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Coffeeshop City Hall

Oudezijds Voorburgwal 189, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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Salvo Tomarchio - vor 1 Monat

The Italian guy has some anger issue Will scream at you to make you buy his week. I was about to ask to meet me outside. The worst in Amsterdam

Gemma Swanson - vor 2 Monaten

Really bad! We came here 3 years ago and got great green, hash and service. This time was shocking. Really rude and aggressive, making you buy stuff, not just drinks. Do not go here. Next door in the greenhouse is much better. Anywhere is much better! Avoid at all costs.

Arthur Shapiro - vor 2 Monaten

I have frequented pretty much all the coffeeshops in Amsterdam. Have gone multiple times, have been met with rudeness every single time. Dirty looks. Awful service. Terrible experience, by far the worst in Amsterdam.

DKANDLE - vor 2 Monaten

The bearded bartender was so rude that it turned the experience very unpleasant. With so many other great coffeeshops in the city, I don’t feel the need to return here, “thanks” to their unbelievably unprofessional service.

james D - vor 4 Monaten

Really unpleasant owner, very rude and a liar, who sets a really bad vibe. Lied to us, then tried to gaslight us that he didn't remember in a really silly charade. Doesn't deserve any custom. Tables were filthy, hot drinks were cold, no redeeming features!

Denzel Von Deira - vor 2 Jahren

Best mango Haze ever! The only shops that sells Mango haze! Nice people

Leigh Russell - vor 3 Jahren

Small selection of coffee but was a nice quiet shop

Beast King - vor 3 Jahren

What more can you say, simply the best coffeeshop in dam for the staff and the service. Be kind and respectful here and you will get much more than a normal Amsterdam experience.

Brian F WX - IE - vor 3 Jahren

Friendly staff, good choice of drinks and some extras (cakes and gummies). Good quality smoke too. Seating is a bit uncomfortable but nice little spot otherwise.

Almighty Ayla - vor 4 Jahren

Don’t bother coming here! A cheap joint is not worth facing the attitude of fervently unpleasant staff. Would have expected a more welcoming experience from a coffee shop in the heart of Amsterdam. Don’t waste your time.

Tadhg Mockler - vor 4 Jahren

excellent weed music and the staff were so friendly. they had comfy booths as opposed to stools in most other cafes. the drinks on hand were lovely too. I visited this cafe everyday because one of the staff members who you buy the weed off of looks like an apache chief and acted like one too not sure if this was intentional but it was fascinating. 10/10 would smoke weed with the chief again.


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