of the best places that's provide the best weed and hash quality in reasonable price and very nice coffee shop to smock in it to because of the nice all kind of music ✊????
Barton Taylor - vor 6 Jahren
Awesome oatmeal cookies
holly chatten - vor 8 Jahren
Nice place nice buds

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